Dinner Rides by keara


									Dinner Ride History
Doc     Date                Destination                     City                      Road Captains

  x   04/24/02   Center Place Restaurant           Muenster          1st group-Todd Martin 2nd Group Huck

  x   05/01/02   Angelinas                         The Colony
      05/08/02   Clark's BBQ                       Tioga             Marginal weather with lightening. Service was bad since cooks thought we would cancel w
      05/15/02   Blue Mesa Grill                   Frisco
      05/22/02   Chilies                           North Lake
      05/29/02   Cozymel's                         Grapevine         Don Riley
      06/05/02   The Praire House                  Tioga
      06/12/02   Ponder Steak House                Ponder
      06/19/02   Red Hot & Blues                   Lewisville
      06/26/02   Big Bucks                         Grapevine

      07/03/02   The Texican Grill                 Denton
      07/10/02   Joe's Crab Shack                  Grapevine
      07/24/02   Pier 121                          Lewisville Lake
      07/31/02   Joe's Crab Shack                  Grapevine
 **** 08/07/02
      08/14/02   Papa G's                          Keller
      08/21/02   Willhoites                        Grapevine
      08/28/02   Nick's Bar & Grill                The Colony

 **** 09/04/02                                     Irving
      09/11/02   Logan's Road House                Lewisville
      09/18/02   Razoo's Cajun Cafe                Irving
      09/25/02   No Frills                         Sanger
      10/02/02   Up In Smoke                       Keller
      10/09/02   Papa's BBQ                        Dallas
      10/16/02   Red Robin Burgers                 Grapevine
      10/23/02   Guero's Mexican Grill             Irving
      10/30/02   Johnny Carino's Country Italian   Irving            David Barnes & Don Riley

      11/06/02   Big Apple Cafe                    Fort Worth        Rick Sponaugle & Earl Coppinger
      11/13/02   El Matador                        Denton            Tony Madsen & Bill Bending
Dinner Ride History
Doc     Date                Destination                     City                       Road Captains

      11/20/002 Boston's                           Lewisville         Don Pliler & Bob Petitt
      11/27/02 Angelina's                          Lewisville         Don Riley & Tony Madsen
      12/04/02   Buchanan's                     Pilot Point           Rick Sponaugle & David Barnes
      12/11/02   Colter's BBQ                   Denton                Don Pliler & Bill Bending
      12/18/02   Rib Rangers                    Denton                Earl Coppinger & Bob Petitt
      12/25/02   No Dinner Ride - Christmas Day
      01/01/03   No Dinner Ride - New Year's Day
      01/08/03   Frilly's                          Denton             Bill Bending & Rick Sponaugle
      01/15/03   Don Pablos                        Lewisville         Tony Madsen & Mike Schaneman
      01/22/03   Village Grill                     Highland Village   Earl Coppinger & David Barnes
      01/29/03   Texadelphia                       Denton             Huck Morgan & Don Riley

      02/05/03   The Smokehouse                    Lewisville         David DeMore & Don Pliler
      02/12/03   Stan's Lakeview Tap House         The Colony         Bob Petitt & Craig Hall
      02/19/03   Sweet Basil                       Carrollton         David Barnes & Mike Schaneman
      02/16/03   Rodarte & Vivero                  Lewisville         Huck Morgan & Craig Hall
      03/05/03   Famous Daves                      Lewisville         David Barnes & Mike Schaneman
      03/12/03   Good Eats                         Denton             Bob Petitt & Bill Bending
      03/19/03   Christina's                       Flower Mound       Don Pliler & LeRoy Keener
      03/26/03   Applebees                         Lewisville         Don Riley & David DeMore
      04/02/03   Babe's                            Roanoke            Rick Sponaugle & James Lowery
      04/09/03   BJ's Brewery                      Lewisville         Tony Madsen & Earl Coppinger
      04/16/03   The Trail Dust                    Aubry              Bill Bending & Craig Hall
      04/23/03   Sam's Boat                        Dallas             Rain out, everybody went in cages
      04/30/03   Sweetwater Grill                  Denton             Tony Madsen & LeRoy Keener

      05/07/03   Rib Rangers                       Denton             David Barnes & Don Riley

             First Dinner Ride

ce was bad since cooks thought we would cancel when the weather turned bad.

             Big Storm with strong winds

             Per the message board

             First Halloween Ride

Very cold

Wonderful Service and Great Food

Really bad service
Lunch Rides
Doc     Date                   Destination                           City                 Road Captains

      06/20/02 Ask Craig - small resturant southside granbury                 Craig Hall - Tony Madsen

      07/27/02 Jacksons                                   Possum Kingdom Lake Don Riley

      8/17/2002 Catfish O'charlies                        Decauter            Tony Madsen Ride

      09/08/02   AE Hog Ride to Longhorn Ranch Grill      Whitesboro          Don Riley

      10/13/02   AE HOG Ride to Mongolian BBQ             Plano               Don Riley Ride

      11/1702    AE HOG Ride OK State Park Lodge          Kingston, OK        Mike Schaneman

      02/09/03   AE HOG Ride to Laredo's                  Pilot Point         Glenn Coleman

      06/08/03   AE HOG Ride to Nutt House                Granbury            Don Riley

Where to? Mentioned on message board

Rainy Day.

