Episode 1 by keara

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I. Essential Words
1. hump 駝背
   Do you see the old man with a hump?
2. hairpiece (or hair-piece) 假髮
  He was as bald as a coot. Therefore, he wore a hairpiece.
3. naked 裸體的
   The baby was naked to the waist. He only wore a disposable diaper.
4. weird 奇怪的
   He always has some weird ideas.
5. intestine 腸子
   Food passes from the stomach to the small intestine and from there to
   the large intestine.
6. aura 氛圍
   She always seems to have an aura of mystery about her.
7. lesbian 女同性戀者
     Emily is a lesbian; in other words, she is a homosexual woman.
8. strip joint= strip club 脫衣舞夜總會
9. hormone 何爾蒙
    She felt fairly uncomfortable because she had the problem of hormone
10. decaf=decaffeinated 低咖啡因的
    I like a cup of decaf coffee.
11. bridesmaid 女儐相
    I was bridesmaid to Linda.
12. gravy boat 盛調味汁的船型器皿
    The little boy was so hungry. He has stared at the gravy boat for some
13. gorgeous 豪華的
    The living room is the villa is gorgeous.
14. freaked out 嚇壞了
    She got freaked out when she saw the picture full of bloody bodies.
15. drift apart 生疏
    We have drifted apart over years.
16. metaphor 隱喻

17. bluebell 開藍色鐘形花的一種草
   She wandered out onto the terrace and saw the beautiful bluebells.

18. mitten 連只手套
    For cold weather, caps and mittens are necessary.
19. take control of 掌控
    There must be someone who can take control of these noisy students.
20. hit on 想到
    He hit on a happy solution.
21. buzz 用蜂音器發出訊號
    The president buzzed for his secretary.
22. pull out 拔出
    I had a bad tooth pulled out last nigh.
23. eyelashes 眼睫毛
    She gazed at her little baby without turning an eyelash.
24. be up to 將作什麼?
    What are you up to?
25. head for 前往
    I saw the car heading for Taipei.
26. lizard 蜥蜴
    She passed out when she saw the lizard.
27. hang out 閒晃
    Don’t hang out with that guy any longer.
28. bracket 拖架
    A bracket may e used to hold up a shelf.
29. whim 怪念頭
    He is always full of whims and fancies.
30. can’t feel one’s leg 腳麻了
    He’s paralyzed and can’t feel his leg.
31. screwed 喝醉了
    You drank too much and got screwed.
32. catch on 瞭解
    I feel puzzled and can’t catch on to what she is saying.
33. get through 熬過
    He got through a dangerous illness.
34. accidentally 意外地
    He met his ex-girlfriend accidentally.
35. jimmies 灑在東西上作修飾的小顆粒
    You can have your ice cream with jimmies.
36. whipped cream 生奶油
   Don’t add whipped cream on my toast.

37. horny 好色的
    David looks so horny; he flirts with Emily.
38. freezer 冰箱,冷藏庫

39. walk out on 拋棄
    He just walked out on his wife without saying a word.
40. revelation 揭示
    The revelation that she was his mother astonished him.
41. spit 吐
    Spit your gum out before you come into the studio.
42. smash 打碎
    He got angry and began to smash things.
43. grab a spoon(男的)開始向女的示愛
   He targeted at Melissa and started to grab a spoon.

44. omelette 煎蛋
   I want an omelette for my breakfast.
45. regional 區域性的
    The raindrop is regional.
46. rerun 重播
    You can see the rerun on channel four tonight.
47. abuse 羞辱
    She greeted me with a stream of abuse.
48. upbeat 愉快的
    They are excited because they got some upbeat news.
49. live off 靠人供養生活
    The poor people starved while a few lived off the fat of the land.
50. in prison 作監
    He was confined in prison.
51. end up 結束
    You will end up in debt if you keep on spending money like that.
52. albino 白化病者; 白子
53. aromatherapy 芳香療法

54. have a crush on sb. 對…迷戀
    He has had a crush on Emily since high school.
55. geeky 怪人
56. vulnerability 弱點

   Defense issues are the President’s vulnerability.

II. Oral Interpretation

I.  Essential words
1. stand-up comedian 獨角滑稽演員

2. album 專輯
   The album is Jack’s saxophone.
3. issue 爭論
   They have published a lot of new books on women’s issues.
4. bang 猛擊
   He banged the door shut.
5. club 棍棒
6. mastodon 乳齒象

7. catch up with 趕上
    Let’s hurry and catch up with the guide ahead.
8. erect 直立的
    Soldiers are trained to stand erect.
9. paranoid 偏執俇
    She is totally paranoid when speaking of her defect.
10. pregnant 懷孕的
    She was pregnant with her second child.
11. episode 一集
    The last episode of this television will be shown on Saturday night.

