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									Oklahoma City Museum of Art
DOnalD W. ReynOlDs Visual aRts CenteR

    Catalog of Materials 2007

    The Oklahoma City Museum of Art’s
Library/Resource Center provides circulating
  teaching aids for educators to use in their
  classrooms. The enclosed catalogue lists
     materials available for teacher use.
   MATeRiALs                                                         Revised October 2004
        M a t e r i a l s List                      *items found in two or more categories
                                                                   **Check-out Procedures

ResouRce collection
Art education Books
Color and shape
A Different Kind of Classroom
Dimensions of Learning
Tessellation Teaching Masters
Writing with Pictures

Art Prints
20th Century Art: 1950’s -1990’s
Adoration of Magi
Adoration of the Child with saints and Donors
African American Art
African Art Portfolio
Art History Timeline: Over 4000 years of Western Art History
Arts of Mexico
The Blue Vase by Paul Cezanne
elements of Design (1 Video/7 Prints)*
echer, M.C. (6 Prints)
Fabulous Forty (set of 40 Prints with Guide)
George Catlin’s North American indian Portfolio (6 Prints)
George Washington by Gilbert stuart (1 Print with Guide)
Girl Reading by Pierre Auguste Renoir
Jar by Maria and Julian Martinez
Know the Artists Posters (Set of 7)
   Claude Monet
   Leonardo da Vinci
   Pablo Picasso
   Georgia O’Keeffe
   Mary Cassatt
   Frida Kahlo
Lobster and Cat by Pablo Picasso
Medieval Knight in Armor (Large,Labeled Print)
Mexican Artists Prints (Set of 15 with Guide)
   Diego Rivera
Modern european Masters (6 Prints)
Mother and Child by Pablo Picasso
My Gems by William Harnett
Pacific Asian Art (5 prints with guide)
Principles of Design (1 Video, 7 Prints)*
Renaissance Teaching Posters: (Set of 11)
sadness of the King by Henri Matisse
The shepherdess, 1889
slave Hunt by Thomas Moran
still Life supreme by Margaret ensberg
still Life with Three Puppies by Paul Gauguin
Take 5 series: (5 Prints with Guide)
   Abstract Art
   Collage and Assemblage
   still Life
   Urban environments
   Women Artists
Teaching Boards series: (Map and Culture Kit)
   Alaskan eskimo - “Gifts of Harmony, a study of Alaska eskimo Masks”
   Black African - “Where spirits Dwell Within”
   New Guinea Art - “Currents of the sepik”
   Pacific Northwest Coast - “The spirit Transformed”
   Pre-Columbian sculpture - “Window to the Past”
   Tribal Art Design
   World Map
Titanic No. 268 by Kreg Kallenberger
Wilton Art Appreciation series 100 (Guide/ Workbook/3 Videos/14 Prints)*
   Cole, Thomas- scene from the Last of the Mohicans
   De Hooch, Pieter- interior of a Dutch
   evergood, Phillip- The sunny side of the street
   Friedrich, Casper David- Tree with Crows
   Ghirlandaio, Domenico- The Old Man and his Grandson
   Gogh, Vincent Van- sunflowers
   Goya, Francisco- Don Manuel Osio De Zuniga
   Homer, Winslow- snap the Whip
   Matisse, Henri- the Purple Robe
   Miro, Joan- People and Dog in sun
   Pippen, Horace- The Domino Players
   Renoir, Pierre Auguste- Girl with Watering Can
   Rembrandt, Van Rijn- Man with Helmet
Wilton Art Appreciation series 200 (Guide/ Workbook/3 Videos/12 Prints)*
          Durer- Young Hare
          Gainsborough, Thomas- Blue Boy
   Gogh, Vincent Van- The starry Night
   Harnett, William- My Gems
          Hicks, edward- The Peaceable Kingdom
          Homer, Winslow- Fog Warning
          Klee, Paul- sinbad the sailor
   Manet, edouard
          Miro, Joan- Portrait No. 1
Wilton Art Appreciation series 200 (Guide/ Workbook/3 Videos/12 Prints)* cont.
  Renoir, Pierre Auguste- By the seashore
  Tanner, Henry- The Banjo Lesson
       Brueghel, Pieter- The Harvesters

