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Nanocluster Deposition Systems Nanocluster Source MesoQ Quadrupole mass filter by Buick


									Nanocluster Deposition Systems

 Nanogen50 Nanocluster Source
 MesoQ      Quadrupole mass filter
 NanoSys500 Deposition System

At Mantis Deposition we offer a              the emergent beam. The unique
complementary range of instruments for       configuration of the condensation zone
the deposition and characterisation of       also maximises the ratio of nanoparticles
nanoparticles. Our instruments allow         to carrier gas entering the main
precise beams of size-selected               deposition chamber. The source can be
nanoparticles to be generated from           supplied with user-selectable refinement
almost any elemental or alloy base           zones to suit particular applications.
material. In addition, reactive particle     Nanoparticles can be generated with as
generation allows oxide or nitride           few as 30 atoms up to those with
compound nanoclusters to be deposited.       diameters exceeding 15nm.
We can offer instruments for retrofit to
                                             Soft Landing
existing vacuum chambers or complete
                                             Growing particles in the condensation
system solutions for nanoparticle film
                                             zone undergo numerous collisions with the
                                             cold carrier gas in the condensation zone,
                                             ensuring that the emerge from the source
                                             with low energy. - typically less than 0.1
                                             eV per atom in the nanocluster. This
                                             allows ‘soft-landing’ of the particles in
                                             the substrate, which results in the
                                             particles retaining their crystalline
                                             characteristics. This deposition method
                                             lends itself to the fundamental study of
NanoGen50 Nanocluster source
                                             nanoparticles or for generating
The NanoGen50 nanocluster source uses
                                             nanoparticulate films of precise
a unique high-pressure sputtering source
to generate nanoparticles within a
condensation zone. These nanoparticles
                                             Energetic Impact
emerge from the source in a well-defined
                                             If magnetron sputtering is used as the
beam and can be directed towards a
                                             vapour generating source, a high degree
substrate for deposition or
                                             of nanocluster ionisation can be achieved
                                             without recourse to secondary ionisation
Multi-zone refinement                        processes. This allows a significant
The gas flow characteristics within the      fraction of the particles to be accelerated
condensation zone ensures refinement of      or manipulated. If the clusters are given
the size distribution of the beam to allow   low to moderate energy, this effect can
precise definition of the particle size in
be used to implant nanoparticles into surfaces
                                                   definition to be achieved. When used in
for adherent nanoparticulate films. If higher
                                                   conjunction with the Nanogen source, the
energy is used (upwards of 5eV per atom
                                                   MesoQ allows high-throughput in filter mode as
typically) the nanoparticles spread on impact
                                                   a high proportion of the beam is naturally
and form a highly adherent and smooth film on
                                                   ionised. In conventional quarupole devices, the
almost any surface. Since the energy is
                                                   gases to be analysed must first be ionised prior
inherent in the nanoparticles, self-annealing
                                                   to entry into the filter. The MesoQ is supplied as
takes place without the need for elevated
                                                   standard with software control for analysis from
substrate temperatures. This technique can
                                                   a windows-based PC.
also be used to fill high aspect-ratio holes or
vias.                                              Deposition Sources
                                                   Mantis can offer additional deposition sources
Compound Nanoclusters                              for sample preparation or growth from its
Compound nanoclusters such as oxides or            selection of in-house deposition instruments or
nitrides can be grown by adding a small            can incorporate sources at the user’s request.
amount of the reactive gas to the
                                                   E-beam Evaporators
carrier/sputtering gas.                            Mantis offers mini e-beam evaporators for thin-
                                                   film deposition of refractory metals or high-
                                                   temperature ceramics. These instruments are
MesoQ Quadrupole Mass filter/analyser
                                                   intended for low-dose, high-control
The MesoQ quadrupole mass filter can be used
                                                   applications. Alternatively, more powerful e-
in-line with the NanoGen-50 to analyse and
                                                   beam evaporators can be equipped to coat
further filter the nanoparticle beam with
                                                   larger areas.
throughput up to 106 amu. The quadrupole has
an ultimate size resolution of better than 2% in   RF Ion Sources
                                                   The Mantis RF ion sources can be used to impart
                                                   kinetic energy to a growing film or to etch the
                                                   film if desired. The sources provide a broad,
                                                   uniform beam in the range 0-1keV with high
                                                   current density.