12. fluff 使鬆散
    The bird fluffed out its feathers.
13. ammunition 彈藥
    The ammunition depot is heavily guarded.
14. chaotic 混亂的
    The city traffic in rush hours is chaotic.
15. engagement ring 訂婚戒指
    They invited close friends to their engagement party.

16. dreading 畏懼的
    She is dreading at the sight of a snake.

17. veil 面紗
    The bride’s face was covered in a delicate veil.
18. lasagna 義大利闊麵條
19. in perspective 正確地
  You must learn to operate the machine in perspective.
20. up to 依…而定
    To go out or to stay at home, it’s up to you.
21. presumably 大概
    Presumable you have heard the good news.
22. sorogram 超音波

23. ruin 破壞
    The heavy rain ruined my barbecue picnic.
24. curry 咖哩
    Curry chicken is my favorite.
25. spaghetti 義大利麵條

26. run into 偶遇
    I run into my old neighbor in a pub.
27. expression 表示
    He sent the doctor flowers as an expression of thanks.
28. chubby 圓胖的
    The little baby has a chubby and rosy face.
29. puzzle 猜謎智力遊戲
    The puzzle was too difficult for children.
30. pro=professional 職業的
    He is a professional golf player.
31. take one’s time 從容
    Take your time to tide up yourself
32. high-powered 幹勁十足的
    He is a high-powered and energetic worker.
33. career 職業
    She is not interested in stage career.
34. dump 拋棄
    My husband went to dump the garbage.
35. steer clear of 避開
    You had better steer clear of you mom; she’s really angry at you.
36. chances are (that)可能
    Chances are she has already heard the news about her promotion.
37. complicated 複雜的
    I don’t know how to start the complicated machine.
38. be stuck at 卡在
    Sorry I was late because I was stuck at work.
39. dinosaur 恐龍

40. quack 鴨叫聲

41. punch 打擊

42. tanned 棕褐色的
    She became so tanned after having been exposed under the sun for a long time.
43. honeymoon 蜜月
    My honeymoon is to be spent in Europe.
44. maid of honor 伴娘

45. plug 植髮

46. lenses (隱形)眼鏡
    Have you glasses got plastic lenses?
47. orthodontist 牙醫

48. sperm 精子

49. well up 熱淚盈框
    She is welling up when her boy friend handed her a bouquet of roses.

II. Oral Interpretation

I.  Essential Words
1. alcoholics 嗜酒如命者
    I have had enough of these alcoholics.
2. cushion 靠墊
    The whole family knelt on cushions to pray.
3. unbelievable 不可置信的
   They walk with an unbelievable speed.
4. rabbit 野兔
    A rabbit can make long jumps.
5. warden 典獄長
    The prisoner was taken to the warden’s office.
6. cell 小牢房
    The captive was locked in a cell.
7. puff(一)噴
    He blew out the candle with a puff.

8. ridiculous 荒謬的
    This is the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard in my life.
9. statement (銀行)結算單;明細表
    My bank will send me a statement at the beginning of every month.
10. account (銀行)戶頭
    The accounts show that we have spent more than we received.
11. minion 爪牙,部屬
    The dictator and his minions were finally sentenced to death.
12. karmic debt 業障
    He thought he had giant karmic debt, so he always did something good for the
    people around him.
13. put… out 熄滅
    Put out the fire before leaving this room.
14. go change 更衣
    I’ve got to go chance, or I’ll be late for the high school reunion.
15. figure … out 瞭解
    He is too complicated. I can’t figure him out.
15. coyote 土狼
16. herd 群
    We saw a herd of sheep wandering in the field.
17. odds 可能性
    His odds of winning the game were very poor after he sprained his wrist.
18. slim 苗條的
    A rigid diet will make you slimmer.
19. filter-tipped(香菸)帶過濾嘴的
20. buddy 好朋友
    Tom is my neighbor as well as buddy.
21. credit 匯入
    The bank credited 50,000 dollars to us.
22. inconvenience 不便
    The delay of my plane caused great inconvenience.
23. crooked 邪惡的,刁滑的
    Don’t deal with crooked people.
24. nursery rhyme 童謠
25. yardstick 標準
    Many teachers in Taiwan think GEPT score is a good yardstick for English
26. base 壘

