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									Entrepreneurship Education Pre-Summit
                                       NC Consortium for

                                                                                               Coliseum Complex
           A day focusing on


                                                                                                                      Register online at
                                                                   February 25, 2008
                                                                   11:30am - 4:00pm

                                                                                               Greensboro, NC

                                                                                                                      by mail or fax




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Registration	Fee:	$50	per	person		               	         Registrations	and	payments	due	by	February	15th,	2008
            Please	send	to	NC REAL Enterprises, 3739 National Drive, Suite 110, Raleigh, NC 27612,	
                              fax	to	919-781-7223	or	register	online	at
         N.C. Consortium for                                          Agenda                                   Who Should Attend?
          Entrepreneurship                         11:30 AM      Registration                         •   Public	School	Teachers	&	Administrators

              Education                            12:00 PM      Lunch
                                                                                                      •   Non-formal	Youth	Development	
The	North	Carolina	Consortium	for	                                                                    •   Direct	Service	Providers
Entrepreneurship	Education,	which	was	
                                                   12:30 PM      Welcome
                                                                                                      •   Members	of 	the	Faith	Community
announced	at	the	2007	NC	Entrepreneurship	
Summit	in	Raleigh,	is	a	collaboration	of 	         12:40 PM      Overview of National Consortium      •   Parents	and	Community	Leaders
educators	from	all	the	state’s	major	systems	                    for Entrepreneurship Education
and	at	all	levels.		                                                                                  •   Business	and	Industry	Leaders
                                                   1:00 PM       Overview of North Carolina           •   Public	Policy	Advocates	
The	University	of 	North	Carolina,	the	
North	Carolina	Independent	Colleges	and	                         Consortium and How to be
Universities,	the	North	Carolina	Community	                      a Part of It
College	System,	and	the	North	Carolina	
Department	of 	Public	Instruction		are	
joining together with many non-profit and
                                                   1:30 PM       The Importance of
                                                                 Entrepreneurship Education—                       At the Meeting
community partners to bring a unified focus
to	extending	and	improving	entrepreneurship	                     A Business Owner’s Perspective       •   Hear	from	education	leaders	about	what	
                                                                                                          NC	is	doing	to	assist	with	entrepreneurship	
education	for	people	of 	all	ages	in	our	state.	                                                          education;
Other	initiating	partners	include	NC	REAL	         2:15 PM       First Roundtable
Enterprises,	NC	4-H	Youth	Development,	                                                               •   Hear	a	small	business	owner’s	perspective	on	
and	the	North	Carolina	Rural	Economic	             2:45 PM       Second Roundtable                        entrepreneurship	education;
Development	Center.                                                                                   •   Participate	in	roundtable	discussions;	and
                                                   3:15 PM       Third Roundtable
These	partners	believe	that	entrepreneurship	                                                         •   Network	with	colleagues	from	across	the	
education	is	important	both	for	people	who	
want	to	become	entrepreneurs	and	for	people	       4:00 PM       Adjourn                                  state.
who	want	to	work	for	entrepreneurs,	all	are	
engines	of 	our	economy.	
At	the	Consortium’s	Kick-off 	event	on	
September	28th	at	Elon	University,	leaders	         Roundtables	will	be	hosted	by	groups	
met	to	form	work	groups	and	discuss	                and	individuals	throughout	the	state	that	have	
strategies.		February	25th	will	be	the	2nd	         exciting	entrepreneurship	programs	and	ideas	
statewide	event,	held	in	tandem	with	the	           to	share.		These	include	entrepreneurship	
2008	NC	Entrepreneurship	Summit	during	             education	programs	for	elementary	age	
                                                    students	all	the	way	through	retirement	age.			
National	Entrepreneurship	Week.		Visit		            Participants	will	hear	from	a	wide	variety	of	for	more	                     programs	and	bring	home	many	new	ideas	to	
information.                                        use	in	their	communities.

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