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									    Course Description                                 Course Objectives                                         Registration
Cont Ed. Course # LEDUC 5062                       Students will:                                 Pre-Requisite: Introduction to DIR: An Introduction
                                                                                                  to the Developmental, Individual Difference, Relation-
This course is designed for students who have      • Continue to develop their understanding      ship-based Model for the Special Child (or by special
a basic understanding of the theoretical foun-       of the theoretical foundations of the        permission of the instructors), also offered by the Astra
                                                     DIR® model                                   Foundation in partnership with Lesley University.
dations of the DIR® model and who wish to do
effective Floortime with children with special     • Demonstrate an understanding of key          Course Fee: $300
                                                     Floortime principles and explore/            (see other side for further information)
                                                     practice a variety of Floortime strategies   Course Materials: This course will use the XanEdu
Strategic and finely-tuned Floortime requires        and techniques                               course pack purchased for the pre-requisite course as
the ability to view the child within the context   • Learn to modify their Floortime based        well as additional texts which the students will pur-
of a larger DIR® framework. Students will                                                         chase.
                                                     on a particular child’s profile (sensory,
learn to put together a basic profile of a child     processing, regulatory, etc.)                Course Dates: January 7—May 6, 2009
that includes an understanding of the model’s                                                                 (12 weeks within those dates)
                                                   • Learn how the FEAS and other tools           Day and Time: Wednesdays, 5pm—7:30 pm
three component parts:                               may be used to refine the understanding      Location: 2326 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA
D      (Functional) Developmental Level              of a child’s profile and to develop more     Registration Deadline:
                                                     focused and strategic Floortime goals.       Early registration recommended.
I      Individual Differences
                                                   • Demonstrate an understanding of how          This course will be limited for size.
R      Relationship Patterns                         everyday opportunities and semi-             Please make checks payable to
                                                     structured activities may be used to mo-     “The Astra Foundation” and mail to:
Students will explore and practice a range of        bilize all six developmental levels.         The Astra Foundation
                                                                                                  Attn: Debbie Bauch
Floortime strategies and techniques geared to-     • Be able to discuss how the DIR® model        524 Main Street, Acton, MA 01720
ward challenging a child to move to higher           and other structured teaching methods
                                                                                                  Questions: Contact Debbie Bauch: 978-266-3700
levels within a session and making develop-          (e.g. Applied Behavioral Analysis, O.T.,     ext. 237
mental progress over time. Students will pre-        Speech) can work together in an effec-
sent videotape of their sessions and brainstorm      tive program
ways to make their work more effective.            • Learn to write a report assessing a
                                                     child’s functional developmental level       Name:_____________________________
                                                     and individual profile and formulating
                                                     specific, measurable goals for the child.
The Astra Foundation is a private, regional        • Be encouraged to reflect on their own        City, State, Zip:_____________________
foundation that supports programs and initia-        strengths and weaknesses and how their
tives that help children thrive in their home        own individual profiles impact their         Daytime Phone:_____________________
and educational environments. The Astra              work
Special Needs Center was established in 2001       • Be encouraged to develop (where possi-       Evening Phone:_____________________
to promote the availability of DIR® services         ble) collaborative relationships with the
to families with special needs children, in-         child’s family and/or other members of       Employer: _________________________
cluding children with regulation, sensory, re-       the child’s team
lational and behavioral issues as well as          • Discuss how DIR® may be used as a
PDD/Autism disorders.                                framework for working with a child re-       Email (required):____________________
                                                     gardless of discipline.
Astra Foundation Faculty

                                                             524 Main Street
                                                             Astra Special Needs
                                                                                      DIR® Floortime
Deborah Bauch, M.S., OTR/L, has more than twenty
years of experience in pediatrics and EI. As a Clinical
Director at the Astra Foundation, she conducts DIR®-
based workshops for parents and professionals and has                                   Essential
presented at local, regional and national conferences.
Ms. Bauch serves as a senior clinician and facilitator
for the Interdisciplinary Council on Learning Disorders
(ICDL) and the DIR® Summer Institute. Ms. Bauch
consults to school districts, works directly with chil-
                                                                                        Skills for
dren and families, and serves as a mentor for profes-
sionals. Ms. Bauch has extensive expertise in sensory
integration and processing issues. She is the 2008 re-
cipient of the Margaret L. Bauman award for Out-                                      Practitioners
standing Therapy Provider. She has Sensory Integra-
tion Certification, and is a registered Occupational
Tal Baz, MS., OTR/L, has 16 years of experience in
pediatrics, ranging from psychiatry, oncology, neurol-
ogy, cognitive and developmental OT. As part of the
DIR® (ICDL) faculty she has conducted work-                                           A Twelve Week Course
shops for both parents and professionals, and has pre-                                   for Professionals
sented in local conferences, as well as abroad. She is
the clinical director of a private developmental clinic in
Chicago, and is now practicing privately in the Boston                             Debbie Bauch, M.S. OTR/L
area. Ms. Baz has extensive experience in sensory inte-
gration, sensory processing, and sensory modulation                                           and
                                                                                     Tal Baz, M.S. OTR/L
       Credit Information
                                                                                    January 7—May 6, 2009
Lesley University is accredited by the New Eng-                                          (12 weeks within those dates)
land Association of Schools and Colleges. Taking
a course for credit earns students who fulfill the                                       Cambridge, MA
necessary course requirements assigned by the
instructor, Lesley University credit. Students de-
siring to transfer Lesley credits should check with
the receiving institution prior to registering, as                                 Offered by:
credits are accepted at the discretion of the receiv-
ing institution.
Continuing Education students will pay $300 to
the Astra Foundation for the course. Students who
elect to receive Lesley University credit may do so                                Lesley University
for an additional $150 per credit ($450), plus a
$30 registration fee.

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