27. innate 與生俱來的
    Her innate of curiosity made her proposing numerous questions in classrooms.
28. adore 崇敬
    People adored him for his integrity and honesty.
29. gallon 加侖

30. alphabet 字母

    The English alphabet has 26 letter.
31. vowel 母音
    A vowel can form a syllable by itself.
32. saltine 鹽脆薄餅
33. tin-foil 錫箔
34. soda 汽水

35. pretzel 椒鹽脆餅
36. hitch-hiker 搭便車的人
37. contest 競賽
    I took part in an English speech contest and won a prize.
38. cut …out 刪掉
    Please cut out all the redundant words.
39. flaw 缺失
    There is a flaw in your study plan.
40. big deal 大事
    Big deal! I won the lottery.
41. knuckle-cracking 按關節發出聲響
42. annoying 惱人的
    It is annoying that there is no heater in this room.
43. snort 發出噴鼻息聲
    The pigs in the pen grunted and snorted.
44. endearing 可愛的
    She is greeting her guests with an endearing smile.
45. emphysema 肺氣腫
46. bottom line 底線

47. nicotine patch (戒煙的)尼古丁片
48. break up with 分手
    He was heartbroken because he just broke up with his girlfriend.
49. relieved 寬心的
    I felt relieved after I knew the professor didn’t flunk me.
50. viking 維京人

II. Oral Interpretation

I.  Essential Words
1. omnipotent 全能的
   The omnipotent officials interfere in the internal affairs of the country.

2. boob(口語, = women’s breast)胸部
3. nod off 打盹
   He was nodding off in the chemistry class.
4. reassure 使放心; 使確定
    The coach’s confidence reassured the whole basketball team.
6. pal (口語)好友; 伙伴
7. Halloween 萬聖節
8. consummate 完成;實現
   Her happiness was consummated when her father took her to Tokyo.
9. pay check 薪水支票
10. FICA=Federal Insurance Contributions Act 聯邦保險捐款條例
11. live on 靠…生活,以…為食
    You can’t live on 300 calories a day.
12. apron 圍裙
13. duplex 兩倍的
14. on the subject of 談到…
  While we are on the subject of money, may I ask you to pay by cash?
15. elbow 手肘

16. peach 桃子
17. pit 果核
19. ass (口語)屁股
20. dirt (口語)閒話;醜聞
21. slumber party 睡衣派對
    Don’t forget to bring your pajamas to the slumber party.
22. trashy 蹩腳的,垃圾的
    Don’t waste your time on reading the trashy novels to kill my time.
23. Twister 扭扭樂 (一種遊戲)
24. tweezers 鑷子
25. prep 為病人準備手術
26. in reference to 關於
    The paper published on the scientific journal is in reference to the development
    of the third countries. .
27. pregnant 懷孕的
    The poet was a man pregnant with ideas.
28. give up 放棄
    Don’t give up halfway.
29. Jack and the Beanstalk (豆莖):傑克與魔豆的故事

30. floopy 鬆垮的
31. candy bar 糖塊
32. emergency 緊急情況
    In the case of emergency, please call 119.
33. predicament 困境
    She was in a predicament when she missed the last bus home.
34. dented 凹陷的
    A rabbit is hidden in the dented cave.
35. crust 麵包或派餅皮
   The cake’s crust is crispy. .

36. bonehead 笨蛋
37. Mediterranean 地中海的
38. stunning (口語)漂亮的
39. towel 毛巾
    She wrapped her hair up in a towel.
40. nuts 發瘋的,傻的
41. spy on 監視
    He sent out a party to spy on the enemy.
42. butt (口語)屁股
43. glow 發光;容光煥發
    His face glowed all over with pleasure.
44. painkiller 止痛劑
45. in a coma 昏迷狀態
    He has been in a coma for several weeks.
46. a bunch of 一束
     Linda received a bunch of flowers from her admire.
47. Valentine 情人節
48. locker 衣物櫃
    The lockers are in the changing room.
49. freak 怪胎
    People think she’s a freak just because she’s religious.
50. specifically 特別地;明確地
    The doctor advised him specifically not to eat high-calory food.
51. puck(曲棍球的)橡皮圓盤
52. ER=emergency room 急診室
53. Monopoly (兒童遊戲)大富翁

