iRestYoga Nidra Workshop ~Meditation for Relaxation and Self-Healing~ by ubb16013


									            iRest/Yoga Nidra Workshop

 ~Meditation for Relaxation and Self-Healing~

Come and explore iRest- a deeply relaxing meditative practice. This
modern day approach to meditation, deep relaxation, and self inquiry offers a way to
relax and manage stress as well as leading to psychological, physical and emotional
healing. During this experiential workshop you will be educated on and guided through
the 10 steps of iRest. You will leave with the skills needed to begin incorporating this
practice into your daily life, as well as feeling empowered to begin the process of self-

Benefits of this practice include: Stress reduction/management, release of muscular
tension, decreased pain perception, increased energy, lower blood pressure, improved
sleep, decreased anxiety/depression, symptom management skills, and improved ability
to cope with chronic illness and trauma.

                      No previous experience required in Yoga
When: Saturday, April 10th, 2010, 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Where: Copper Tree Wellness Studio
       1364 E. Sumner Street, Hartford, WI, 53027

Cost:    $50 (Includes self-practice CD/Packet)

**Pre-registration required. To Register call Copper Tree at 262-670-6688

Tanya Penny is a Level II iRest/Yoga Nidra Teacher and an Occupational Therapist. Tanya has been
practicing yoga and meditation as a student for over 15 years. In seeking to overcome her own
medical/life issues, Tanya came upon the practice of iRest and experienced such life changing benefits
that she became iRest trained in 2008 so that she could share this practice with others. She currently
teaches iRest at Elks Rehabilitation Hospital in Boise, ID, community group classes, individual
sessions, and workshops throughout the United States. More info @
           iRest/Yoga Nidra Workshop

               Please Read- Important Workshop Information

   1) Please arrive 15 minutes early to get settled into your "space".

   2) Please bring:

               Journal or notebook and pen/pencil.
               A favorite blanket or pillow, but the studio also has plenty of mats,
               blankets, eye pillows and bolsters.
               A water bottle (studio also has available)

   3) Please dress comfortably and in layers, temperature in the room can vary.

   4) Come with an open and curious mind, ready to explore your inner-self! To
      get the meditation juices flowing.....You can journal on the following before you

       1) What is your intention for coming to this workshop? what are you hoping to
          gain/get from learning iRest?

       2) What is something you deeply wish for yourself ? your life? Health, healing,
          relationship, work-related? Take 5+ minutes to think about this and then write
          without judgement.

       3) Think of a place where you feel happy, safe, at ease.... write about it in detail
          (paragraph or so). Are there people? objects? is there a smell, sounds? Is it in
           nature, your house, a place you went on vaca or an imaginary place? How do
           you feel when you are there?

I look forward to meeting you all for this relaxing and healing afternoon. If you have any
questions about this workshop please call 208-629-6615 or email

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