Xilinx 9.2i and ModelSim 6.3c Installation Instructions by ubb16013


									Xilinx 9.2i and ModelSim 6.3c Installation Instructions
Please follow these instructions very carefully, screen by screen. If you make a mistake, especially installing
ModelSim, you will have to uninstall and start all over.

Xilinx Installation:

Open the folder “Xilinx_WebPack_92i” on the DVD. Run file “setup.exe”.

Click “Next” on the first 7 screens, checking the “I accept the terms of this software license.” box if there is
On this screen, uncheck “Launch WebUpdate” then click “Next”.

Click “Install” on the next screen. Installation will take 10-15 minutes.

Next, install Service Pack 4. Run “Xilinx_WebPack_92i_sp4_win32.exe” on the DVD. If your computer is
running a 64-bit version of Windows, you need to run file “Xilinx_WebPack_92i_sp4_win64.exe”. If you
aren’t sure, don’t install the service pack. The tablets issued by SDSMT have Windows XP 32-bit installed.
Click “OK” on the “Select Destination Directory” screen. Click “OK” on the “Xilinx WebUpdate” screen,
leaving the box checked. Click “OK” on the screen that pops up. Installation will take about 5-10 minutes.
ModelSim Installation:

Open the folder “ModelSim_XE_63c” on the DVD. Run file “setup.exe”.

If you are running Windows Vista on your computer, this message box will pop up. I have been successfully
running Xilinx on 32-bit Vista with no problems, so click “OK”.
Click “Next” on the next screen.

IMPORTANT: On this screen, choose MXE III Starter Edition (Free). Click “Next”.

Click “Yes” on the next screen and “Next” on the screen after that.

IMPORTANT: On this screen, you MUST click on “Full VHDL” before you click “Next”.
Click “Next”, click “Next” on the next screen, and the installation will start. It will take about 5 minutes.

Click “No” on the next two message boxes. Click “Yes” on the box that asks if you want to complete the
license request. Click “Finish” to finish the installation.

ModelSim License:

If you clicked “Yes” to complete the ModelSim license request, a webpage should open that looks like this.

Click “Register” if you’ve never registered on the Xilinx website. Click “Create Account” on the next page.
Once you finish registering, click the back button on your browser until you get back to the page shown above.

Now click “Continue” and log in with your ID and password. Click “Submit” at the bottom of the next page.
Xilinx has now sent an e-mail to you with a file called “license.dat”. Check your “Junk” folder if you don’t see
it in your Inbox. I usually receive this e-mail very quickly, but some students have reported not receiving it for
up to a few hours.

Save the file to this location on your harddrive “C:\Modeltech_xe_starter”.
On your computer, click “Start -> Programs -> ModelSim XE III 6.3c -> Licensing Wizard”. Click “Continue”
on this screen.

This screen will pop up. You can copy+paste this line in the box or type it in.

Click “OK”, and “OK” on the next screen. Wait for a message box to pop up. Click “OK” on the box. If a box
does not pop up after 30 seconds, click “close” on the License Wizard window. Run the License Wizard again.

“Start -> Programs -> ModelSim XE III 6.3c -> Licensing Wizard”

Click “Continue”. When the “License File Location” box pops up, click “OK”. Click “OK” on the window
that pops up.

The License Wizard window should now look like this, with all the fields filled in.
Click “close”. Now open ModelSim.

“Start -> Programs -> ModelSim XE III 6.3c -> ModelSim”

If you don’t get an error message that looks like this, everything worked correctly.

If you do get this error message, start the licensing process over.

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