II. Oral Interpretation

   I.  Essential Words
Episode 5
1. maneuver 巧妙地操縱
   The President thwarted the opposition’s maneuver to gain control of the
2. bam 欺騙
3. bra 奶罩
4. gang up 聯合起來
   They ganged up on the rascal.
5. hunger strike 絕食抗議
   They held a hunger strike for improving the educational system.
6. nutty 堅果的
   I don’t like the nutty cake.
7. scrunchy 喀擦響的
8. burn sb. up 讓…發怒
   The rumor that he cheated in the final examination really burned him up.
9. disco version 迪氏可版
   I read the abridged disco version instead of the whole music.
10. chorus 合唱,合音
11. on one’s own 自己獨力
    I can’t carry the heavy box on my own.
12. agree with 與…吻合
    His account of the affair does not agree with the professor’s.
13. accent 強調
    Throughout his speech the prime minister accented the economic situation of
    status quo.
14. glamour 魅力
    The moonlight cast a glamour over the beautiful scene.
15. freaky 奇特的
16. coincidence 巧合
    It was a coincidence that he was born on his mother’s birthday.

17. laundry 洗衣店
    Send the skirt to the laundry. Do’t dry clean it.
18. dryer 烘乾機;吹風機
    He bought an electric hair dryer.
19. fluffy 毛茸茸的
    Newly hatched chicks are like fluffy balls.
20. audition 試演
    He is going to the audition, but he doesn’t expect he’ll get a part.
21. belch 噴
    The volcano belched out smoke and ashes.
22. alphabet 字母
    There are 26 letters in the English alphabet.
23. tile 瓦磚
    The brick houses are roofed in red tiles.
24. tons of 許多
    I’ve still got tons of work to do.
25. minimal 極小的
    We stayed with parents, so our expenses were minimal.
26. shave 刮臉
    He shaved off his beard and looked cheerful.
27. fabric softener 織物柔軟劑
28. fuzzy 絨毛的
    The little kid holds a fuzzy teddy bear.
29. run over 輾過
    The dog was run over by a speedy car.
30. puppy 小狗
    His dog hasn’t had a litter of puppies.
31. supremely 至高地
    He is supremely happy because of the pieceof exciting news.
32. proof 樣張
33. photo shoot 搶拍
34. suck 爛(口語)
    The restaurant sucks. Let’s leave right now.
35. blow off 氣炸

36. moose 麋鹿
37. squirrel 松鼠
39. detergent 清潔劑

   Most detergents are in the form of powder of liquid.

40. virgin 初次的
    The new school principal delivered his virgin speech this afternoon.
41. delicate 精緻的
    Take care with thee delicate flowers.
42. judgment call 主觀判斷
43. nibbly 一點點咬的
44. weasel 鼬鼠
45. pull off 脫下,拔掉
He pulled off his overcoat and began to work.
46. Band-aid 護創膠布(商標名)
47. marshmallow 藥薯葵
48. inflate 充氣
  Daddy has inflated the basketball.
49. flop 噗通落下
    The fish were flopping about in the bottom of the bucket.
50. Appalachia 阿帕拉契山區
51. rambunctious 吵鬧的
    Their rambunctious osn always got into trouble.
52. disgusting 討厭的
    The dirty garbage can is disgusiting.

53. put one’s heads together 聚頭共議
    We can put our heads together to complete the project.
54. jammies(= pyjamas) 男人的睡衣褲
55. make up 編造
    The whole story is made up.
56. brand new 全新的
    The bag is brand new; it’s not a second hand.
57. rip 撕;扯
    She ripped the letter open.

II. Oral Interpretation

   I.  Essential Words

1. impending doom 逼近的厄運
     The dark clouds suggest an impeding storm.
2. exclamation point 驚嘆號
3.be about to 即將…
     You interrupted me when I was about to say..
4. violate 施暴
     She felt violated when she heard the dirty words.
5. league 同盟
     Those students are not in the same league.
6. back…up 支持
     If you tell the police truth, you’ll back me up.
7. troll 輪唱
8. usher 領位員
   The usher lead them to their seat.
9. bullet 子彈
   A bullet-proff car stops bullets from passing through it.
10. border 邊境
   They were near the border between Germany and France.
11. more or less 多多少少
   Her explanation was more or less reasonable.
12. all of a sudden 突然
     All of sudden the lights went out.
13. widowed 守寡的
     My widowed aunt adopted an orphan as her son.
14. slide 滑下
     The kids amused themselves by sliding themselves down the banister.
15. work out 成功; 有好的結果
     I hope the new plan works out.
16. twist 扭曲
     His wife often twisted his words.
17. fantasy 夢想;幻覺
     She lives in a world of fantasy.
18. monogamy 一夫一妻制
19. attachment 附加裝置
     I don’t how to use the attachments to the washing machine.
20. bristle 刷毛
     His face is covered with bristles.
21. ottoman 凳子
22. coffee table 茶几
23. fan out 呈扇形散開
     The troops fanned out across the field.
24. raggedy 有些破的