Great view of Lake Texhoma

Planned by Christoper Redden
Offficers and Other Matters

Doc                       Event                    Date

 x    Franchise for American Eagle H-D awarded    04/21/01              Ron & Cindy Stegall, Todd & Debi Martin, Ron "Junior" & Azu Stegall.

 x    Ground breaking on American Eagle H-D       12/01/01

 x    Opening of American Eagle H-D               04/03/02

 x    Grand Opening Celebration                   05/14/02

 x    American Eagle HOG Charter awarded          03/14/02

 x    First Road Captain Class                    06/29/02              Taught by Craig with help from Chewy McCrossen

 x    Second Road Captain Class                   11/09/02              Taught by Craig with help from Riley, Bending and Huck Morgan.

      Third Road Captain Class                    07/12/03              Taught by Craig with help from Barnes, Fuhlman, Riley, Coleman and Bending

      Fourth Road Captain Class                                         Taught by David Barnes.

                                                   Date      End of
                       Officers                  Appointed   Tenure                                   Position
      Original Officers
 x    Todd Martin                                 03/14/02   05/02/02   Director
 x    Ron "Junior" Stegal                         03/14/02   05/02/02   Assistant Director
 x    Cindy Stegall                               03/14/02   05/02/02   Treasurer
 x    Debi Martin                                 03/14/02   05/02/02   Secretary

      Officers for 2002
 x    Huck Morgam                                 05/02/02   12/31/02   Director
 x    John Swanson                                05/02/02   12/31/02   Assistant Director
 x    Rick Sponaugle                              05/02/02   12/31/02   Treasurer
 x    Cheryl Sponaugle                            05/02/02              Secretary
x   Randy Todd          05/02/02   12/31/02   Activities Officer
x   Therese Davenport   05/02/02              LOH Officer
x   Bill Davenport      05/02/02              Editor
x   Ed Underwood        05/02/02              Web Master
x   Mike Branch         05/02/02   12/31/02   Web Master
x   David Minick        05/02/02   12/31/02   Historian
x   Randy Todd          05/02/02   12/31/02   Photographer
x   Craig Hall          05/02/02              Head Road Captain
x   Lance Hendrik       05/02/02   12/31/02   Safety Officer

    Officers for 2003
x   Tony Madsen         01/01/03              Director
x   Rick Sponaugle      01/01/03   12/31/03   Assistant Director
x   Randy Todd          01/01/03   04/25/03   Treasurer
x   Debi Martin         04/25/03   12/31/03   Treasurer
x   Cheryl Sponaugle    01/01/03   12/01/03   Secretary
x   Don Riley           01/01/03   12/31/03   Activities Officer
x   Therese Davenport   01/01/03   12/31/03   LOH Officer
x   Bill Davenport      01/01/03   12/31/03   Editor
x   Ed Underwood        01/01/03              Web Master
x   Joei Madsen         01/01/03              Membership Officer
x   David Minick        01/01/03   04/01/03   Historian
x   Dave Gan            04/01/03   12/31/03   Historian
x   Marybeth Linich     01/01/03              Photographer
x   Craig Hall          01/01/03   12/31/03   Head Road Captain
x   Bill Bending        01/01/03              Safety Officer

    Officers for 2004
    Don Riley           01/01/04              Director
    Tony Madsen         01/01/04              Assistant Director
    Dave Gan            01/01/04              Treasurer
    Kellie Long         01/01/04              Secretary
    Steve Long          01/01/04              Activities Officer
    Rebecca Lane        01/01/04              LOH Officer
    Glenn Coleman       01/01/04              Editor
    Ed Underwood        01/01/04              Web Master
    Joei Madsen         01/01/04              Membership Officer
    Art Fleming                       01/01/04   Historian
    Marybeth Linich                   01/01/04   Photographer
    David Barnes                      01/01/04   Head Road Captain
    Bill Bending                      01/01/04   Safety Officer

    Officers for 2004
    Don Riley                         01/01/05   Director
    Tony Madsen                       01/01/05   Assistant Director
    Dave Gan                          01/01/05   Treasurer
    Marybeth Linich                   01/01/05   Secretary
    Mike Shaneman                     01/01/05   Activities Officer
    Rebecca Lane                      01/01/05   LOH Officer
    Glenn Coleman                     01/01/05   Editor
    Art Fleming                       01/01/05   Web Master
    Kim Christopher                   01/01/05   Membership Officer
    Mike Howell                       01/01/05   Historian
    Mike Wiley                        01/01/05   Photographer
    David Barnes                      01/01/05   Head Road Captain
    Bill Bending                      01/01/05   Safety Officer
    Karen Riley                       01/01/05   Merchandise Officer

    Chapter Meetings
x   First Chapter Meeting             04/15/02
                                                 Were there any chapter meetings between April and December?
    Second Chapter Meeting ????????   12/14/02

    Third Chapter Meeting             01/04/03

    Fourth Chapter Meeting            03/08/03   This date was taken from the calendar. Was this moved to accomodate Jefferson trip?

