The Family the Vital Cell of Society (PDF) by FaithfulInThe8th


									The Family, the Vital Cell of Society
As per Chapter 5 of the            “Faced with theories that          complementarities, needs &
Compendium of the Social           consider gender identity as        mutual support between the
Doctrine of the Church, “The       merely the cultural and            sexes are lived out'….
family,      the       natural     social    product     of     the   responsibility for protecting
community in which human           interaction    between       the   and promoting the family as
social nature is experienced,      community         and        the   a     fundamental       natural
makes     a    unique       and    individual, independent of         institution,   precisely     in
irreplaceable contribution to      personal sexual identity           consideration of its vital and
the good of society....The         without any reference to the       essential aspects, falls to the
family possesses inviolable        true meaning of sexuality,         whole of society….
rights     &     finds       its   the Church does not tire of
legitimization in human            repeating     her    teaching:     “Marriage is not a simple
nature and not in being            'Every-one, man and woman,         agreement to live together
recognized by the State....        should acknowledge and             but a relationship with a
                                   accept his sexual identity.        social dimension that is
                                   Physical, moral and spiritual      unique with regard to all
                                   difference                  and    other relationships, since the
                                   complementarities            are   family…is     the    principal
                                   oriented towards the goods         instrument for making each
                                   of     marriage    and       the   person grow in an integral
                                   flourishing of family life. The    manner and integrating him
                                   harmony of the couple and of       positively into social life....
                                   society depends in part on
                                   the way in which the
“Homosexual persons are to be fully respected in their human dignity & encouraged to follow God's
plan with particular attention in the exercise of chastity. This duty calling for respect does not justify
the legitimization of behaviour that is not consistent with moral law, even less does it justify the
recognition of a right to marriage between persons of the same sex & its being considered equivalent
to the family….
        [In contrast to Church teaching, Patrick Murphy’s 1/9/07 interview on NPR’s Morning Edition….]

“All programmes of economic assistance aimed at financing campaigns of sterilization and
contraception, as well as the subordination of economic assistance to such campaigns, are to be
morally condemned as affronts to the dignity of the person and the family. The answer to questions
connected with population growth must instead by sought in simultaneous respect both of sexual
morals and of social ethics….

   [In contrast to Church teaching, this is to be found at <>.]

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