    His shirt was raggedy at the right sleeve.
25. kook (口語)怪人,傻子
26. madcap gal 魯莽的女孩
27. notice 預先警告
    They have received notice of a hurricane approaching.
28. spout 噴口
    The teapot has a broken spout.
29. coaster 茶墊
30. bead 有孔的小珠
    Alice was wearing a a string of beads.
31. condensation 冷凝
    The condensation of steam turns into water.
32. out of order 故障的;順序混亂的
    Don’t get into the elevator. It’s out of order.
34. butt (口語)屁股
35. deserve 應得
    The naught boy deserved the punishment.
36. moisturizer 潤膚霜
37.resentment 憎恨
    The abused children did not dare to show their resentment.

38. scrub 擦洗
    The servant is responsible for scrubbing the kitchen and the living room floor.

39. robe 浴袍
    He wears his robe and is ready to take a shower.
40. .clench 緊握
    The man clenched his fists in anger.
41.desperation 絕望
    In desperation they resorted to violence.

      kill 使精疲力竭
      The heavy project almost killed me.
    be obligated to 有責任義務做…
    Parents were obligated to attend the opening ceremony.
44. unattainable 達不到的;不可求的
    The magnificent castle is unattainable.
45. crappy 糟糕的
    shot 拍攝鏡頭
46. strewn (pp. of strew) 散播
    The farmer strews seeds in the field.
47. reckless 不在意的;魯莽的
    Some of these young bike riders are very reckless.
48. haphazard 雜亂的;隨意的

   The books are piled on the shelves in haphazard order.

II. Oral Interpretation
潔癖的例子 她很訝異地發現她和她母親竟然如出一轍─一位總是將東西放置整

   I.  Essential Words
1. black out 停電
    Taipei area is blacked out. I’ve got to cancel the meeting.
2. eligible 合適的;合格的
    Only citizens are eligible to vote for the city mayor.
3. looter 搶劫者
    After curfew looters will be shot on sight.
4. vestibule 門廳;前廳
    I asked my girlfriend to wait in the vestibule.
5. atrium 中庭
6. officiate 執行職務;主持
   The reverend elder will officiate the wedding.
7. Chanukah (猶太教)光明節
8. pool table 撞球桌
9. theme park 主題樂園
   There are many theme park in Disney Land in which the entertainment are based
    on a single idea.
10. miniature 小型的
    The souvenir that he took for me from Paris is a miniature Eiffel Tower.
11. hold up 阻礙
   Many cars on the highway were held up by fog.
12. overrate 過高估計;過度強調
    The new manager is overrated. He even can’t handle a senior job.
13. burn out 失去熱情
    He lost enthusiasm for computers. He’s burned out.
14. zone 地帶
    I hope the farmland will become a poison-free zone.
15. groundwork 基礎
    He laid the groundwork for a good command of English at high school.
16. priesthood 教士職位
    He gave up his teaching job and entered the priesthood.
17. end up 結束

    You will end up in debt if you keep on spending money like water.
18. mess sb. or sth. up 將..搞亂
    Don’t mess up my hair; I just had a permanent.
19. shush 發噓聲
    He shushed his students and told them to be silent.
20. mangle 亂砍的;亂撕的;受傷嚴重的
    He was seriously mangled in a plane crash.
21. carcass 屍體
    In the jungle, we came across the carcass of the lost tiger escaping from the
22. dairy 乳製品;乳品店
    We buy milk form the dairy on the left corner.
23. have a crush on 對…
    He has had a crush on Susan since high school.
24. wax 蠟
    He coated the sculpture with wax.
25. trample 踐踏
    The kid was trampled to death by an untamed elephant.
26. on second thought 進一步考慮後
    He had intended to argue with the boss, but on second thought, he gave up the
27. perfection 盡善盡美
    The flutist played the music to perfection.
28. turn out to be 結果竟是
    She turns out to be his bloody mother.
29. bubble 泡泡
    The bubbles that he blew bust in the air.
30. boyish 孩子氣的
    I don’t believe the boyish young man asked you out.
31. impish 頑皮的
32. choke 窒息
    He was almost choked by the heavy smoke produced by the barbecue.
33. classic 一流的;典型的
    This is a classic example of bureaucratic inefficiency.
34. moped 機器腳踏車
35. superficial 表面的
    Luckily it is only a superficial burn.
36. have nothing in common 沒有共同處
    I don’t think he’ll propose to Julia. They have nothing in common.
37. whip 拍打
    The rain whipped the window.

