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									    Franchise Tax Board
                                               NO ANALYSIS REQUIRED

    Author:      Torrico                     Analyst:      Angela Raygoza             Bill Number:   AB 2518
                           See prior
    Related Bills:         Analysis          Telephone:    845-7814         Amended Date:       June 16, 2008

                                             Attorney:     Patrick Kusiak         Sponsor:

    SUBJECT:               California Cancer Research Fund

               ANALYSIS NOT REQUIRED of this bill – Not within scope of responsibility of this
               TECHNICAL BILL – No program or fiscal changes to existing program.
               BILL AS AMENDED NO LONGER WITHIN SCOPE of responsibility or program of the
               TECHNICAL AMENDMENT – No change in previously submitted analysis required.
               Approved position of prior analysis is                         .
               MINOR AMENDMENT – Remainder of previous analysis of the bill as amended
        X      March 24, 2008, still applies.

               MINOR AMENDMENT – No change in approved position of                                                  .
               See Comments below

        X      OTHER – See comments below.


    This bill would create the California Cancer Research Fund and add it to the personal income tax
    return as a voluntary contribution fund.

    The June 16, 2008, amendments would make non-substantive technical changes to the bill. The
    amendments would not impact the department’s programs and operations or state income tax

    The department’s analysis of the bill as amended March 24, 2008, still applies.

   Board Position:                                                  Franchise Tax Board Staff            Date
                    S                  NA                 NP
                    SA                 O            X     NAR       Angela Raygoza                       06/20/08
                    N                  OUA                PENDING

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