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					                Newsletter                   FRIENDS of SALISBURY
                                            AREA YOUNG MUSICIANS
                                                    Registered Charity No: 1129482

                                Dates for your Diary
          Saturday June 26th                        Saturday July 10th
St. Edmund’s School will not be                    End of term concerts:
available to SAYM as the school will be
celebrating an important anniversary.      St. Edmund’s School at 9.30am
We expect to spread our groups             Beginner Strings, Junior Strings,
between St. Mark’s Junior and St.          Intermediate Strings, Childrens Choir,
Martin’s Primary but watch out for         Junior Recorders, Music, Movement
further information nearer the time.       and Recorder Class

        Saturday June 26th                 St. Martin’s School at 10.30am
Intermediate Band play at St. Martin’s     Intermediate Wind Band
School Summer Fair; 2-4pm.
                                           St. Edmund’s School at 11.15am
         Friday June 25 to      th
                                           Training Wind Band, Junior Wind
          Sunday June 27th                 Band, Intermediate and Senior
String chamber music residential           Recorders, Youth Choir
course at Braeside.

             Young Jazz                              Sunday July 11th
There will be a Young Jazz concert at      Salisbury Youth Orchestra and Senior
the end of June or beginning of July,      Wind Band concert at the City Hall;
details TBA                                4pm

                  First SAYM sessions of the Summer Term 2010

          Monday April 19th ~ Percussion Ensemble at SAYM, St. Martin’s
            Wednesday April 21st ~ Senior Wind Band at St. Martin’s
             Thursday April 22nd ~ Young Jazz at SAYM, St. Martin’s
           Friday April 23rd ~ Salisbury Youth Orchestra at St. Martin’s

                 Saturday April 24th ~ all SAYM Saturday groups
                  at St. Edmund’s, St. Martin’s and Rock School

