Advances and Prospects in Pediatric Cancer Research by fad10689


“Advances and Prospects in Pediatric Cancer Research”

         celebrating the 15th anniversary of the
    CCRI – the Children´s Cancer Research Institute,
         St. Anna Children´s Hospital, Vienna
               19. and 20. November 2003
    preceding the GPOH Wintertagung in Vienna on
                21. and 22. November 2003
          at the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Di 18.11.
18:00      Registration
     18:30 Ceremonial act

19.11                         Chair       Name                 Topic

     8:50 Welcome                         Helmut Gadner        Welcome
     8:55                                 Heinrich Kovar       Introductory remarks
     9:00 Leukemogenesis I    HJ Riehm    Hansjörg Riehm       History of leukemia treatment
     9:30                                 Thomas Look          Keynote: The Emerging Genetics of T-cell Acute Lymp hoblastic Leukemia: a Fish Tale
    10:00                                 John Kersey          Biology and therapy of childhood leukemia: How will we cure everyone?
    10:30 coffee break

    11:00 Leukemogenesis II   K Welte     Karl Welte           Introduction
    11:10                                 Meinrad Busslinger   The role of Pax5 in B cell development and oncogenesis
    11:40                                 Jillian Birch        Epidemiologic evidence for an infectious agent in leukemogenesis and brain tumo rs
    12:10                                 Renate Panzer        Steps in leukemogenesis
    12:30 lunch break

    14:00 Tools and targets   G Kreil     Günter Kreil         Introduction
    14:10                                 Reuven Agami         RNAi tools for cancer applications
    14:40                                 Heinrich Kovar       RNAi for Ewing´s sarcoma
    15:00                                 Andreas Kulozik      Post-transcriptional quality control of gene expression by nonsense-mediated-decay (NMD)
    15:30 coffee break

          Immuno- and
    16:00 Genetherapy         S Burdach   Walter Knapp         Antibody driven immunemodulation-search for new targets
    16:30                                 Fabio Candotti       Gene therapy for severe combined immunodeficiency; advances and drawbacks
                                          Thomas Felzmann      Interleukin-12 secreting mature type 1 dendritic cells: pre -clinical research and application
    17:00                                                      in anti-tumor immune therapy
    17:20                                 Michael Dworzak      Flow cytometric MRD-assessment in ALL
Do. 20.11.                       Chair          Name                       Topic

    9:00 Biology based therapy   T von Rüden    Thomas von Rüden      Trends in medical biotechnology
    9:30                                        Stefan Ladisch        Tumor ganglioside metabolism as a therapeutic target
   10:00                                        Klaus-Michael Debatin Sensitization to drug induced apoptosis (final title to be confirmed)
   10:30 break

   11:00 Cytogenetics            B Johansson    Bertil Johansson           Introduction
   11:10                                        Nyla Heerema               Treatment Response: Lessons Learned from Cytogenetics
   11:40                                        Oskar Haas                 DNA sequence-based virtual human chromosomes
   12:00                                        Shai Izraeli               Developmental aspects of leukemia – lessons from Down syndrome
   12:30 lunch break

   14:00 Solid tumours           J Michon       Jean Michon                Introduction
   14:10                                        Peter Ambros               Expression profiling in malignant tumours: is there a common pattern?
   14:30                                        Lee Helman                 A critical signaling pathway in osteosarcoma and rhabdomyosarcoma metastases
   15:00 coffee break

   15:30 transplantation         D Niethammer   Rupert Handgretinger       Advances in stem cell transplantation
   16:00                                        Gerhard Fritsch            Optimizing stem cell grafts for BMT: Practical considerations from the cell processing laboratory
   16:20                                        Andreas Heitger            Tolerance induction in human allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell therapy (HSCT)
   16:40                                        Thomas Lion                Molecular diagnosis and monitoring of virus infections in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients

   20:00 Buffet reception at Vienna Town Hall                              featuring Son-Dos
Location: Old University of Vienna - Austrian Academy of Sciences

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