Australia's Hydrogen Technology Roadmap

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					Australia's Hydrogen Technology Roadmap

                      Note: The Australia
                      Government is in Caretaker
                      Period due to the election
                      on 24 October

 23 October 2007
 Rohan Tepper
 Department of Industry Tourism and Resources
 Australian Government
• The Roadmap is being developed for the Council of
  Australian Governments (COAG).

• Australia's approach to hydrogen technology
          – Hydrogen is a global technology
          – Enthusiastic about international co-operation to
            meet challenges and opportunities
          – No specific policies or programs
          – No direct intervention in industry development
          – Rely on generic programs and science and
            innovation policies.
Australian Hydrogen Technology Activities
• Perth Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Trial in

• National Hydrogen Materials Alliance
      Research and Development in Universities

• National Hydrogen Study 2003

• Australian Hydrogen Activity Statement 2005

• Research and Development in Universities

• World Hydrogen Energy Conference 2008
Scope and Objectives of the Roadmap
Examine the issues which will affect the development
 of hydrogen technology in Australia.

Two overarching objectives to:
• Assess the strengths and opportunities of Australia's
  hydrogen technology research capabilities compared
  to international research;

• Identify options for the role of Australia governments
  in the emergence of a future hydrogen economy, and
  the economic case for each of these options.
Roadmap development process

• Develop issues discussion paper

• Stakeholder Workshops

• Interview experts and key stakeholders

• Analysis of the economics of hydrogen technology
  in Australia

• Input from IPHE/IEA joint project

• Feedback on draft roadmap
Issues for consideration in the Roadmap

How are issues in the development of Hydrogen
  technology specific to Australia:
• Research and development capabilities
• Rate of technology uptake
• Governments' role and policy setting
• Infrastructure development
• Regulation
• Market forces
• Influence of international development of hydrogen
Time Frame
September   – Begin Development
October     – Release Discussion Paper
November    – Stakeholder workshops
February    – Draft Roadmap
            – Final Stakeholder Workshop
March       – Completed Roadmap
April       – Roadmap presented to COAG
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