SAYM Newsletter ~ Summer 2010
          SAYM Office Move                  new financial year. The exact date will
At the end of the Spring Term, the          be in the next Newsletter.
SAYM Office moved to our mobile
classroom at St. Martin’s School,           Moving up through the ensembles
while essential maintenance is carried      Most SAYM Ensembles do not
out to Grosvenor House. At the time         require auditions to join but have
of writing it looks like we will be there   guidelines as to the age or standard
for the rest of the year - please see       of members. Exceptions to this are
the panel on the back page for our          the Salisbury Youth Orchestra, Senior
new address. We hope our telephone          Wind Band, Young Jazz 1, Percussion
number will stay the same.                  Ensemble and Rock School where
                                            entry is through an informal audition
Rock School sessions will move to           or subject to spaces being available.
the Salisbury Youth Development             It is important, however, that SAYM
Centre (124 Wilton Road - on the            members don’t move up too soon.
corner with on New Zealand Avenue)          Please talk to your existing ensemble
but we hope they will be back in            director about moving so that we
Grosvenor House, probably using             make sure that you are in the right
the Bass Connections studios, by the        group. Grade examinations are not a
middle of May.                              very accurate guide to the ensemble
                                            ability of a musician - it can often be
      Subscriptions and Gift Aid            more of a challenge to play ensemble
Once again, many thanks to all of you       parts than a solo piece and rehearsals
who paid your SAYM subscriptions            tend to be rather longer and more
promptly after Christmas. It really         tiring than most players’ practice
does help keep our administration           sessions!
overheads to a minimum if we don’t
have to chase missing subscriptions              Tour to Xanten in July 2011
and if you all return the data check        Following our very successful trip in
form with your payment (putting             July 2008, the SYO, Senior Wind Band
the name(s) of the member(s)                and Young Jazz 1 are in the early
on the back of the cheque acts as           stages of planning a return in 2011.
another way of ensuring we apply the        This means that we need to fix the
payment to the correct family).             membership of these groups for next
Many thanks also to the vast majority       September during the summer term,
of you who have filled in Gift Aid          if at all possible, so please talk to Mr.
forms. This will enable us to keep          Parsons, Mr. Priestley or Mr. Walker
any subscription rise to an absolute        if you are interested in joining one
minimum. If the Gift Aid check box on       of these groups and want to come to
the subscription form is not checked,       Germany with us.
it means that we have not had a
completed Gift Aid form from that           Tours such as this are not cheap and
specific parent. If that is the case,       so we would like to hear from any
you need to fill in a Gift Aid form, just   parents interested in helping with a
ticking the box is not enough for the       fund raising committee, or who have
Tax Authorities.                            any ideas that we can use (this is not
                                            just for tours - any fund raising ideas
The AGM of the Friends will be in           for SAYM will be warmly welcomed by
October in future to fit in with our        the Friends committee!).
SAYM Newsletter ~ Summer 2010
               Leavers                    else who does, then please think
The end of the summer term is when        about joining or publicising these
we say goodbye to SAYM members            groups. The Senior Recorders has a
who are going on to higher education,     selection of tenor and bass recorders
the world of work or are leaving          to use as well as the usual treble and
us for other reasons. Often these         descant instruments.
young musicians, and their parents,
have been loyal members for many                        Polo Shirts
years and have worked their way up        The Tuck Shops/Help Desks are very
through our ensemble progression.         happy to take in used SAYM polo
We wish all of our ex members the         shirts for resale. We sold a lot of new
very best in the future and hope          shirts in preparation for the City Hall
that they continue to make music          concerts in March and many of these
wherever they are.                        must have been for members who
                                          had outgrown their old one. Please
If you are leaving SAYM, no matter        help us help others, and fund raise,
when during the year, it would be         by returning your old shirts. New
a great help if you could tell us so      SAYM polo shirts are £8, second hand
that we don’t send you subscription       ones, when available, are £4.
reminders and put you on the
ensemble registers.                             Message from the Chair
                                          My fellow committee members
 Endangered Species Instruments           suggested that I write an occasional
We have three tubas and two               piece for inclusion in the newsletter,
bassoons available for beginners.         on a topical subject that we have
These instruments are perfect for         been considering.
players who are already members of
SAYM and want to progress rapidly on      Have you ever thought you would like
an instrument that is in short supply.    to be involved with or do something
Loan of these expensive instruments       useful for SAYM, but feel you don’t
is FREE. Lessons take place on            have the time or skills that are
Wednesday evenings at St. Martin’s        appropriate? We have been toying
School and are in groups to keep the      with an idea that may appeal to some
costs down and enjoyment levels up.       of you, either individually, as a group
Pupils taking up these instruments are    or perhaps as a company or business.
expected to join suitable ensembles
as soon as possible and we expect         Next to instrument costs, the largest
them to rise rapidly through the          financial outlay that we make is often
groups. If you are interested in taking   in purchasing sheet music. As you
up one of these instruments, please       will know from trips to local music
contact the SAYM Office.                  shops, buying a book of exercises or
                                          tunes is not cheap. Over the years,
         Focus on Recorder                the repertoire at SAYM has tended
SAYM has three recorder ensembles         to stagnate, mainly due to the costs
that meet on Saturday mornings at         involved. So, we thought it might be
St. Edmund’s, playing a wide variety      fun to offer musical pieces that could
of music. The recorder is a real          be ‘sponsored’, either by individuals,
instrument in it’s own right so if you    groups or businesses. It could be a
play the recorder, or know someone        present for someone, or to remember
SAYM Newsletter ~ Summer 2010
a loved one, or just because you like     me in welcoming her into the family
the music and would love to hear          that is SAYM.
SAYM play it. I did just that myself,
and sponsored the opening theme           Ian Preece, Chair, Friends of SAYM
from ‘Chicken Run’, as I thought it
was a great musical score, and I
                                                      SAYM Website
thought the SAYM’ers would have
fun playing it. Naturally, every
                                          This web site has copies of the
time we would play the piece, an
                                          Activities Leaflet, the latest
acknowledgement would appear in the
                                          Newsletter, Term Dates, details of
concert programme, or at the start
                                          the Friends Committee, forthcoming
of the piece(if that was appropriate).
                                          concerts and late breaking news
So, if this idea appeals to you, please
                                          (especially important if we have
get in touch with either myself or Rob
                                          inclement weather).
Priestley for an informal chat. Thank
                                          There are also links to the SAYM
                                          group site on Yahoo, which has many
                                          photographs of SAYM activities,
  Friends Association appoints a          instruments for sale and opportunities
                 Patron                   to communicate with other SAYM
The Friends of SAYM (reg. Charity         members. This group is moderated
No: 1129482) have been keen to            and you need to be an SAYM member
appoint a Patron to inspire and           to join. When you apply to join,
encourage our young musicians and         please tell us who you are and include
provide a role model for all that is      the phrase [in the printed version only] .
good in music making, whatever the
instrument or capability. After much              Very advance notice
thought and many suggestions, a           The City Hall concerts in 2011 will
very suitable person came to the fore.    be on Sunday April 3rd, 2011. Make
Someone local, with a wealth of talent    a note to put the date in your diary
and musical experience gained in a        when you get your 2011 one!
long career, including television, live
concert performances and recordings.
                                          Salisbury Area Young Musicians
Can you guess who it may be? No?
Well, I am very pleased to announce
that the first Patron of the Friends of           Friends of SAYM
SAYM is Rosemary Squires, the well
known and very talented singer and             St Martin’s Primary School
performer, who lives right here in                    Shady Bower
Salisbury.                                              Salisbury
                                                         SP1 2RG
I think this is a wonderful                    01722 334032 (Tel./Fax.)
endorsement of what SAYM is all   
about, and the fact that Rosemary
was so keen to let her name be             
associated with us is really special.
We hope to see Rosemary at many of
our events (professional engagements
allowing) and I feel sure you will join
SAYM Newsletter ~ Summer 2010