The NearField Communication (NFC) Technology Roadmap by fad10689

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									The Near Field Communication (NFC)
Technology Roadmap

Steffen Steinmeier, Global Business Development Manager
NXP Semiconductors

March 2006
NXP Semiconductors
NXP Semiconductors – Reborn and Renewed

 Spin-out of Royal Philips Electronics’
 Semiconductor Division
 #2 in Europe, Top-10 global supplier
 Sales of € 4.96 Bln in 2006
 38000 employees
 Investing 1 bn in R&D annually
 83% of our engineers are in Europe
 25,000 patents
 Innovation Centers in Austria, France,
 Germany, Netherlands, UK
NXP Semiconductor Solutions drive markets

   –   Digital TV and video processing made affordable
   –   Picture quality
   –   Interconnectivity, media content from all sources
   –   Ease of use
   – Mobile Services, vibrant multimedia applications
   – Lowest power consumption
   – Thinnest/smallest products
   – Comfort and safety through sensors and Flexray networks
   – Car infotainment
   – Automotive Quality
   – Privacy and security
   – Contactless payment, access and identification
 MultiMarket Semiconductors
   – Sustainability and price
NFC Technology & Applications
NFC Technology at a Glance

 Short-range (~ 10 cm), 13,56 MHz secure
 contactless technology
 Standardized in ISO 18092, ECMA and ETSI
 Compatible with existing ISO 14443 contactless
 cards & reader infrastructure
 Reader and card mode modes possible in same
 Device-device connectivity
 Data exchange rate up to 424kbit/sec
   NFC Applications in Mobile Phones

    Transactions                       Access to
                                       public transport:
     everywhere:                       Mobile phone
    Mobile phone
                                       = transport card
          = POS

Service Discovery
          Take info                    Transactions
       from poster:
     Mobile phone                      Mobile phone
   = ticket counter                    = debit card

     Transactions                      Exchange
   Access Control:                     information
Mobile phone = key                     Mobile phone
                                        = electronic
                                       business card
NFC Applications in Computing and
Consumer Electronics
                                    Quick and secure
                                    WLAN set-up

Secure Payment

                                Enable quick and easy
                                long range data transfer
NFC based Contactless Mobile
Payment Solutions
Contactless Payment Market Development
M pcs. contactess smart cards p.a.
                                                 Main Drivers
                                                 • Fast & convenient
                                                 • Increase customer loyalty
                                                 • Combination with other applications
 300                                              on existing infrastructure
       2005   2006   2007   2008   2009   2010
                                                 Main Deployments
                                                 • Paypass/VISAwafe in the US
         Contactless Smart Cards
                                                 • T-Money Korea
         High end Contact Cards
                                                 • Suica/Edy Japan
         Midend Contact Cards
                                                 • Various closed systems for stadiums
         Low end Contact Cards
Application Potency Evaluation*            True +
                                          Fresh +
                                        Exciting +
                             Relevant (Identify) +
                             Relevant (Improve) +
Teste Insights
      One way
payment method
   Easy Sharing
Payment without
     Easy take,
 annotate, store

                     Off                               On
                   Message                           Message
                                                     + Clear
                                                     + Diagnostics


                                                       * Executed by
                                                       Brainjuicer in Dec. 06
                                                       and based on norms of
                                                       Country specific
                                                       Insight tests

Successes in NFC based mobile contactless
payment realizations
 South Korea - SK Telecom mobile payment trial in
 05/06, deployment planned mid 07
 Malaysia mobile payment trial with Visa in 06
 Shanghai Yaohan department store mobile payment
 trial with CUP in Q3-06
 Cellular South to Launch Multi-City Wireless Wallet
 Consumer Trial with Prototype Kyocera Device and
 Cutting-edge NFC Technology by August 07, ramp
 up planned for end 2007
 Netherlands – J/Speedy trial 06
 France, Caen multi application trial in 06 results in
 start of Pegasus project for mobile services
 deployment in France by 08
Technology Roadmap
NFC Devices available

                         SAMSUNG           SAMSUNG
                           D500             Onyx 700                      BENQ
                                                                          M 700

  3220    6131

                                                                 NFC                Axia NFC PDA

                        Windows OS   Palm OS
                                               Windows OS         NFC
                              PHONES              PDAS          SD CARD

          Philips NFC                          WDI SD cards                       eNetMouse
              2006 : a variety of technical solutions
Secure NFC Architecture in Mobile Phones

 Secure element          SD or MMC card hosting   SIM centric solution
 embedded in the phone   the application

     Application             Application                Application
     processor               processor                  processor

                          SD or
     SE                   MMC

    NFC                     NFC                                 NFC
                  2006 a variety of technical solutions
    Standardization of: SIM – NFC Interface


                                    SIM-NFC connection through
                                    single wired interface

SIM-NFC contactless interface currently in standardization process
driven by ETSI
 – Physical layer for Single Wire Protocol
 – Host Control Interface for ISO stack partitioning
Flexible NFC front end solution required to guaranty standard
 Scalable NFC Solutions to meet different
 market requirements            Combination of the connectivity of
                                                 NFC and the security of Smart
  Suited for devices where                       Card ICs
  the host takes over much of
  the NFC protocol handling

                                         Module: NFC front end with
                NFC front end            microcontroller and secure
                  PN51X                          controller

          NFC front end with
                                          Standalone secure smart
                                               card controller
       PN53X, PN54X (2nd generation)

Suited for devices where the host
involvement is low in the NFC protocol
handling. Have embedded firmware
Vertical Integration of NFC H/W – S/W

    NFC Applications           Java Application       Native application

  NFC Forum Reference            NFC Forum          Interoperability between
    Implementation           Functions & Services      Services & Devices
     [NFC-FRI Product]

                               Common API to           High level API
Hardware Abstraction Layer    abstract NXP NFC           supporting
       [HAL Product]            HW interfaces       NFC P2P & R/W modes

      NFC Hardware            PN51X & PN53X                 PN54X
Integration of NFC Forum Technology

Secure Element Requirements

 High Security Smart Card IC platform required
 Crypto Co-Processors for fast symmetric and asymmetric crypto
 algorithm support (3DES, AES and PKI like RSA and ECC)
 Tamper resistant design
 Sufficient Non Volantile Memory for application code & data
 Compliant to the international standards likeEMV96, EMV2000,
 EUROPAY CQM, ETSI TS 102 221, 3GPP TS 51.011, GSM 11.1x
 Global Platform compliant to enable JavaCard™ Operating System
 SWP/HCI support for SIM-centric solutions
                                3rd party OS
                    Mifare OS
                    FeliCa OS


Type A / Mifare                                Type B / 3rd Party
                  FeliCa Application
  Application                                     Application
The road ahead
Next Steps of NFC Technology Developments

 ETSI Standard for SWP/HCI for SIM – NFC solutions
 Further integration and reduction of size
 Development of Combo Solutions with Bluetooth, FM Radio,
 NFC H/W integration in new handset platforms from Low Cost to 3G,
 NFC H/W integration in PC/CE market
NFC evolution and next steps

2002   Philips and Sony invent NFC
2004   NFC Forum established
2005   First usability studies and trials become prominent
       First commercial phone available
2006   NFC Forum reaches 100+ members
       NFC field trials and first close system deployments in all regions
2007   NFC specification on most high-medium end phones, several commercial
       device releases and first commercial project roll outs in at least two regions
2008   Commercial roll outs in all regions
2010   NFC in > 30% of phones

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