Oral Interview Questions RFP 2005-19 by smi10004


									                         Oral Interview Questions
                                RFP 2005-19

1. The RFP stressed the importance of content, training and hardware in any
   integrated digital inclusion solution. Cities such as Philadelphia have
   demonstrated their commitment to this goal by creating "digital inclusion
   funds." What do you see as best practices regarding digital inclusion?
   How would your operation of the network promote/support those best
   practices? What specific financial or other tangible commitment is your
   organization proposing to address content, training and hardware?

2. Given the small number of large-scale deployments in cities with the
   population, density and terrain of San Francisco, please describe in detail
   the method(s) your organization used to estimate capital and operating
   expenses. Please describe any sensitivity analysis performed by your
   organization when estimating capital and operating expenses. Please be

3. What support do you feel will be required for subscribers to self-provision
   basic service with an off-the-shelf CPE? What support will your
   organization provide should these users not be able to provision service?
   Will your organization be willing to provide a package for self-provisioning
   of basic services with custom documentation?

4. Please describe in detail the different CPE options that will be used with
   each service. Please be specific about equipment to be used, estimated
   prices paid by subscribers, the cost to the company, the relationship
   between the subscriber price and the cost to the company, as well as the
   details of the provisioning and fulfillment process, self-install vs.
   professional install.

5. Please describe the impact of increasing the speed of the free basic
   service tier on your organization’s business plan and the economic viability
   of the project.

6. The RFP requested proposers to compensate the City for the use of its
   assets and to state the forms and value of any such proposed
   compensation. Please provide as much additional detail as possible
   regarding these possible forms of compensation for use of mounting assets
   and access to the public right of way and their value.

7. Please describe in detail your organization’s expected product roadmap
   and upgrade path to the 802.11n standard.

8. Please describe in detail the trade-offs between a single and dual-radio Wi-
   Fi mesh architecture.

                         Oral Interview Questions
                                RFP 2005-19
9. Please explain how your backhaul solution can be scaled and how it will be
   monitored to determine when additional capacity is needed.

10. The RFP states that consumers should be entitled to connect to their
    choice of legal devices that do not harm the network. How will mobile
    devices that may be unable to interpret the capture portal or unable to
    support the required authentication (e.g. a WI-Fi phone) access the

11. Please describe and provide examples of screens/interfaces that
    subscribers may experience for Basic and Premium Services. Please
    describe how your organization proposes to brand and/or co-brand these
    interfaces with the City and qualified Service Providers.

12. Please describe in more detail any opportunity to share infrastructure or
    deployment costs with a public safety network such as 4.9 GHz. What are
    the possible points of integration (access tier, backhaul tier, distribution
    tier)? What specific commitments will your organization make in this type
    of coordinated approach?

13. Several communities are actively engaged in similar wireless broadband
    projects. In which, if any, other communities is your organization
    considering building a wireless broadband system? At what stage is this
    participation, e.g., proposal, informal discussions, contract negotiation?
    Does your company have sufficient financial resources and staff, to
    accomplish multiple simultaneous builds in these different communities?

14. Please describe in detail the relationship among joint venture partners,
    collaborators or major vendors described in your proposal.

15. Please explain in detail how guaranteed/scheduled bandwidth and/or traffic
    prioritization will be managed between Basic, Premium, Municipal and
    Public Safety usage.


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