Thank You Letter after Interview by smi10004

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									                         Thank You Letter after Interview

                                           Campus Address                    Permanent Address
Carey S. Black                             (Until April 30, 2008)
                                           456 Alberta St.
                                                                             123 Hireme Lane
                                                                             Cincinnati, OH 45341
E-mail:          Dayton, OH 45409                  513-223-4567
Mobile Ph. #: 937-999-9999                 937-627-1234

February 15, 2008

Mr. Joe Recruiter, Director
Strategic Marketing Group
Technical Services, Inc.
101 Ludlow St.
Dayton, OH 45419

Dear Mr. Recruiter,

I’d like to thank you for interviewing me yesterday for the Marketing Internship position.
It was a pleasure to meet you and discuss more specifics about the position and its impact
on the image of Technical Service, Inc.

As a result of the interview, my enthusiasm and interest has greatly increased for the Marketing
Internship position. I feel that my education and previous internship experiences are compatible
with the job requirements and I’m certain that I could make a significant contribution to Technical
Services, Inc. in the future.

I’m convinced that Technical Services, Inc. provides the kind of opportunity I seek. Please note
that I can be reached at the above campus address above before April 30, 2007. Afterwards, feel
free to contact me at the above home address, if I can provide you with additional information.

Again, thank you for the interview and your consideration.


Signature (if in printed form)

Carey S. Black

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