Books (145 titles to choose from, these are just a few!)
Children of Promise, African-American Literature and Art for Young People Daydreamers by
Tom Feelings and eloise Greenfield
Free Within Ourselves, National Museum of American Art
introduction to Tessellations by Dale seymour
is it Red? is it Yellow? is it Blue? by Tana Hoban
Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Christina Bjork and Lena Anderson
Origami Architecture Pop-Up by Maahiro Chatani
Painter’s eye: Learning
Painting Murals - images, ideas and Techniques by Patricia seligman
Paper Magic - Pop-Up Paper Craft, Origami
Architecture by Masahiro Chatani
Perspective, eyewitness Art by Alison Cole
Polysymetric - The Art of Making Geometric Patterns by June Oliver
sculpture behind the scenes by Andrew Pekarik
shadow by Marcia Brown

George Washington: Patriot Voices
Great speeches of the 20th Century, Presidential Addresses
Great speeches of the 20th Century, Dreams and Realities
Live in the Fiddlers House

George Washington, First of Men
National Gallery of Art Washington (Interactive program allows users to explore 1500
splendors of imperial China
Telematic Connections: the Virtual embrace

American Art: 1785-1926, seven Artists Profiles
Biography: George Washington, American Revolutionary
Founding Brothers
Founding Fathers

Film strip
Art and Music series: (16 filmstrips/guide)
   Medieval Art & Music
   Renaissance Art & Music
   Baroque Art & Music
   18th Century Art & Music
   Romanticism in Art & Music
   impressionism in Art & Music
   20th Century Artistic Revolutions
   surrealism in Art & Music
Art That Works (Book/Filmstrip)
Black History through Art (Filmstrip/Guide/Audio Tape)
Reading Kits
Metropolitan Miniatures (15 Sets)
World of Art (Reading Comprehension)

slides Packets
African American Art (40 Slides, with guide)
America’s National Gallery: 700 Years of Art
American Art and Culture
Art and Technology
Art Nouveau, 1890-1914
Art of Looking at the Dallas Museum of Art
Art since 1950
Art smart! (Slides/Activity book)
Art smart i!
Art smart ii!
The Artist’s eye: Pictorial Composition
The Artist’s Hand: Five Techniques of Painting
The Arts and Crafts in Kenyan society
Arts of Asia: China, Korea, Japan
Arts of the Ancient Americas
Backgrounds of Modern Painting in France
British Delft at Williamsburg
Circa 1492: Art in the Age of exploration
Costume: index
Cultural shell shock: German expressionism to New Objectivity
The easter story in Art
Folk Arts of the spanish southwest
French Painting
French Painting of Three Centuries from the New Orleans Museum of Art
Furniture from the index of American Design
Haitian Art - Davenport Museum of Art
inquiring eye: (Slides/Timeline/Prints/Guide)
   early Modernism
   european Renaissance Art
   Classical Mythology in european Art
   French impressionism/Post impressionism
An international Legacy: selections from the Carnegie Museum of Art
Landscape Paintings
Millet to Matisse: Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century French Painting from Kelvingrove
Art Gallery, Glasgow
The street as a Creative Vision
survey of American Painting
Textiles: From the index of American Design
Van Gogh in Arles, Philippe de Montebello
Van Gogh, Vincent
What is impressionism?
teaching Packets
Archaeology & slave Life at Mount Vernon
Art and Culture of india (Cassette/Book/Postcards)
Art & Origin of Myths, Heroes & Heroines, ecology, 19th Century America
Art Pack (30 Postcards From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) (21 Sets)
British Delft at Williamsburg
Dial-a-Color (Color Wheels)
Folk Art (Books/Magazines/Postcards)
Fun with Architecture (35 Rubber Stamps/Ink Pad/Guide)
Hidden Heritage: African American Art (Books/Brochures/Visuals)
Medieval Art (Books/ Prints/ Postcards/ Photos)

