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SOA Management and Standards _________________________________ Web Services Distributed Management by Buick



SOA Management and Standards
Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) uses Web services as a methodology to
provide essential distributed computing functionality, interoperability, loose coupling, and
implementation independence. Manage is one of the core building blocks of a Service Oriented
Architecture (SOA), which uses standards-based interfaces to help companies build flexibility
into their infrastructure using new and existing IT assets.

The promise of open, standards-based, re-usable services based on a Services Oriented
Architecture is a great opportunity for IBM's customers. IBM, through its Tivoli management
product line, intends to contribute to the maturity of SOA by providing critical technology for
managing the infrastructure required to effectively use SOA.

One factor in the ultimate success of SOA lies in the area of the management of services
infrastructure. As SOA technologies are adopted in various industry segments, Tivoli intends
to enhance its products to manage the SOA infrastructure and the services-based applications

Tivoli, WebSphere, Systems Groups and other product groups within IBM are actively
participating in the OASIS Technical Committee along with other software and hardware
vendors and customers to define standards covering Web Services Distributed Management.

Vision for the Future:

Management using Web services is built as an application of the base Web services platform. The
Web services platform layer contains the technologies necessary to enable sophisticated, cross
platform, inter-enterprise management of IT resources.

                       Management Applications as Web Services Applications


Under a SOA Web services model, managers will rely on the Web services platform to provide
support for discovering, introspecting, securing, and invoking manageable resources and
management functions as services, as well as management infrastructure services (tools used
by managers as needed to accomplish specific management tasks). Then, the same technologies
used to define and execute business processes can be used to define and execute higher level IT
management processes which may now interact directly with the resource managers,
management infrastructure services, and manageable resources.

Key to this is exposing the management capabilities of manageable resources, which are
hardware and software resources, both physical and logical (e.g. software applications, business
processes, services, hardware devices, networks, servers, etc.) as Web services. Manageability
capabilities define how to represent, advertise, and access information in resource models
(properties, operations, events and metadata) as Web services schemas, WSDL operations, and
metadata to support some management task.

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New WSDM Software for Developers

Available on alphaWorks, IBM's online resource for emerging technologies, new software
packages will help developers build WSDM support into their applications.

Building endpoints - helps developers build WSDM definitions, or interfaces, for managed
resources such as printers, servers or applications, allowing resources from different vendors to
work together and speak the same language. As an Eclipse plug-in, the software allows
developers to query resources -- to see how they’re performing, for example -- using the same
tools they use to build everyday applications. To download the IBM Autonomic Manageability
Endpoint Builder, visit

Simplified development - simplifies the development of autonomic systems by connecting
resources with autonomic management applications. The tool helps developers build autonomic
technologies by giving them a realistic architecture to test the system -- without facing the
complexity and inconsistency of a real-world IT system. To download the IBM Autonomic
Manageability Endpoint Simulator, visit


Simplified administration - a spreadsheet-based environment for quickly composing system
management tasks for Web-based consoles. A plug-in allows the tool to communicate with
WSDM-based resources. The tool provides a structured scratch-pad and permanent way to do the
functions that administrators currently must do through command lines or scripts. To download
the IBM Autonomic Task Manager for Administrators, visit:

WSDM Demonstration

Also available on alphaWorks are WSDM demonstrations that illustrate some advantages of the
standard. The demonstrations show WSDM's flexibility to manage different types of resources
without details about types, models or implementation, to access two different management
technologies and models, and to interoperate in multi-vendor environments. To view the
demonstrations, visit

Press on WSDM and SOA

IBM launches WSDM tools for SOA management (14 December 2005),289142,sid26_gci1152191,00.html

IBM releases WSDM tools for SOA management (14 December 2005)

IBM Rolls Out WSDM Tools To Ease SOA Management
By: SOA Web Services News Desk, Dec. 18, 2005 05:15 AM

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