THE HAWK CIRCLE
                                                       YOUTH MENTORING INTERNSHIP
                                                                        March 15 – December 15, 2007
                                                                       Enrollment limited to four Interns

                                                Hawk Circle Wilderness Education is based in beautiful Cherry Valley,
                                                NY. We started 17 years ago as a summer camp, offering high adventure,
                                                growth and leadership experiences through wilderness survival, nature

                                                awareness, primitive living skills and native crafts. As a long-time leader
                                                in this field, Hawk Circle provides a unique variety of exceptional out-

                                                door programs and services to children, adults, schools, and museums in
                                                our local community and beyond.

                                                The Internship
                                                The Youth Mentoring Internship spans three seasons and provides four

                                                lucky Interns with all the training needed to teach in our youth programs.
                                                Housing, partial board, and a generous stipend are also included. The

                                                Internship is designed to suit a variety of people: Outdoor Educators who
                                                want to advance their careers by learning and applying the primitive
                                                wilderness survival skills and the mentoring approach we teach, people
                                                who might want to one day start their own camp or nature center, or

                                                those who simply want a way to enter this rewarding field.
                                                Through ongoing classes and directed practice time, Interns learn a huge
                                                amount of survival and primitive living skills. The dynamic mentoring
                                                approach we teach brings it all together into the high quality experiences

                                                we're known for. Interns facilitate and teach in three types of children’s
                                                programs: 1) local after-school programs, 2) school class trips to our land,

                                                and 3) our magical summer camps.

                                                If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. Prior to teaching any skill or

                                                craft, Interns will have a chance to learn from experienced Hawk Circle
                                                instructors, and practice the skills until you know them inside and out.

            P.O. BOX 506
                                                Secondly, you’ll work with youth in short, focused programs, to help

      CHERRY VALLEY, NY 13320
                                                grow in your skills of relating and interacting with students.

      PHONE: 607.264.3396
                                                Interns will learn, practice and teach most, if not all, of the following: Fire

       FAX: 607.264.3256
                                                without matches, shelter, outdoor cooking, tracking, awareness, knots,
                                                first aid, basketry, crafts from bone, stone, bark, leather and wood, move-
                                                ment, safety, hunting, survival philosophy, tomahawk throwing, plant and
                                                tree ID and uses, moccasins and clothing, animal ecology, storytelling,
                                                music and dance, caretaking & more.
PROGRAM OF THEEARTH MENTORING INSTITUTE, INC,   If you want to focus on learning advanced wilderness skills as a student
           A 501 (C) 3 TAX EXEMPT               and are not interested in working with kids, give us a call and ask about

       FEDERAL TAX-EXEMPT # 31182
                                                our Earth Skills Semester Programs, three-week Winter Survival Intensive,

        FEDERAL ID # 16-1563526
                                                and year-long Circle the Seasons Program.
Internship Duties and Description
In the spring and fall seasons Interns will deliver two after-school pro-
grams per week, working in teams of two. The children range from 4th to
8th grade and are usually in groups of 10-16, although we sometimes get
groups of 6-24.
Interns will also be fully engaged in the five or six camps Hawk Circle runs
for 6th to 8th grade Waldorf school class trips. Waldorf is well known for its
wonderful alternative education approach, and the students we get tend to
be fun, receptive, and very easy to work with.
During the summer, campers come from all over the country to have the
times of their lives. The campers we get are great kids – totally into nature
and ready to learn and have fun. Many of the campers are Waldorf students
and many return year after year for the memorable experiences that you
will help facilitate. Each week of the summer has a different focus, theme,
and age-range, beginning with Morning Star for the younger kids, up to
Scout Awareness camp for the more experienced, thrill-seeking types (see
the Hawk Circle website for camp descriptions). Ages range from 10 to 17
and camper/staff ratio is often around 6:1. Throughout the summer, Interns
participate in every aspect of the kids’ experience. Teaching outdoor skills,
facilitating games, leading hikes, and informally mentoring the campers
goes hand in hand with behind-the-scenes responsibilities like preparing
activities, organizing equipment and making lesson plans.
Interns will lead the campers in community chores such as firewood crew,
clean-up crew, showers and community service crews, as well as prepare
for our open campfire nights. In support of the camps and other programs,
additional work may include supervised light construction, grounds keep-
ing, food prep, shopping for camp supplies and materials, transportation of
campers from public transportation centers as well as preparing materials
or grounds for specific classes. This might include creating campfire circles
or transporting firewood, pre-cutting leather, gathering and maintaining
tools or teaching props, making craft examples to help students visualize
their goals, etc. Expect long hours, hard work, deep satisfaction, and lots of
Interns may also have additional opportunities, such as helping teach mini-
courses for kids or adults here at Hawk Circle or at area festivals, or help-
ing lead an expedition into the Adirondacks. Time off is granted for family
gatherings, weddings, etc., when programs are not in session. Call us for
more details.