Adventures in Art
Alexander Calder: Calder’s Universe
Alfred stieglitz: Photographer
Allen Houser Haozous: The Lifetime Work of an American Master
Alphabet soup by William Wegman
Amazing Bone and Other stories
American Art
American impressionists and Realists: in search of the New
American Light: The Luminist Movement, 1850-1875
American Visions: The History of American Art & Architecture (8 videos) (SS/Hist/Hum)
   Republic of Virtue
   Promise Land
   The Wilderness and the West
   The Gilded Age
   A Wave from Atlantic
   streamlines and Breadlines
   The empire of signs
   Age of Anxiety
Andy Warhol: A Life at the edge
Anthony van Dyck
Appelemando’s Dreams (Reading Rainbow)
The Armory show (American Modern Art)
Art 21 (Contemporary Artists of the 21st Century)
Art Ache: (3 videos)
   The Game of Art and How to Play it
   The image of an Artist
   Life is short
Art Dog (Animated)
Art education in Action
Art Nouveau, 1890-1914
Art of the Western World: Vols. 2-9 (8 Videos) (SS/Hist/Hum)
   A White Garment of Churches, Romanesque, and Gothic
   The early Renaissance
   The High Renaissance
   Realms of the Baroque
   An Age of Reason, Courage of Passion
   impressionism and Post-impressionism
   into the Twentieth Century
   in Our Own Time
At the Met: (3 videos)
   Curator’s Choice
   Metropolitan Cats (Elem)
   La Belle Époque 1890-1914
Baroque Art & Music (Hum/Hist)
Barry’s scrapbook: A Window into Art (Elem)
Behind the scenes: (5 Videos/Guide)
   The illusion of Depth, David Hockney
   Color, Robert Gil de Montes
   Balance, Nancy Graves
   Framing, Carrie Mae Weems
   Line, Wayne Thiebaud
Bernard Buffet
Beyond Tradition: Contemporary indian Art
Biography: George Washington
Black and White: Beatriz Mejia Krumbein
British Delft from Williamsburg
Buffet, Bernard- From Here to eternity
Burchfield at the Met
Carmina Burana: The Ballet
Carnival of the Animals
Charlotte’s Web (Animated)
Chicken Run (Animated)
Chihuly: Working with Lino Tagliapietra
Chihuly in Action
Chihuly Over Venice
Chihuly: River of Glass
Chihuly: in the Light of Jerusalem 2000
Chihuly: Working with Pino signoretto
Children in the Museum
Chuck Close a Portrait in Progress
Civilization series (13 Videos) (SS/Hist/Hum)
Claes Oldenburg (Sculpture)
Claude Monet (Animated)
Le Corbusier (Architecture)
Crete & Mycenae (SS/Hist/Hum)
The Cubist epoch
Curators’ Choice, Metropolitan Museum of Art
David smith (Sculpture)
A Day at the Canal with the emperor of China (72 ft. Scroll by Wang Hui)
Dixieland: American Art & Design, 1920-1940
Docents as Teacher, Visitor as Learner
Don’t eat the Pictures: sesame street at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Dorthea Lange a Visual Life
Dr. seuss Green eggs and Ham (Animated)
Dropping in on Rousseau (Animated)
early American Crafts, American Westward Movement, Colonial American History
through Art (SS/Hist)
edward Manet, Painter of Modern Life
edward J. steichen
elements of Design (1 video/7 prints)*
elroy’s Toy (Animated)
The eye of Thomas Jefferson
Faith Ringgold: The Last story Quilt
The Fantastic World of M.C. escher
Fay’s 12 Days of Christmas by William Wegman
French Art of Three Centuries
The Frescoes of Diego Rivera
Frida Kahlo
Georges seurat: A sunday on la Grande Jatte
Georgia O’Keeffe
Ginevra’s story (de Vinci)
Giotto and the Pre-Renaissance
God’s Drum: Featuring Te Ata
Graffiti Verité 4
Grand Canyon: A Personal Journey of Art and Conversation
Grand Museum series: Louvre, Prado, Vatican, Uffizi, National Gallery (1 video)
Great Cities of the Ancient World: (3 videos)
   Athens & Ancient Greece
   The Pyramids & Cities of the Pharaohs
   Rome and Pompeii
The Greek Temple
The Hardly Boys in Hardly Gold by William Wegman
Heaven on earth Orthodox Treasures of siberia and North America
Hogarth’s Progress
How to Visit an Art Museum
The Hudson River and its Painters
i Can Fly, Part ii (Kids, Painting, and Art Appreciation)
imaginaria (Music Video for Children)
imaginit (Animated)
in the shadow of Vesuvius
introduction to sculpture
introduction to european Art in the National Gallery of Art
isabel Bishop: Portrait of an Artist
isamu Noguchi: The sculpture of spaces
islamic Art
Jack Levine: Feast of Pure Reason
Jacobson: Creating a Place for Art
James McNeil Whistler: His etchings
John James Audubon
Late Gothic and early Renaissance
Legacy: Past & Future (Oklahoma City/Museum History)
Leonardo: To Know to see
Leonardo da Vinci (Animated)
Leonardo de Vinci, the Visionary intellect
Leonardo da Vinci and the art of Drawing: Three Art Lessons
The Life of George Washington
Linnea in Monet’s Garden (Animated)
Looking to Write, Writing to see
Lost Kingdoms of the Maya