    Fifth Chapter Meeting             05/03/03

    Sixth Chapter Meeting             07/05/03

    Seventh Chapter Meeting           09/06/03

    Eighth Chapter Meeting            11/01/03
    Ninth Chapter Meeting       1/10/2004

    10th Chapter Meeting         3/6/2004

    11th Chapter Meeting         5/8/2004

    12th Chapter Meeting        7/3/2004

    13th Chapter Meeting        9/4/2004

    14th Chapter Meeting        11/6/2004

    15th Chapter Meeting        1/8/2005

    16th Chapter Meeting        3/5/2005

    Road Captains
x   Craig Hall - 1st R/C        First Class
x   Bob Pettit - 2nd R/C        First Class
x   Huck Morgan                 First Class
x   Tony Madsen - 4th R/C       First Class
x   Bill Bending                First Class
x   Don Riley - 3rd R/C         First Class
x   David Barnes                First Class
x   Don Pliler                  First Class
x   Earl Coppinger              First Class
x   Rick Sponaugle - 5th R/C    First Class
x   Luke Stanton                First Class

x   James Lowery               Second Class
x   LeRoy Keener               Second Class
x   Mike Schaneman             Second Class
x   David DeMore               Second Class
x   Jeremy Fulman              Second Class
x   John Giberson       Second Class
    Glenn Coleman       Second Class

    Dave Gan             Third Class
    Ted Linich           Third Class
    Bill Davenport       Third Class
    Art Fleming          Third Class
    Mike Howell          Third Class

    Glen Christopher    Fourth Class
    Jerry Steed         Fourth Class
    Steve Long          Fourth Class
    Therese Davenport   Fourth Class
    Michele Coleman     Fourth Class
    Mike Wiley          Fourth Class
    Doug Hull           Fourth Class
eman and Bending
accomodate Jefferson trip?
Other Rides and Activities

Doc      Date                            Event

  x   09/14/02   First Chapter Auction

  x   09/21/02   AE HOG Chicken run

  x   10/12/02   Gilda's Ride

  x   10/30/02   Johnny Carino's Country Italian

                 Which charities did we decide to sponser?

  x   11/02/02   Collin County Teddy Bear

  x   11/09/02   Second Road Captian Class
  x   11/09/02   Ride To The Wall

  x   11/16/02   LOH Christmas Tree Decoration

  x   12/07/02   Lewisville Toy Run

  x   12/14/02   Ride to Sandy Oaks 2 Group Home

  x   12/15/02   Tarrent County Toy Ride

  x   12/20/02   AE Hog First Christmas Party

  x   01/01/03   AE HOG First Brass Monkey Ride

      01/11/03   AE HOG First Chili Cook-Off
Other Rides and Activities

Doc      Date                         Event

      01/18/03   Boys & Girls Club First Annual Bike Rally

      02/01/03   LOH Blanket Ride

      02/22/03   LOH First Bike Maintenence Class

      02/22/03   Southwest Regional Chile Bowl Cook-Off

      02/23/03   AE HOG First ABC Ride

      03/09/03   LOH Progressive Dinner Ride

      03/23/03   AE HOG ABC Ride

      04/11/03   AE HOG Wildflower Ride to Fredericksburg

      04/26/03   First Annual Pass the Pigs Ride

      05/03/03   AE Dealership Open House

LOH Raised 1,200 dollars. First fund raiser

Hosted by Barry Buchner

A ride for Gilda's House. Tony Madsen asked to head up the ride.
AE dealership was one of the sponsers

Irving - First Halloween Ride

Denton Kids Unlimited was one



All the LOH and one guy

Sponaugle planned and organized the ride to the home.

Planned by Rick and Cheryl Sponaugle

First annual New Year Day Ride - Hosts: Don & Karen Riley,
Rebecca Dawson

First AE HOG Chile Cook-Off - Winners?????

AE HOG organizes and manages the poker run
AE dealership was one of the sponsers

Supporting Denton County Friends of the Family Outreach Center

LOH event but open to all ?

AE HOG Team participated - Need names and how they finished

First chapter sponsered ABC ride.

Hosts: Rebecca Dawson, Rick & Cheryl Sponaugle, Sean & Amy ??????
David and Jerri Barnes

Second chapter sponsered ABC ride

First Annual Wildflower ride - Planned by David Barnes and
Bill Davenport - RC's David Barnes & Don Pliler

Signature event for AE HOG Chapter. Great job by Don Riley.

First Anniversary Celebration

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