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									    Digital Signatures for
    Microsoft SharePoint
    A Digital Signature Solution for Microsoft® SharePoint®

                                                                                   How can CoSign for
    CoSign® for SharePoint is a solution that extends digital signature
    capabilities to the Microsoft SharePoint environment. CoSign for
                                                                                  SharePoint Help your
    SharePoint is designed specifically for integration with Microsoft®               Organization
    SharePoint®, enabling users to seamlessly sign PDF documents, lists and     » Keep your business moving.
    records centrally located on the SharePoint server via the SharePoint         Stop bringing your business
    interface. This enables signature-based approval processes to remaining       process to a grinding halt by
    paperless while complying with regulations, expediting processes, and         printing and signing
    cutting costs. Because CoSign for SharePoint allows digital signing via       documents.
    the SharePoint interface, it permits users to leverage their pre-existing
    investment in Microsoft SharePoint in order to digitally sign various       » Cut costs. Save costs by both
    SharePoint content.                                                           streamlining business
                                                                                  processes as well as paper-
    A typical example of the use of CoSign for SharePoint is when a                 handling related costs.
    document must be signed by more than one signer. The originator of the
    document checks the document into the document library and he can             » Legal acceptance. Legally
    then send an email to additional individuals with a link to the                 accepted across industries
    document. The recipients of the email can then access and sign the              and geographies.
    document via their web browser within the SharePoint environment
    without the need to check it out to a local PC. Once the document has
    been signed by all signers, the originator/owner of the document is notified that the signing process is
    complete. CoSign is also integrated within SharePoint Lists. The content of a list item can be approved
    and sealed by multiple signers, all within the standard SharePoint User Interface. Each signature includes
    various relevant details such as the signer's name, signature date, the time and reason for signing.
    Each paper based signature that an organization produces amounts to approximately $6.50 in printing,
    routing, scanning, archiving and lost document recovery costs. The typical authorized signer signs
    approximately 500 documents a year (just over two per workday), costing the organization $3,250 a year
    in paper-signature related costs. As such, an organization with 200 signing employees typically spends
    around $650,000 a year on the costs associated with paper-based signatures. Implementing CoSign for
    SharePoint enables that same organization to maintain an automated process for signing SharePoint
    content, reduce more than $600,000 from their annual operational costs, see a return on their
    investment in less than a month, and realize a four year ROI of over 1,000%.

    CoSign for SharePoint Components

    CoSign for SharePoint is a standard SharePoint application developed with WSS3.0 SDK that is compatible
    with both WSS3.0 and MOSS environments. CoSign for SharePoint is centralized and web-based, providing
    access to digital signature functionality via a web browser.
    The CoSign for SharePoint solution consists of two features developed according to SharePoint Feature
    technology. Each feature corresponds to a relevant SharePoint module and provides it with digital
    signature capabilities. The enhanced modules are SharePoint Lists and Document Libraries.

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    CoSign for SharePoint Lists

    Deployed in a SharePoint Farm, CoSign for SharePoint Lists is activated for the specific lists that require
    digital signature capabilities. Once CoSign for SharePoint Lists is activated for a specific List, the
    administrator specifies which columns in the List are covered by the digital signature. Additionally, this
    feature expands the standard List Item menu with additional entries enabling List users to sign List Items
    with digital signatures. Clicking these entries redirects the user to the custom CoSign for SharePoint web
    pages (Signing page and Verify & Review page). The signing page requests the user's username/password
    and uses this data for accessing the user's private key and performing the signing operation. The Verify &
    Review page allows the user to review all signatures and signature details (containing the signing
    certificate, the signing reason, the validity of the signature, and more).

                                           Figure 1: CoSign for SharePoint Lists

    CoSign for Document Libraries

    Similar to the deployment of CoSign for SharePoint Lists, CoSign for Document Libraries is deployed in a
    SharePoint Farm and is activated for the specific Document Libraries that require digital signature
    capabilities. CoSign for Document Libraries supports Document Libraries with the Content Type
    Management feature enabled. Once deployed and activated the administrator can define one or more
    signature profiles for each Content Type. Each profile specifies the signature location and appearance
    and defines the user experience on the Signing page. When a user signs a document, CoSign for
    Document Libraries automatically determines the Content Type of the document and uses the signature
    profiles defined for this Content Type during signature creation.
    CoSign for Document Libraries also contains a functionality that automatically validates document
    signatures and indicates the signature status (i.e., valid, not valid, not signed).

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                                          Figure 2: CoSign for Document Libraries

    CoSign for SharePoint Features and Benefits

    Full integration with SharePoint. Cosign is the most widely-deployed SharePoint-integrated digital
    signature solution on the market, with hundreds of installations and tens of thousands of CoSign for
    SharePoint users. Without even opening the file, CoSign for SharePoint users can perform a digital
    signature with a simple click of their mouse.
    CoSign for SharePoint provides all of the benefits of the CoSign Central infrastructure (i.e., workflow
    integration, signer control, enhanced security, and external trust) within a SharePoint environment.
    Legal compliance. Cosign digital signatures are compliant to the rigorous standards of the most tightly
    regulated industries and geographies. See CoSign digital signature legal compliance information.
    Support for sequential approval processes. CoSign allows multiple signatures to be placed on a
    document (one after another) while ensuring document integrity. This is useful in scenarios that require
    a series of approvers and an audit trail.
    Authorized Signer Control. CoSign leverages existing user management systems, such as Microsoft®
    Active Directory®, for control over signer authorizations (new employees are added and employees
    leaving the organization are removed from the authorized signer list with a simple click). CoSign ensures
    quick deployment and minimal ongoing IT management requirements, translating into enhanced security
    and a very low total cost of ownership.
    Enabling of Advanced External-facing Applications. CoSign Central enables advanced external-facing
    applications such as clientless customer or partner-facing web applications, point-of-sale applications,
    and eInvoicing applications. Digital signatures can even enable new business models such as Software as
    a Service (SaaS).

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