INDEPENDENCE DRAGON BOAT REGATTA
                                         VENDOR AGREEMENT AND INDEMNITY FORM

This agreement, dated _____________________ by and between the Independence Dragon Boat Regatta (IDBR) and
____________________________________________________________ (Vendor) states as follows:
    I.         Vendor agrees:
               1.   To be completely set-up by 8:00 AM on Saturday, June 6th in the space assigned to Vendor by IDBR.
               2.   To breakdown after 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 6th, and exit the site by 6:00 PM.
               3.   To obtain all permits and licenses required by the City Philadelphia. Philadelphia City inspectors will be checking
                    all vendors for appropriate licenses and permits, and will shut down unlicensed vendors. Vendors who do not have a
                    permanent City of Philadelphia Business Privilege License must obtain a Temporary Vendor Permit License.
                    Additionally the City requires food vendors to possess current and valid Health Department Certifications; these
                    must be obtained and displayed.
               4.   To provide a copy of a certificate of insurance indicating that Vendor is insured with a minimum of $1,000,000
                    public liability, and naming the Independence Dragon Boat Regatta, the Fairmount Park Association, the
                    Philadelphia Dragon Boat Association, and the City of Philadelphia as additional insured.
               5.   To pay all vendor fees by June 1, 2009. Vendor understands that all fees are non-refundable.
               6.   To abide by all City of Philadelphia ordinances and Fairmount Park Rules and Regulations.
               7.   To park vehicles only in the designated vendor parking area, and to not drive on grass.
               8.   If vendor is delivering materials or equipment to the site on Friday, June 5th, to do so between the hours of 12:00 PM
                    and 5:00 PM, and to secure same at night. The IDBR will not be providing security, so Vendor agrees that neither
                    the IDBR nor the City of Philadelphia is responsible for anything vendor leaves out, or other items left unsecured,
                    which are taken or blown away.
               9.   To break down and flatten boxes and put bags of trash in front of Vendor area, so they can be picked by the Grounds
                    Crew. Under no circumstances can anything be thrown into the Schuylkill River.
               10. The IDBR cannot guarantee the amount of sales or attendance volume on the day of the Regatta. The IDBR will not
                    refund any fees to Vendor under any circumstances.
    II.        IDBR agrees to provide to the Vendor:
               1.   A 10’ x 10’ space in the Vendor area. This does not include tent, electricity, tables, or chairs. Should Vendor require
                    any of these items, Vendor should so note below.
    III.       During the term of this agreement Vendor assumes all risks incident to or in connection with the permitted activity and
               shall be solely responsible for damage or injury, of whatever kind or nature, to person or property, directly or indirectly
               arising out of or in connection with the operation of the Vendor’s concession. Vendor also certifies that the information
               on this application is true to the best of his knowledge and to comply with the rules and regulations herein set forth.
               Vendor further understands that failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in their concession being
               shut down.

           Print Name ______________________________ Signature ______________________________________
           Address _______________________________________________________________________________
           Office Phone _________________ Cell _________________ Email ________________________________
           Check any that applies:
           Vendor level:               __ Bronze ($250)                    __ Silver ($350)                     __ Gold ($500)

           Please provide:   __ 10’ x 10’ tent ($250)         __ Table and 2 Chairs ($25)           __ 110v Electric ($25)
 Agreement and check made payable to IDBR, 137 N.11 Street, Philadelphia, PA19107 are due by June 1, 2009.

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