Maisy’s Colors and shapes (Animated)
Marcel Duchamp: The secret Marcel Duchamp
Marco Polo: Return to Xanadu (Animated)
Maria: indian Pottery of san ildefonso
Mary Cassatt: impressionist from Philadelphia
Masks and Face Coverings
Masks from Many Cultures
Masterpieces of italian Art
Masters of illusion
The Measure of All Things: Greek Art and Culture in the Fifth Century
Memories of Monet
Merchants and Masterpieces: Great Collectors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Michelangelo (Animated)
Mike Larson: Profile of an Artist
Miro, Theatre of Dreams
Mobile by Alexander Calder
Modern Masters
Moment of impact: stories of the Pulitzer Prize Photographs
Monotypes and Monoprints
Monsieur Rene Magritte
Morris Louis
National Gallery of Art: A Treasury of Masterpieces
Nevelson in Process
Never Give Up: imogen Cunningham
New Ways of seeing: Picasso, Braque, and the Cubist Revolution
Of Time, Tombs, and Treasure: The Treasure of Tutankhamen
Oklahoma Voices: The Twenties and Thirties
Old Masters
Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico
Oriental Art
Owl Moon and Other stories (Animated)
Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution
The Park Bench
Paul Cadmus, enfant Terrible 80
Paul Gauguin, The savage Dream
Picasso: War, Peace, Love
Picasso and the Circus
Pieces of the Past (Marine Archaeology)
Piet Mondrian: Mr. Boogie-Woogie Man
Pieter Paul Ruben
Pioneers of the Modern Architecture in Chicago
Point/ Counterpoint, The Life and Work of Georges seurat
The Power of the Past- Florence
Principles of Design (1 Vide/7 Prints)
Ragtime UsA: American Art & Design, 1900-1920
The Rainbow Fish also Features Dazzle the Dinosaur (Animated)
Rediscovering George Washington
Relief Printmaking
Remembering edward Weston
Robert Motherwell and the New York school: storming the Citadel
Robert Rauschenberg: inventive Genius
Rodin: The Gates of Hell
The Role of Art in General education
Romantics and Realists: (6 videos)
The Round World of Botero (Sculpture)
Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections
Roy Lichtenstein: The Art of the Graphic image
The Russians Are Coming!: The Drama and the stage
seeing Color: Object, Light, Observer
silversmith of Williamsburg
siqueiros: Artist and Warrior
sir Joshua Reynolds: Artist of the Portrait
sister Wendy’s story of Painting
   early Art
   Baroque to Romanticism
   Age of Revolution
splendors of the Ottoman sultans
The star Child: True Beauty Lies Within
suleyman the Magnificent
The Tarahumara of Copper Canyon: Tarahumara Belt Weaver and Drum Maker
Thomas Moran
The Tiffanys: The Mark of excellence
Tours of the World’s Most Magnificent structures series
(4 Videos) (SS/Hist/Hum)
   Roman City
Tradition and Transition: Realism-Photorealism
The Treasure of the Czars
Untitled: seth Kramer (Holocaust)
Van Gogh: A Museum for Vincent
Vermeer: Light, Love, and silence
The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other stories
Vincent van Gogh (Animated)
Vincent van Gogh, a stroke of Genius
A Visit with Jamie Wyeth
Voices in Celebration, National Gallery of Art
The Way Things Go
What Do You see
Who is the Artist? Cezanne, van Gogh, seurat: Post-impressionism
Who is the Artist? Degas, Renoir, Cassatt: impressionism
Willem De Kooning
William i. Koch Collection: Oklahoma Tribute, european and American Masterpieces
(Collecting Art)
William Merritt Chase at shinnecock
Winslow Homer
Yaaba soore: The Path of the Ancestors (African Tribal Dancing and Masks)
Yoruba: Nine Centuries of African Art & Culture
Video Packets
American Heritage: early crafts and American Westward Movement
Big A (3 Videos/Guide)
   Telling a story in Art
   Getting ideas
   exploring ideas
Colonial American History through Art
Connecting series: (Guide/Lessons/3 Videos)
   The World Our Minds invent and Maps, Paths and Grids
   Rhythms and Patterns and Change and Transformation
   What does it Mean to Me? and Packaging-From soup to You
Footloose in History/Ancient Times to Present (Fashion and Culture)
Henri Matisse and the Brilliance of Color: seven Art Lessons
The High Renaissance
insights: Museums, Visitors, Attitudes
Late Gothic and early Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Drawing
Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks
Picasso: The early Years
Wilton Art Appreciation series 100 (Guide/ Worksheet/3 Videos/14 Prints)*
   Color, elements of Design, Artists at Work, Art Around Us, Many Ways of seeing
Wilton Art Appreciation series 200 (Guide/ Worksheet/3 Videos/12Prints)*
   Portraits, still Life, People Doing Things, Animals, Landscapes, More People

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