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					Interim Report on IPNI Project “ Literature Review and Design of Experiments to Assess
Nitrification Inhibitors for Saskatchewan Soil Conditions”

October 20, 2008

Dr. Jeff J. Schoenau and Bethany L’Heuraux (4th year research thesis student)

Experimental Design

In August of 2008, a replicated growth chamber experiment was set up with three
nitrification inhibitor products: DMPP, DCD, and Nitrapyrin added to a nitrogen
deficient Brown Chernozemic soil (Haverhill association) collected from a wheat stubble
field in the spring of 2008. The experimental design was a completely randomized
design with four replicates of each treatment. Three rates of added urea nitrogen were
compared: 0, 100 mg N/kg of soil, and 200 mg N/kg of soil, without and with the added
inhibitors. Four replicates of each treatment were used. On one set of treatments, canola
plants were grown, and another set of treatments was prepared without plants. For the
treatments with canola plants, five canola plants (hybrid cv Invigor) were grown in the
pot for a period of five weeks, and the canola plants harvested and the dry matter yield
and nitrogen content determined. For the treatments without canola plants, cores of soil
were taken from each pot every two weeks and extracted with 2M KCl to determine soil
ammonium and nitrate content.


The growth chamber experiment has been completed and the plants harvested and all the
soils collected and processed. Literature collection on nitrification inhibitors is
underway. The plants are currently being analyzed for nitrogen content and the soils for
2MKCl. It is anticipated that plant and soil analysis will be completed over the next two
to three months and that data collation and construction of thesis will begin in early
January. Completion and publication of the thesis, which will serve as the final report, is
anticipated at the beginning of April, 2009.

From IPNI, the amount of $1,220 has already been provided in 2008 to cover costs of the
growth chamber experiment. An additional $1,500 is requested from IPNI in 2009 to
cover the costs of the plant and soil analysis, data collation, and publishing of the thesis.
Thank you to IPNI for support of this project.

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