A written request for public records access will be

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					FEB. 28. 2008 10:22AM          KNOX CO COMMISSION 8 6 5 2 1 5 2038                                  NO. 8182        P. 1 / 1

KNOX COUNTY COMMISSION                                                                            KNOX COUNTY AUDITOR

               Review o Purchasing Card Charges and Expense Reimbursements
                                 Dated February 26, 2008

       Contact: Richard Walls                                             FOR IMMEDIATE RIELEASE
                (865) 215-2892
          FAX (865) 215-3001

       February 28,2008 On February 27,2008, the Ktiox County Auditor received a Public
       Records Access Request for the preliminary draft report concerning tlle review of Knox
       County purchasing card transactions. Based on the advice of the b o x County Law
       Department, the preliminary draft report is being released today.

       A written request for public records access will be required for any releases of the
       preliminary draft report.

       Knox County Auditor, Richard Walls, stated, "This request has facilitated the premature
       release o f the preliminary draf? report prior to the receipt of responses from the Mayor's
       Office and others. This impedes the audit process and the integrity of this engagement
       prior to the completion o f the final rqort. It i s not our intention to deny access to the
       preliminary draft report. However, our concern is that this i s not the final report.
       Therefore, we respectfully request the preliminary draft report not be disseminated before
       it$ completion. In addition, our office will not comment on the report until it is

       J l a ~ '19 Ciry/County Buildin. 400Main S&a * Knoxville, TN 37902-2405 (865) 2 15-2892 Fax (865)2 15-3001

                                                                02/28/2008        THU 1 0 : 1 8   [TX/RX NO 96971 a 0 0 1