Joomla! Kids Installation Instructions by ubb16013


									                             Joomla! Kids Installation Instructions

The Frontend and Backend Templates:
The frontend and backend templates involve minimal steps for installation due to Joomla!'s
built-in package installer.
   1. First, download the latest release of Joomla! Kids by visiting
   2. Next, unzip the file by right clicking and selecting the “extract all” in Windows. This step
      may vary slightly between operating systems.
   3. You will notice more zip files – each contain the seperate components of the Joomla!
      Kids Suite. Make sure they are in a folder you can remember the location of for the
      next step.
   4. Navigate to your Joomla! Site's administrator panel
   5. Once logged in, go to the Install/Uninstall Extensions page as illustrated below (hover
      over the “extensions” tab of the administrator menu.

   6. Once there, you will notice an input field labeled “upload and install” - you will be using
      this for the installation of Joomla! Kids. Click the “browse” button and navigate to the
      contents of the zip file downloaded in step 1. Select either “” or
      “” depending on which part of your Joomla! Installation you wish to modify.
7. Next, navigate to the template manager as illustrated below.

8. Set “jkids” as the default by clicking the star icon in the upper right hand corner as
   illustrated below.

9. Enjoy your new, simplified, Joomla! Kids environment!
The TinyMCE Modification:
The TinyMCE modification modifies the default theme inside the TinyMCE editor which comes
with Joomla!. This installation process is slightly more complicated, and requires knowledge
of FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
   1. First, download the latest release of Joomla! Kids by visiting:
   2. Open up your FTP client. I will use FileZilla ( as an example.
   3. Navigate to your Joomla! Installation's root directory, if you have not already. It should
      look similar to something like this:

   4. Open the “plugins” folder, then open the “editors” folder, then open up the “tinymce”
   5. The “tinymce” folder should look similar to this:

   6. Open up the “jscripts” folder, then open the “tiny_mce” folder.
7. Your FTP program should display something similar to this:

8. Open up the “themes” folder, then open up the “advanced” folder. This is the theme
   which you will be modifying. The FTP program should display this:

9. Here is a brief illustration of the directory tree:

10. Locate the contents of the zip file you downloaded, and extract the files from
11. Inside “”, there are two different folders. One folder is
    “modified theme” - upload ALL of its contents and replace (overwrite) all of the
    “advanced” folder's contents in your Joomla! Site. The “original theme” folder is there
    just in case you wish to revert back (following the same steps above).
12. Enjoy the refreshed TinyMCE!
The Language Packs:
Currently, the language packs are not recommended for production use because of some
inconsistencies inside of the code. However, if you wish to test it or see if you like its changes,
follow these instructions.

   1. In the Joomla! Kids package, navigate to the language packs folder, and choose either
      the frontend or backend you wish to modify respectively.
   2. Both the frontend and backend folder contain a folder titled “en-JK” (or English-Joomla!
      Kids). Upload this folder using an FTP program as shown below.
   3. For the backend en-JK folder, upload it to the “your_joomla/administrator/language/”
      directory. For the frontend en-JK folder, upload it to the “your_joomla/language/”
   4. Enjoy the easier-to-understand Joomla!.

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