Candidates must be motivated self-learners that can take the training pro-
vided, learn quickly, and be able to apply and adapt these skills and con-
cepts to create transformative programs. Candidates must have a love of
nature and children, a desire to grow and transform themselves, and use
spare time having fun learning and practicing wilderness skills!
Candidates must be safety-minded and have professional attire, appear-
ance and attitude. Good communication skills and the ability to work close-
ly in a team setting is vital. You must be in good physical condition, be able
to pass a background check, and commit to the entire three seasons.
Preferred applicants will have primitive wilderness survival skills and
teaching experience, although this is not necessary because we provide
comprehensive training across the spectrum of skills needed. Also pre-
ferred are first aid certification, experience with group living situations, a
good driving record, and the ability to drive your personal vehicle to area
schools during spring and fall seasons (mileage reimbursed at 25¢ per

Benefits and compensation
Each Intern is given a stipend of $70 per week (excluding personal breaks)
to cover food and other expenses, as well as a shared room during your
stay, either in our farmhouse or in one of our cabins. Meals are provided
when summer camps and school class trips are in session. In addition to
room, partial board and stipend, we also provide extensive training in
crafts, primitive skills, teaching methods, nature awareness, games and
group process facilitation, plus CPR and First Aid certification. Mentoring,
storytelling and other methods to help students find tremendous inspira-
tion to learn and grow will be shared, as well as close, ongoing support
throughout the entire program. Fishing trips, survival treks, and other fun
stuff is also possible.
To facilitate and enhance the learning process, Interns have access to 200+
acres of amazing land and to most Hawk Circle resources such as our
tools, craft and skill materials, and our great library of wilderness skills
books and movies.
Food outside of camp sessions, transportation, personal health insurance
and phone calls are not included in the benefits of the Internship. Seasoned
bow staves, deer hides, some tool making materials and long term
advanced project materials may be purchased for a small fee. Upon com-
pletion of the Internship, Interns are also eligible for a three-year, 20%
tuition discount for all courses, workshops and intensives offered by Hawk

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of
youth, their families and their communities, by touching them on a trans-
formative level; If you are looking for a unique chance to grow both pro-
fessionally as a teacher and in your personal wilderness skills, then send
us an application! The work we do will change the way you approach
teaching and the way you approach nature.
Submit the accompanying application with a cover letter and current
resume to Ricardo Sierra at Hawk Circle. Only four Interns will be select-
ed. The application deadline is March 1, although late applicants will be
considered. Thank you for your interest and feel free to call us with any

                Hawk Circle Wilderness Education
               PO Box 506, Cherry Valley, NY 13320
                       Ph: (607) 264-3396
                       Fax: (607) 264-3256
                                                  HAWK CIRCLE
                                           YOUTH INTERNSHIP APPLICATION
                                  City:                                            State:             Zip:
                                  Home Phone:                                         Cell:
                                  Any Dietary Restrictions?
                                  Please describe:
                                  How did you hear about us?
Please indicate your education history by circling the highest grade completed:
High School Name:                                                              City:                         State:
                             9th 10th       11th         12th           Year Graduated:
College Name:                                                                  City:                         State:
                1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year Major:                                 Year Completed:
Please list any other Technical/Occupational or Wilderness Schools you have attended and indicate
courses of study and date:

Circle All Certifications Held:       First Aid      CPR        Lifeguard          EMT     WFR   Commercial Driver’s License
Bilingual:                                             Other:
Please list three references not related to you who can attest to your character and work ethics. Please make sure you
have a valid phone number for each.
Name:                               Ph#:                                   Relationship:                How Long?

Name:                               Ph#:                                   Relationship:                How Long?

Name:                               Ph#:                                   Relationship:                How Long?

#1. Why do you want to be a part of the Hawk Circle Youth Mentoring Internship?

                                              Application continued on next page
                                  #2.   What specific skills and experience do you bring to the
                                  Internship team?

#3. This program involves working with others in a close, focused manner. Communication, problem solving,
adaptation and creativity all play significant roles. Describe your experience working as a part of a

#4. What are your goals in working with youth?

#5. What are your goals in learning earth skills such as tracking, survival or native crafts?
                                        #6. Teaching and learning wilderness skills can be physically
                                        demanding. Intensive courses can also take a different kind of
                                        stamina not usually needed for shorter programs. What experi-
                                        ences have you had that might be similar, and how do you feel
                                        you will do in those situations?

#7. As a member of our team working with children , we are required to do a background check
as part of our consideration for your employment. Have you ever been accused of a sexual
offense or a misdemeanor/felony? If yes, explain:

Prior to your acceptance, we are required also to speak with your references, so it is important that
we are provided with accurate contact information to facilitate this. We also need to do a phone or
face to face interview. Please indicate when it would be best to arrange this interview in the next
two weeks, if possible:

The statements given in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and I have not willingly given false information regard-
ing my history and experience. I understand that Hawk Circle does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, age or orientation.
My signature indicates my consent for Hawk Circle to contact my references and do background check for working with children.
I also understand that an interview is required prior to acceptance, by phone or in person.

Signature:                                                              Date:

                             Thank you for applying for our Internship!
  Please attach a current resumé (or list of your work history) with your application and send to:

                                                    Ricardo Sierra
                                          Hawk Circle Wilderness Education
                                        P.O. Box 506 Cherry Valley, NY 13320

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