II. Oral Interpretation
紐約市大停電,錢德樂和一位名為 Jill Goodacre 的超級名模被困在自動提款機的


I. Essential Words
1. dehydrated 脫水的
    The water of the vegetable is removed. It becomes dehydrated.
2. fluorescent 螢光的
    The fluorescent lighting makes the room brilliant and glistening.
3. flush 沖
    Her cheeks flushed for a moment with excitement.
4. fascinating 極好的
    Boston is fascinating city full of ancient building
5. vague 模糊的
    The teacher was quite vague about what happened.
6. beep in 插播
7. mint 薄荷
   The cup of mint tea will refresh you.
8. look into 深入的檢查
    A team was has been set up to look into the problem.
9. weird 奇怪的
    In the midnight, they were awakened by a weird screaming.
10. worm 寄生蟲
    All the apples have worms in them.
11. casket 首飾盒
    The pretty casket was passed down from her grandmother.
12. retainer 牙齒定位器
    Don’t forget to wear your retainer before you go to bed.
13. set sb. up 陷害
    His contractor set him up and made a big fortune of him.
14. eternity 永恆
    It seemed an eternity before news of her son’s safety reached her.
15. pant-suit 長褲搭配的套裝
    The pant-suit makes you more like a professional.
16. burgundy 葡萄酒紅色的
    Her burgundy hair looks especially shiny in the bright sunshine.
17. dressy 講究服裝的
    They are a very dressy couple.
18. dress up 盛裝
    She was dressed up in her Sunday best.
19. check sth. out 看一看…
    I have a new computer. Do you want to check it out after school?
20. funeral 葬禮

    Funeral customs vary with different areas.
21. reception 接待會;宴會
    There is a reception for new comers in the orientation.
22. weather-wise 善於預測天候(或輿論變化)的
    He is weather-wise. He always correctly predicts what will happen around him.
23. spasm 抽慉
    If breathing is not restored, the patient may go into spasm.
24. loop 環
    Wind the wire in loops and put it away in the toolbox.
25. hearing disability 聽障
    His hearing disability prevented him from going advanced study.
26. cracker 薄餅
    If you are not so hungry, you can have some crackers before dinner.
27. glazed 上過的
    The restaurant is famous for honey-glazed duck.
28. critical 重要的
    This is a critical time in the nation’s history.
29. life-affirming 肯定生命的
    She works on her own and takes a life-affirming attitude.
30. get at 理解
    I can’t get at the meaning of the sentence illustrated by the teacher.
31. get along 和睦相處
    She got along well with her neighbors.
32. depressed 沮喪的
    He was depressed after being laid off.
33. gang 一群
    A gang of criminals raided the bank.
34. radar 雷達
    There are enemy aircraft on the radar screen.

II. Oral Interpretation

   I.  Essential Words
1. advance 預付
   He was given an advance of fifty dollars on his salary.
2. go skiing 滑雪
   We like to spare some time to go skiing.
3. spill 濺出

     I was sorry to spill coffee on your desk. I did do it on purpose.
4.   make-up 化妝
     Although she’s a national celebrity, she seldom puts on make-up when she’s out.
5.   slash 抨擊;割傷
     His face has been slashed with broken glass.
6.   poster 海報
     They put up posters all round the city advertising the dancing group.
7.   clinic 門診
     He’s gone to the clinic for his upset stomach.
8.   asthma 氣喘

9. lyme disease 萊姆症
10. mashed potatoes 馬鈴薯泥
11. lump 塊
    She dropped two lumps of sugar into her tea.
  14. lunar 陰曆的
      lunar calendar
  15. ex-wife 前妻
      He felt awkward because he came across his ex-wife with his best friends.
  16. faculty 全體教職員

