Manager and Supervisor Interview Questions by smi10004


									         Manager and Supervisor Interview Questions
Number                                           Question                 Audit      Positive Negative
    1         In your own words, what are the objectives of your            1.4.1
              company’s health & safety program?
    2         What are you responsible and accountable for in regards       1.4.2
              to health & safety?
    3         What process is in place to identify, assess and control       2.1
              hazards on this work site?                                    2.1.2
    4         What training have you taken in regards to conducting          2.5
              hazard assessments
    5         How often do workers refer to safe work practices and          3.3
              job procedures on this work site?                              3.4
    6.        Are you involved in the development of safe work               3.6
              practices and/or job procedures?                               4.4
    7         Does the organization/company have a system in place
              to review safe work practices and job procedures and           4.8
              are you involved in that review process?
    8         Where can the workers see the organization/company             5.2
              rules and how are they enforced?                               5.4
    9         What type of specialized PPE is required to be worn by         6.2
              your workers, management and visitors?
   10         What PPE is required to be worn by workers,                    6.3
              management, visitors while on site? How was it
              determined what PPE is required (MSDS, Hazard                  6.4
   11         When and who communicates the PPE requirements                 6.5
              and training on the care/use/limitations of the PPE to         6.6
              workers? How is it enforced?                                   6.8
   12         When does the equipment receive maintenance?                   7.1
              Scheduled (Preventative maintenance program) or as
   13         What process is in place for removing/repairing/               7.4
              replacing defective tools?
   14         Is orientation mandatory for all workers on the first day     8.1.2
              of hire (workers, clerical, sub-contractors)?                 8.1.3
   15         What is covered during the orientation?                       8.1.4
   16         What on—the-job training is available to the workers          8.2.1
              and who does the training?                                    8.2.4
   17         Have you or other supervisors received any formal             8.2.2
              training in health & safety responsibilities (Leadership
              for Safety Excellence, Better Supervision)?

Audit Document-Draft-1 ATP revision April 2003
         Manager and Supervisor Interview Questions
Number                                           Question                 Audit      Positive Negative
   18         Who does the re-fresher training for the
              organization/company? What type of training is                8.2.7
   19         When did you last attend a safety meeting?                    8.3.1
   20         Who is involved in inspections and how are the                 9.3
              identified deficiencies handled?                               9.6
   21         Who reviews and signs the inspection reports on behalf         9.8
              of management?
   22         Who is involved in incident/accident investigations and       10.2
              have they received formal training?                          10.2.2
   23         How are recommendations to prevent recurrence                 10.4
              communicated to workers?
   24         Are near misses being reported? How are they                  10.5
   25         Who reviews and signs the investigation reports?              10.7
   26         Are you trained in emergency response? What type of          11.1.1
              training have you received?                                  11.1.2
   27         What communication system is used when an                    11.5.1
              emergency arises (radio, telephone)?
   28         How current is the emergency response list and do you        11.5.4
              know where to find it on the work site?
   29         Were you involved in implementing the
              recommendations listed in the Action Plan from the last      12.3.2
   30         What government legislation is referred to during the         13.2
              project planning process?
   31         When can you refuse to do work? Do you know where             13.3
              the legislation is kept for you to review?
   32         What process is in place for workers to report               13.3.1
              substandard (unsafe) conditions and soon are corrective
              actions implemented?
   33         Are you aware of the mandatory requirements to                13.4
              monitor worker exposure to noise, asbestos, silica, lead,
              etc and the type of reporting that is required?

Audit Document-Draft-1 ATP revision April 2003

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