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                                  About The BH&L Group
The "Core Team” collegially assembled in 2007 to create a Pavilion for the Shanghai World Expo.

Barry Howard and Leonard Levitan co-founded and organized the BH&L Group which they now
lead. Its purpose is to design, develop, and manage a Global Solutions Pavilion at the Shanghai 2010
World Expo. Between them, Mssrs. Howard and Levitan are responsible for 40 significant World
Exposition pavilions, including four representing the United States; and have been creative and
development consultants to Expo managements at Montreal 1967, New Orleans 1984, Vancouver 1986,
and Taejon 1993. Mssrs. Howard and Levitan are widely experienced in the field of design of museums
and cultural attractions, and each has won professional recognition and industry awards. In recent years,
Mssrs. Howard and Levitan have joined forces to work exclusively on projects that fuel the imagination,
challenge accepted knowledge, and make valuable contributions to society.

Robert Jacobson, Ph.D., Urban Planning (UCLA), will oversee Pavilion thematic content and the use
of state-of-the-art technology; he also is responsible for BH&L Group’s communications. He organized
the BH&L Group’s distinguished Board of Advisors. Dr. Jacobson is an innovation consultant, design
researcher, and author. He has been a technology policy advisor to the California Legislature, the CEO
of two high-tech startups, and co-founder of a cutting-edge university-based research laboratory.

Paul Creighton, CEM, was a senior consultant for many years with Bechtel Corporation International
advising clients on world’s fair planning, theme parks, Olympics venues, amusement areas, and
children’s science centers. He has been Director of Operations for expositions over a period of four
decades and is easily the best-known professional in his field. Mr. Creighton will focus on the project’s
operational issues and contribute to the overall planning and development of the Pavilion.

Clive Jones, MBA (UC Berkeley), has an extensive track record defining the economic aspects of
major attractions, resorts, and mixed-use developments throughout the world. His project analyses
cover market and audience assessment, capital and operating costs, projected attendance levels, and
related information. Mr. Jones has developed the business plan for the BH&L Group.

Advising the Core Team is Gordon Linden, AIA, AICP, MBA (Golden Gate University), a planner
and project developer with a broad spectrum of experience gained as Director of Development and
Planning for Parsons Corporation and earlier, Bechtel Corporation. He has consulted to and worked for
Expo organizers in the U.S. and Canada. Mr. Linden is knowledgeable about Expo organization,
interdisciplinary planning, and execution; his breadth is unique.

Mr. Creighton and Mr. Linden are co-authors of the forthcoming THE EXPO BOOK: A Guide to the
Hosting, Planning, Organization & Design of World Expositions. It is the first recent book to address
“all aspects of the complex and rewarding business of creating an outstanding and successful World
Expo – from seeking registration with the Bureau of International Expositions, to selecting a site and
formulating a theme, through all the subsequent planning, financial, operations and development issues
including the transition to post-use of the site." (
The Core Team also includes Expo-savvy designers, project managers, and marketing professionals. It
will increase in size and diversity as the project moves forward and collaborate with specialists and
national planners from many of the Expo participating nations.

BH&L Group’s Board of Advisors, on whom we frequently rely for advice, currently comprises 35
distinguished experts organized in three groups: (1) urban affairs and systems, urban design (including
transportation), sustainability, and global ecology; (2) technology of communication, design, and
information networks; and (3) international and Chinese history, culture, and affairs. The Board will be
reconstituted as we begin full-scale operations. Several Advisors will work with us on the Pavilion
itself; others will organize and operate a full program of related educational and social events during the
run-up to and during the Expo. A current list of Advisors is attached

                                The BH&L Group Contact Information

                                            General Direction:

       Mr. Barry Howard, Co-Founder                      Mr. Leonard Levitan, Co-Founder
       c/o Barry Howard Limited                          c/o Levitan Design
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                                   Dr. Robert Jacobson
                                   c/o Bluefire Consulting
                                   4324 N. Rillito Creek Place
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