17. skull 頭骨
    In the car accident he got two broken ribs and a fractured skull.
18. concept 概念
    He presented a new concept in the field of accounting.
19. be-in 私人集會
20. belly 肚子
    The snake crawls on its belly.
21. not that 並非
    Not that it matters, but at least you’ve got to explain why you are late for class.
22. chip in 湊錢
    Let’s chip in for an airplane ticket for Susan.
23. feast 盛宴
    The gorgeous feast is for her daughter’s wedding.
24. grill 烤
    He’s grilling out there in the midday sun.
25. magnificent 高尚的;華貴的
    The President’ inaugural ceremony was a magnificent occasion.
26. vividly 歷歷在目地
    I remember the sweet smiles upon her face vividly.
27. in reverse 倒轉
    He changed the order in reverse.
28. obsession 著迷
    He has an unhealthy obsession with drug.
29. spritz 噴
30. lay back 放回原處

    They laid the baby back in the cradle.
31. VD=venereal disease 性病

32. infectious 傳染性的
    The volunteer’s enthusiasm is infectious.
33. blossom 開花
    There is no blossom on the cherry tree this year.
34. mull 將(飲料)加糖

35. mope 意氣消沈
    He lost his love and moped in his room all day.
36. merriment 歡樂
    His new tattoo was the cause of much merriment.
37. incoming 進來的

38. tater tot 小口馬鈴薯

39. underdog 鬥敗的狗
    The underdog was beginning its attack on the mischievous boy.
40. balloon 氣球
    The little girl was startled when the balloon exploded unexpectedly.
41. inflatable 膨脹的

42. acoustical 聽覺的

43. bump 隆起
    He bumped into a car and had a bump on his leg.
44. crispy 清脆的
    The children’s months watered for the crispy fried chicken.
45. dare 膽量
46. paleontology 古生物學
47. fetus 胎兒
48. gill 鰓

49. zillion 不計其數的

50. emergency 緊急狀況
    In a case of emergency, open the safety box to get the key.
51. smirky 不自然的嘻嘻笑
    His sense of pride was hurt by her smirky smile.
52. aside from=apart from 除此之外
    Aside from his month, he is good-looking.
53. as long as 只要
    As long as you turn in all the tools after use, you can leave this classroom.
54. ass (俚語)屁股

55. carve 雕刻
    The statue was carved out of marble.
56. by all means 不擇手段
    By all means, he’ll get the golden award.
57. split 切開;分享
    We all split equal.
58. projectile 拋射的
59. vomit 嘔吐
    The unpleasant smell make her sick and she began to vomit.
60. syphilis 梅毒

61. lousy (口語)討厭的

62. crappy 糟糕的

II. Oral Interpretation
事先預支 100 美元,並準備用這個錢飛回家與家人團聚,享受雪橇的快感,而不
有人帶鑰匙,門被上鎖了。 摩尼卡的盛宴竟然以烤焦的火雞、餅乾、及馬鈴薯

   I.  Essential Words
1. precious 珍貴的
   Try to make good use of time because time is precious.
2. rescue 營救
   The firefighter rescued two children from the burning apartment.
3. jolly 快活的;高興的
   He always had jolly laugh when his sweet heart accompanied him.
4. political 權謀的
5. desperate 情急拼命的
   A desperate man will stop at nothing to get what he wants.
6. scramble 混亂;搶奪
   There was a scramble for the best seat.
7. pathetic 可悲的
   It was pathetic to watch his condition deteriorate day by day.
8. pact 協定
   The talk led to a non-aggression pact between the two countries.
9. bewitch 令人陶醉的

    The bewitched smile of the wicked fairy made him fall from his horse.
10. breezy 微風的;愉快的
    He was attracted by her breezy personality.
11. sneezy 打噴嚏的

12. conventional 常見的
    I hope you are not so conventional in the clothes you wear.
13. luminous 發光的
    There is a fair in the square luminous with sunlight.
14. delicate 雅致的
    She has long delicate fingers.
15. grace 優美
    She talked, walked, ate with grace. She’s really elegant.
16. smidge 一點點
    Add a smidge of salt to the soup.
17. methodical 井然有序的
    The detective made a methodical search of the house.
18. occasion 場合
    He seized the occasion to invite her home for dinner.
19. snap 打斷(談話)
    “Go away,” he snapped.
20. pressure 壓力
    The small box was flattened by the pressure of the heavy book on it.
21. particle accelerator 粒子加速器
22. simulate 模仿
    We used to use this trick in the class to simulate illness.
23. valid 有根據的
    Her argument is valid.
24. phenomenal 現象的

25. fella=fellow 配對物;同類的事

26. sweeper 清潔工
    The carpet sweeper is very efficient.
27. physicist 物理學家

29. tidy 整理
    My mom told me to tidy my room.
30. elf 小精靈

31. shut out 關在外面
    Don’t shut me out.
32. drag
    He grabbed her and dragged her away.
33. blast 猛烈的批評

