Join us for a total fitness experience Begin with by Buick


									Join us for a total                                          Fitness
 fitness experience!                                          For
 Begin with a complimentary
consultation with our certi ed                                Two
   pre/post-natal specialist,
    Teri Harmon, by calling                                       Pre-Natal/
     224-5444, ext 227 or
     956-8003, ext. 246 or
  email                                     Fitness Program
 She will the guide you to the
appropriate classes to best suit
 your needs both during and
       after pregnancy.

     Choose from:
          • AquaFit
    • AquaChallenge
      • AquaKickbox
        • BodyFlow
• Stretch and Flex Yoga
 • Mommy Boot Camp                                                 The MAC
                                   Grand Rapids, MI 495646

   (with your baby in tow!)                                     2500 Burton SE
                                     1640 East Paris, SE

                                                                (616) 956-0944

     Consult the current
  Group Fitness Schedules at                                 East Hills Athletic Club                                           1640 East Paris SE
   for class times and days.                                    (616) 224-5400
                                                              ~ Facts ~
     All expectant moms need
                                                                                                           Baby On Board classes are
       a safe, motivational,                              Research has shown that swimming,
                                                                                                            FREE for Members and
    encouraging and nurturing                             walking, stationary biking, light
                                                          aerobics, interval training, yoga and        $7.00 per class for Non-Members.
      exercise environment.                      strength training can be safe and e ective
                                                 activities for pregnant women. The key is                   Physician's approval is
                                                 keeping the intensity at a low to moderate level,        required for all Non-Members
                                                 as pregnancy does elevate heart rate 15-20                   prior to participation.
                                                 more beats per minute.
                                                                                                           Childcare is FREE with
                                                         Research has shown that expecting
                                                         moms who exercise regularly enjoy
                                                                                                            Family Membership.
                                                         a number of bene ts. Symptoms such            Non-Members may inquire at the
                                                 as constipation, digestion and irregularities are       Welcome Desk for pricing.
                                                 minimized. A strong upper body can provide
                                                 more support for increased breast size,
                                                 additional weight, posture changes and
                                                 lifting of baby after birth. Back discomfort
                                                 and leg cramps are minimized with regular
                                                 stretching. And, a t cardiovascular system
                                                 and strong abdominals can provide the extra
                                                 power required for pushing during labor.

 Fitness For Two Coordinator, Teri Harmon,               Having a baby can definitely change
                                                         your life! You will experience things
will help you select the best classes for your           like; losing sleep, dealing with the
speci c needs. Whether you are a beginner        weight you gained during your pregnancy,
   or an elite athlete, we will assist you in    hormonal shifts and more. As you try to
    programming choices to keep you t            get your new routine down, exercise may
                                                 seem like that last thing you feel like doing.      All Non-Members must have a physician's approval
   and active during this time in your life.     But, exercising now is more important than          on le prior to participation in any of the classes. All
       Teri Harmon can be reached at             ever because it helps raise metabolism,             participants are encouraged to seek such approval.
            East Hills Athletic Club             lose weight, and provides that much-                A letter from your doctor can be given to your
                                                 needed energy to get through the day.               instructor, or turned in at the Front Service Desk. Mark
             224-5444, ext. 227 or                                                                   your envelope, "Fitness For Two". Fitness For Two is a
                   The MAC                       Exercise can also greatly ease the symp-            total tness experience appropriate for all trimesters
              956-8003, ext. 246                 toms of mild post-partum depression. !              of pregnancy.

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