Pets on Pathways Calgary is home to over dogs

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					Pets on Pathways
Calgary is home to over 98,000 dogs. Many of
them regularly visit our pathways with their
owners. The following regulations are in place
to help reduce hazards for both people and pets:
• All pathways in Calgary are on-leash for dogs,
  even in off-leash areas (with the exception of
  Southland Park).
• A leash must not exceed 2 meters in length
  on pathways.
• “Off-leash” does not mean out of control. You
  must keep your dog under control at all times
  in designated off-leash areas. This means your
  dog must remain within sight, and come to
  you when called.
• Leaving behind doggie doo is a definite don’t.
  Clean up after your pet.
• Dogs must not obstruct, chase or otherwise
  interfere with other pathway users.
• You cannot cycle, in-line skate or skateboard
  with a leashed dog. It’s dangerous for you and
  your dog.
• All dogs three months and older must be licensed.

                                                      The City of Calgary Contact Information:

                                                      Pathway Hotline                    268-2300
                                                                                                                                    Share the
                                                      For detailed information on the
                                                      Parks and Pathways Bylaw and the
                                                      Animal Control Bylaw, please visit
                                                      our website at
                                                      or call 3-1-1.
                                                      For information on the pathway
                                                      system, please visit our website
                                                      at                                            GPS-6349

                                                      or call 3-1-1.              
                                                                                            311-6349 911-9436

                                                                                                                   2006-0516   call 3-1-1
                                                       Pathway Behaviour
                                                       The bylaws relevant to Calgary’s pathways are
                                                       designed to ensure your safety and that of other
                                                       pathway users. The City of Calgary Parks, and Animal
                                                       & Bylaw Services are working together to increase
                                                       your awareness, knowledge and compliance with
                                                       Calgary’s pathway regulations.
                                                       Responsible pathway behaviour reduces accidents.
                                                       Always remember:
                                                       • Pay attention to and obey all signage.
                                                       • Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit
Caution, courtesy and common sense                       on Calgary’s pathways is 20km/hr.
belong on Calgary’s pathways.                          • Remain on the right hand side of a pathway,          Pathway Gear
                                                         unless passing.
                                                                                                              Responsible pathway behaviour — teamed with the
With over 500 kilometers of pathways within our        • Give an audible signal by voice or bell before       proper equipment — is your best protection. Head
                                                         passing someone.                                     injuries cause 80 per cent of all cycling deaths. Many of
city boundaries, we have the most extensive urban
                                                       • Yield to the person on your right at an              these could be prevented by simply wearing a helmet.
pathway network in all of North America right here
in Calgary. Our pathways traverse the valleys of the     uncontrolled intersection.                           For all cyclists, in-line skaters and skateboarders on
                                                       • Travel with care and attention.                      the pathways, we strongly recommend:
Bow and Elbow rivers, Nose Creek and West Nose
Creek. They also meander throughout the upland                                                                • Properly fitted helmets.
                                                       • Share the pathways.r
communities of our city.                                                                                      • Knee and wrist pads for in-line skaters and
Walking and cycling are the most popular activities
on our city’s pathways which people of all ages                                                               • Avoid using earphones or cell phones.
enjoy for exercise, recreation and/or commuting to                                                            For cyclists, the following equipment is mandatory
and from work or school. At The City of Calgary                                                               before heading out on Calgary’s pathways:
we’re committed to maintaining a high-quality,                                                                • At least one working brake.
diverse and safe multi-use pathway system for you                                                             • A working horn, bell or other signaling device.
and your family to enjoy.
                                                                                                              • Alberta’s Safety Act requires people under the age
                                                                                                                of 18 to wear an approved helmet.

 What is a pathway?                                                                                           All pathway users must be visible to others. When
                                                                                                              traveling in the dark:
 According to the bylaw, “pathway” means
                                                                                                              • Cyclists must have a head lamp, tail lamp and at least
 a multi-purpose thoroughfare controlled by                                                                     one red rear reflector.
 The City and set aside for use by pedestrians,
                                                                                                              • In-line skaters must have a light affixed to themselves.
 cyclists and persons using wheeled
 conveyances, which is improved by asphalt,                                                                   • Pedestrians and joggers should wear something
 concrete or brick, whether or not it is located
 in a Park, and includes any bridge or structure
 with which it is contiguous.