34. juggle 變戲法

35. grant 獎學金
    Excellent students in this university receive a grant from the government.
36. expense 費用
    I don’t think we can afford the expense.
37. make out 瞭解
    I can’t make out what he is saying.
38. artichoke 洋薊

39. urinate 小便

40. embarrassed 尷尬的
    He was embarrassed by his comment about his writing.
41. mingle 交往
    He rarely mingles with persons of his own rank in society.
42. bloated 腫的;漲的
    I have had so much to eat. I feel absolutely bloated.
43. planet 行星
    The plants move around the sun.
44. pocketbook 錢包;皮夾子
    She put several large bills in her pocketbook.
45. whistle 口哨
    The referee blew his whistle, and the game stopped.
46. tackle 阻截
    The big fullback tackles hard.
47. kerb 街道的路邊石
48. dip 調味汁

49. check in 報到
    He has just checked in at the hotel.
50. glitter 發光;小發光物
    All that glitters is not gold.
51. virtual 事實的
    He is in a state of virtual slavery.
52. confetti 五彩碎紙

53. scientist geek 科學怪人

54. whiz 奇才
    He is a whiz at computer.
55. diaper 尿布
    The new daddy didn’t know how to change diapers for his baby.
56. flea 跳蚤
    You can find many precious but inexpensive artifacts in flea market.
57. crack 使破裂

   She carefully cracked a nut and gave it to her son.

II. Oral Interpretation

I.  Essential Words
1. horoscope 占星術
2. plunge 將‧‧‧投入
   He plunged his sword right into the heart of his enemy.
3. depression 沮喪
   The trip to the seashore brought her out of her depression.
4. coma 昏迷
5. scout 童軍
   A scout will set up a camp near the river.
6. dent 凹陷
   I find a dent in the boot of my car.
7. knuckle 指關節
   The boy scraped the skin off his knuckles.
8. on the side 兼差;另外
   If we get food profits from the farm, maybe we could start a little business on the
9. conscious 有知覺的
   She may become conscious before morning.
10. euphoria 心情愉快
     She was still in a state of euphoria hours after her victory.
11. unbound 解脫約束的
     The careered woman has unbound ambition.
12. mistress 情婦
     He has a mistress in Paris.
13. blast 疾風
     A blast of wind blew my hat off.
14. phew 唷
16. beaming 耀眼的;發光的
     The beaming sum above makes me feel dizzy.
16. intimate 親密的
     Both of them felt that they had become very intimate.
17. craving 渴望
     The miserable girl had a craving for sympathy.
18. fabulous 難以置信的

    The museum has a fabulous collection of jewels.
19. condom 保險套
20. burst into flames 慾火焚身
    The pornography made him burst into flames.
21. bill 法案
    The House of Commons has not yet passed the bill.
22. flare 火焰
    The fire flared out brightly.
23. famish 挨餓
    They were famishing for food.
24. shell 殼
    Peanuts have shells.
25. dive 跳水
      He dived into the river to save a drowning child.
26. tequila 龍舌蘭酒
27. shot 拍攝
28. appraise 估計
    The expert appraised the real value of the house.
29. euphemism 委婉語
30. genitalia 生殖器
31. slugger 打擊力強的選手
32. kill off 殺光滅絕
    The invaders killed off all the inhabitants of the village.
33. break the code 打破法規
    You broke the code. You can’t go out after curfew.
34. racquetball 拍球器
35. racket 球拍
    I bough her a new tennis racket for her birthday gift.
36. restrung 調整
37. grip 握拳
    The child would not let go his grip on his mom.
38. scum 人渣
    Some scum stole my bicycle.
39. goggles 護目鏡
40. jockstrap 下體彈力護身
41. drop…off 順便走進
      Please drop me off at the bank.
41. crap 拉屎;鳥事
43. slam 猛然關上
    His neighbor slammed the door in his face.
44. give it a shot 試試看
    If you are really interested in bumpy-jumpy, you can give it a shot.
45. denim 丁尼布
46. engorge 狼吞虎嚥;充血(醫學名詞)

47. knockout 曠世美人
    His wife is really a knockout.
48. brainwave 腦波,靈感
49. rehearse 排演
    They are rehearsing a new play.
50. tonsil 扁桃腺
    I went to hospital to have my tonsils out.
51. kiddo 老兄;老姐

II. Oral Interpretation






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