Walk-a-Thon Thank you letter v2 by smi10004


									Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) serving:
Indian Fields School • 359 Ridge Road • Dayton • NJ 08810 and
Dayton School • 310 Georges Road • Dayton • NJ 08810

           The 10th annual Walk-a-Thon took place on October 2nd!
      The event was a success - thanks to the Indian Fields School and
             Dayton School staff, teachers, students and parents.
         It would not have been possible without all of the dedicated
     volunteers who assisted with everything - from blowing up balloons,
       to marking the children’s lap cards and cheering the children, to
      cleaning up after. Thank you to all the volunteers and to all who
      contributed to the Walk-a-Thon! Your time and contributions help
            enhance and enrich your children’s experience at both
                       Indian Fields and Dayton Schools.

                                      Walk-a-Thon Thank you letter v2

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