Document Sample
                           TRIM Context – TOWER Software’s electronic document and
                           records management solution – enables a Department of Energy
                           National Laboratory to reallocate $1 million in labor costs toward
                           scientific progress.

                           TOWER Software and its value-added-reseller EDRM Solutions
                           began a relationship with the Department of Energy through one
                           of itsNational Laboratories over 5 years ago. To meet national
                           science and technological objectives the lab stores, secures and
                           controls information and data from the Department of Energy,
                           Department of Defense and the National Archives and Records
                           Administration. The lab was in search of an information
                           management solution to provide desktop access to their records,
                           reduce the risk of losing non-paper based data and to enhance
                           technology advances of information management through their IT
                           department. TRIM was implemented to manage the labs
                           information as well as improve business processes throughout
                           the lab.

                           TRIM Solution
                           Today, the lab’s TRIM database includes 200+ end users and over
                           1.2 million records (the equivalent of over 975 paper boxes!)
                           resulting in significant savings in storage space, labor reallocation
TRIM Context –             and process improvement.
TOWER Software’s           Applications of TRIM Context for DOE Lab
electronic document &
records management         Business Processes
solution – enables a       Document Control
Department of Energy       TRIM Context provides powerful features which allow documents
National Laboratory to     to be routed, tracked, secured and maintained under tight
reallocate $1 million in   controls which meet DoD 5015.2 and DOE-STD-4001-2000
labor costs toward         Standards. Utilizing TRIM’s action tracking functions this lab can
                           track the receipt of documents, audit events and respond to
scientific progress.       regulatory requirements.

                           Project Management
                           Management of project documents is simple with TRIM Context.
                           Documents created at a users desktop can be immediately
                           captured and stored in the TRIM repository. Because documents
                           are captured at the source, security and retention schedules can
                           be applied to documents immediately. Documents are captured
                           into the repository and cataloged according to the structured file
                           plan ensuring critical intellectual property and corporate
                           knowledge is properly maintained and secured. TRIM Context can
                           easily manage all project documents in a single interface and
                           repository including email, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint as
                           well as physical records such as lab notebooks and boxes of
    Property and Equipment Tracking
    While TRIM Context has been designed to track electronic documents as well
    as physical documents, organizations continually find new items to manage
    with TRIM’s flexible functionality. This lab utilizes TRIM’s ability to manage
    physical items in the same method as managing electronic records to meet the
    labs requirement for property and equipment tracking.
    With the use of bar code scanners and TRIM’s check in/out functions aligned
    with the locations table this lab maintains accurate control over all property
    including removable hard drives, chairs, tables, computers, lab equipment and
    other intellectual or secured property. This lab is also able to audit the users of
    equipment and to be notified if a security breach occurs.

    Lab Records Management
    Ensuring the accurate maintenance of lab records is a critical function for this
    lab for business continuity. TRIM Context allows this lab to accurately maintain
    the location, security and disposition of lab test and results. TRIM also provides
    a powerful search tool that allows other scientist to quickly find research that
    may have already been completed among their colleagues avoiding duplication
    of efforts and reducing time to market for projects.

    Contracts Management
    This lab utilizes TRIM for the management of archived contracts. TRIM
    Context’s combination functionality — the interlacing of its workflow, electronic
    document management, check in/out, document assembly, extensive
    metadata, records management and simple user interface — make it an
    perfect solution for contract process management. TRIM allows authorized
    users to quickly identify a contract’s status, without having to track down
    documents, people or additional information about the history of the
    document. TRIM manages all this interlaced information in one simple

    About TOWER Software:
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