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Preparing for Success at
    Primary School

 Ferndale Public Schools
  2920 Burdette, Ferndale, MI
Get Ready for School                              Learn More
Kindergarten prepares students                    You can Get email
for a lifetime of success                         Call 248/586-8651 to have your name added to
                                                  our district email fanout for upcoming events.
Throughout the Ferndale Schools, a strong core
curriculum focuses on early literacy (Reading     Guided tours
First) and math skills, social studies and sci-   Nothing can compare to the experience of
ence, with weekly art, music, and physical        visiting a school and seeing how the children
education classes.                                learn and grow in their classrooms. Call the
                                                  schools to schedule a tour, or find out when an
Students benefit
                                                  Open House is offered.
from many
support services                                  Registration Nights
including special                                 The Ferndale Schools host several Kindergarten
education and                                     and Preschool Registration Nights throughout
speech, reading                                   the year. Call 248/586-8686 for the next sched-
volunteers, and                                   uled date.
wonderful parent
involvement.                                      Extravaganza
                                                  The district-wide showcase of how our students
Kindergarten                                      learn in the classroom is presented in February
students in the Ferndale Public Schools can       each year. Visitors see first-hand all the Fern-
participate in a full-day option in which they    dale Schools have to offer preschool to Grade 12.
receive a half-day of Kindergarten instruction,
and can enroll in KinderKrew, a fee-based,        Reading Counts
educational childcare program.                    Roosevelt is looking forward to having our
The Ferndale Public Schools offer two wonder-     media center open for summer hours during the
ful schools for the early grades: Roosevelt       months of June, July, and August. Roosevelt
Primary School serves students Kindergarten       School families can check out books or work on
through Third Grade under the leadership of       the computer.
Principal Dina Krause. John F. Kennedy School     Please call for more information:
provides two magnet options, the Multi-Age and    Roosevelt Primary School     248/586-8801
Open Classroom programs, for Kindergarten         John F. Kennedy School       248/547-0880
through Sixth Grade under the leadership of       Student Services             248/586-8686
Principal Nancy DeRousha.
 Brain Basics from
Roosevelt Principal
   Dina Krause
Roosevelt Principal
Dina Krause has an
extensive back-
ground in early
childhood education
and brain research.
As part of her goal to
include families in                                  Be the Best that You Can Be
the education pro-                                   at Roosevelt Primary School
cess, she shares tips
such as the following                                Roosevelt Primary is a Positive Behavior
“Brain Basics.”                                      Support (PBS) school where everyone works
                                                     together in an atmosphere that nurtures early
                                                     childhood learning while promoting positive
Brain Basics:        Did you know that small
                                                     behavior in all children.
muscle exercise stimulates brain growth? Keep
those stringing beads, pegs, buttons, and clay       The Roosevelt school community is dedicated to
available. Research has verified the positive        teaching predictable routines, providing clear
effects of digital manipulation on the brain for     classroom expectations, using developmentally
ALL ages.                                            appropriate instruction, giving children con-
                                                     structive feedback on their behavior, teaching
                                                     social skills through daily conflicts, and provid-
Brain Basics:         Did you know that our          ing a plan to help each child succeed.
brain is made up of 80% water? Make sure with
the warmer weather arriving that everyone            Predictable Daily Routine
drinks plenty of water. Juice, pop, and other        Each morning starts the brain smart way with
drinks can not hydrate our brain as well as          quiet music as students enter their classrooms,
water does. When children appear bored,              morning announcements that teach students a
listless, or drowsy, try giving them a glass of      brain tip of the day, a schoolwide word of the
water.                                               day, and other important reminders. Young
                                                     children are visual learners, so the staff wear
                                                     visual reminder cards to help students remem-
Brain Basics:         Did you know it is essential   ber the rules. Classrooms and hallways have
for young children to have large motor activity      picture rule cards to provide visual reinforce-
daily? Go for a walk, ride your bikes, go swing      ment of expectations.
in the park, kick a soccer ball outside, and just
                                                     The 5 Bee program teaches children what it
have fun. There is an enormous amount of
                                                     looks like and sounds like to 1. Be Safe, 2. Be
research showing that children who are physi-
                                                     Helpful, 3. Be Kind, 4. Be Respectful, and 5. Be
cally active learn easier, are less likely to be-
                                                     Responsible. One expectation is emphasized
have in poor ways, and they feel better about
                                                     each month. Weekly Town Hall Meetings bring
                                                     the entire school together to celebrate successes
                                                     and share music and movement activities.
New Student Registration
                     If you have a young child or
                     know a neighbor whose child
                     will enter Kindergarten in the
                     fall, please take a moment to
                     call our Student Services
                     office at 248/586-8686, or if
                     you have any questions,
                     please feel free to contact
                     Roosevelt Principal Dina
                     Krause at 248/586-8801.
                     Children who will be five by
                     December 1, 2005 may enroll
                     to start Kindergarten in the
                     fall. Please note, spaces are
                     still available at Roosevelt
                     Primary School.
Kennedy School has an early enrollment
timeline, and students are accepted through a
spring lottery, and kindergarten is full for Fall     Enrollment
2005. Parents are encouraged to contact               Checklist
Kennedy at 248/547-0880 early in the fall of the      Required Information
year before enrolling for information about the       ❑ Birth Certificate
Multi-Age and Open Classroom Programs,                ❑ Three Proofs of
school tours and the lottery process.                   Residency, including:
To enroll a new student, please call or visit            Lease or Mortgage, Utility
Student Services at Harding Administration               Bills, Bank Statement, and/or
Center, 2920 Burdette, Ferndale, 248/586-8686            Insurance Statement
weekdays from 8 am to 4:30 pm.                        ❑ Immunization
                                                        Records (up-to-date,
                                                         including Chickenpox and
                                                         Hepatitis B)
                                                          Call the Oakland County
                                                          Health Department for free
                                                          immunizations at 248/858-

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