                                                   Atomic Oxygen, nitrogen sources
                                                   The MATS series RF atom sources can be used to
                                                   generate atomic oxygen or nitrogen for in-situ
                                                   growth of oxide or nitride films. The emerging
                                                   nanoclusters can also be exposed to the atomic
filtering mode, allowing precise particle size
                                                   beam in order to give an oxide or nitride
Nanogen50                                                         MesoQ


                                    330mm                                           340mm

  Mounting flange        NW150CF / 8”                             Mounting flange       NW150CF / 8”
  In vacuum length       0                                        In vacuum length      0
  Cluster range          1-15nm    (material dependent)           Resolution            ~2%
  Size variation         +/-5%   (flow/power dependent)           Mass range            2 - 106 a.m.u.
  Deposition rate        6 Angstroms/s      (Max.)                PC Interface          A/D   (Software included)

  Gas flow               5-100 sccm Ar/He
  Cooling                Water / Ln2

  Full NanoGen Automation -          The NanoGen50 can be offered with full automation including
                                      motorised linear feed, power control and gas control. The
                                      parameters can be controlled via a PC interface using a
                                      standard A/D I/O card for user-defined code. Alternatively,
                                      Mantis can supply control software and hardware for PC-based
                                      automation. The NanoGen software interfaces with the MesoQ
                                      software for a complete solution.
  Beam Steering      -                The source can be fitted with beam-steering plates for
                                     manipulation of the ionic content of the beam

  OTHER: Manual Teardrop Shutter, Automated Teardrop Shutter.

      For full specifications of other deposition components, please contact Mantis
                             Sample Manipulator
                             (2” samples, rotation, 800C heating)
                                                                               Only relevant ports shown for clarity

                                                                                  Quadrupole        Nanocluster source
                                                                                  mass filter

                                                                                                                   500 l/s
                                                                                                                   differential pump

        1000 l/s main pump

                                                                    Deposition Ports
                                                                    (only two shown)

                                                                                                coupled linear/rotary transfer arm to
                                                                                                transport samples to the main chamber.
                                                                                                Optionally, a sample-holder carousel can be
Main Chamber
The main chamber in the standard                                                                included to allow multiple samples to be
NanoSys500 is of a spherical construction                                                       loaded in the load-lock chamber.
with all port axes passing through the centre-
                                                                                                Sample Manipulator
point. The chamber has internal welds and is                                                    The NanoSys500 uses a proven sample
internally polished to minimise outgassing.                                                     manipulator with 2” sample capacity, 50 rpm
Numerous ports are provided for deposition                                                      rotation speed, heating up to 800 degrees
components, with empahisis on below-                                                            centigrade and linear movement in the port
horizontal alignment to accomodate                                                              axis as standard. Additionally, sample bias
instruments which use crucibles to contain                                                      and unique custom mounting arrangements
evaporant, such as effusion cells. The                                                          can be incorporated at customer request.
chamber can optionally be equipped with
removable cross-contamination shielding in                                                      System Evacuation
applications where high rates of deposition                                                     The system uses turbodrag pumps with dry
are required.                                                                                   backing pumps as standard, enabling
The main chamber design can be configured                                                       pressures in the low 10-9 or 10-10 torr to be
according to customer requirements                                                              achieved. Alternative pumping systems can
                                                                                                be incorporated at customer request.
Sample Entry
In the basic system, sample entry can be                                                        Growth Monitoring
made through a quick-load hinged door (o-                                                       The system can be equipped with a
ring sealed). For true UHV applications it is                                                   retractable, UHV quartz-crystal monitor to
necessary to use a sample-entry load lock.                                                      allow accurate determination of the film
The Mantis load-lock uses a magnetically-                                                       growth rate at the sample position.
  NanoSys500 (Standard)

Chamber                                           Other
Construction            Spherical, UHV            Bakeout           Internal
Port focus              Centre of sphere          Electronics       19” cabinet-mounted
Ports                   1   x   NW250CF           Gauging           Ion Gauge/Pirani
                        3   x   NW200CF
                                                                    2 - 106 a.m.u.
                        3   x   NW100CF
                        4   x   NW63CF
                        6   x   NW35CF
                        2   x   NW19CF

Main Pump               1000 ls-1 Turbodrag       Options
Differential            500 ls-1 Turbodrag
Pump (NanoGen)                                    Load-lock
Backing Pumps           Dry pumps (scroll)
                                                  Pumping           70 ls-1 Turbo

Manipulator                                       Mounting          NW100CF

Sample Mount            Suitable for 2” samples   Transfer          Ion Gauge/Pirani

Rotation                50 rpm                    Film Monitoring
Heating                 To 800 C                  QCM               UHV-compatible,
Z-Travel                                                            water-cooled quartz-
                                                                    crystal monitor

                                                  Automation        Please contact Mantis
                                                                    for full automation

MANTIS Deposition Ltd
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Tel (UK): +44 1844 260160
Fax (UK): +44 1844 260421

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