Art in the Air Warburton El Camino Real Santa by Buick


									                                                                     Santa Clara, a sprawling suburban
                                                                     town in the heart of the Silicon

                                                                     Valley, is in love with the arts. The
in the                                                               City is home to some of the giants

 Air                                                                 of the high technology industry

                                                                     and also to people from dozens of
                                                                     countries and cultures. Santa             City
                                                                     Clara supports and cherishes the

                     El Camino Real
                                                                     arts than most cities its size. From
                                                                     ballet to modern dance, choral
         San Tomas

                                                                     music to opera, and bands ranging

                       Los Padres
                                                                     from jazz to pop to punk, Santa


                                                                     Clara has it all. The City is home

                                                                     to two museums, a biennial
                                                                     sculpture show, a summer concert
                                                                     series, a beautiful library with its
                                                                     own art gallery, a performing arts
                                                                     center, and this exciting exhibit of
                                                                     banner art.

                                                                     Santa Clara's Cultural Advisory
                                    There's Art in the Air in
                                    Santa Clara!
                                                                     Commission is the sponsor of
                                                                     many City arts events. The seven
                                    We invite you to look up and
                                                                     volunteer commissioners take
                                                                     their mandate seriously. Their          Banner
                                    enjoy the third biennial Art     dual task is to advise the City
                                    In The Air exhibit of hand-      Council on matters of cultural
                                                                     funding and also to help promote
                                    painted banners, sponsored       the arts in Santa Clara by
                                    by the City of Santa Clara       organizing free concerts, a street
                                    and its Cultural Advisory        dance, and art exhibits.
                                                                     Things are looking up in Santa
                                    The remarkable exhibit of        Clara. . . there's Art in the Air!
                                    original work by local artists                                           Sponsored by
                                    hangs from light poles, high                                              the Cultural
                                    above the traffic, along                                                    Advisory
                                    historic El Camino Real                                                   Commission
                                    between Lincoln Street and
                                    Los Padres Blvd. The high-
                                    flying art show will remain            City of Santa Clara
                                                                      Cultural Advisory Commission
                                    on display now through
                                                                        1500 Warburton Avenue
                                    September 2008.                      Santa Clara, CA 95050
                                                                            (408) 615-2210
                                           New for 2008

“Trio in Bloom” by Kandy Bergquist                                               “Santa Clara Sister Cities” by Lynn Hoang

“Rise and Shine” by Terri Hill                                                   “Future Pears” by Kandy Bergquist

“Central Park” by Carol Kisler                                                   “Make a Splash” by Terri Hill

“Santa Clara Beauty” by Lyle Gillison                                            “Paint Life’s Music” by Rain Eterno

“Next Exit to Fun” by Megan Fincher        “Transformation” by Leia Langston              “Kites and Clouds” by Shannon Amidon

“Landscape with Bubbles” by Carol Kisler   “Triton Museum of Art” by Salvadore Madlaing   “Pansies” by Carol Kisler

“Dream Girls” by Michelle Feulner-Castro   “Highway 82, California” by Susan Everitt      “Santa Clara Mission 1852” by Millie Gallo
                                                                                                                                                 Some of Our

“Mission” by Dotti Cichon                  “Changing Valley 2” by Lynn Aisawa             “Mission Bell” by Dotti Cichon

“Changing Valley” by Lynn Aisawa           “Valley Spring” by Margaret Ware               “Nothing But Heartbeat” by Dora Grinnell
                                                                                                                                       Previous Designs Also on Display

“Wild Rose” by Mary Alward                 “Sky Dancers” by Martin David                  “Santa Clara” by Casey Campbell

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