Cancer Research Imaging Camp

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					            National Cancer Institute
                                        C A N CER IM AGING PROGRAM
                                        In partnership with the American Association for Cancer Research

                                        Cancer Research Imaging Camp

                                        An Educational Opportunity for Basic Cancer Researchers

                                        June 24–29, 2007
                                        Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy
                                        Durham, North Carolina

                                        Application Deadline: January 19, 2007


National Institutes
of Health
A Unique                              Leaders in the field of imaging will present lectures on:
Opportunity                              ■ Handling and anesthesia for small animal imaging
                                         ■ Introduction to optical imaging, from cells to animals
Postdoctoral fellows and early
                                         ■ Probes for optical imaging
career–level faculty in fields
                                         ■ Applications of optical imaging—confocal and multiphoton
related to basic cancer biology
are invited to apply for a special       ■ Applications of in vivo optical imaging

intensive course on in vivo and          ■ X-ray physics

live cell–imaging techniques.            ■ Principles of computed tomography
Through lectures and hands-on            ■ Applications of micro CT
experiments, participants will           ■ Introduction to SPECT/PET
gain experience with a wide              ■ Probes for nuclear imaging
range of imaging modalities,             ■ Applications of micro PET/micro SPECT
including advanced optical               ■ Basic ultrasound physics
imaging (particularly for in             ■ Small animal Doppler/perfusion imaging with ultrasound
vivo studies in small animals),
                                         ■ Applications of ultrasound
                                         ■ Fundamentals of MR imaging
ultrasound. After this course,
                                         ■ MR imaging contrast agents
participants will be able to select
                                         ■ Fundamentals of MR spectroscopy
and apply the appropriate in vivo
                                         ■ Image analysis
imaging technique necessary
to investigate a biological
hypothesis and to interpret the       Laboratories
resulting imaging data. Apply         Participants will gain hands-on imaging experience during intensive
early; attendance is strictly         laboratory sessions, including:
limited to 16 participants.              ■   Handling and anesthesia for small animal imaging
                                         ■   Optical imaging
The Cancer Research Imaging
                                         ■   X-ray/CT
Camp workshop will include
                                         ■   PET/SPECT
both didactic and laboratory
sessions on in vivo and live cell
                                         ■   Magnetic resonance
imaging as well as interactive           ■   Ultrasound
sessions with the faculty.
                                      Faculty-Student Interactive Sessions
                                         ■   Integrating biological questions with imaging answers
                                         ■   NIH grants
                                         ■   Presentation by each student to summarize his or her research
                                                                              ■   *Joseph Ackerman, Ph.D.,
                                                                                   Washington University in St. Louis, MO
                                                                              ■    Carolyn Anderson, Ph.D.,
                                                                                   Washington University in St. Louis, MO
                                                                              ■    Cristian Badea, Ph.D., Duke
                                                                                   University, Durham, NC
General Information                    Participant Selection                  ■   *Kenneth Bielat, Ph.D., National
The Cancer Research Imaging            Sixteen participants will be                Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD
                                                                              ■    Michael Garwood, Ph.D., University
Camp will be held at the Duke          selected by the Workshop
                                                                                   of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN
Center for In Vivo Microscopy in       Selection Committee. Preference
                                                                              ■   *Robert Gillies, Ph.D., University of
Durham, North Carolina, begin-         will be shown to investigators
                                                                                   Arizona, Tucson, AZ
ning with lunch at 11:30 a.m. on       demonstrating a commitment to
                                                                              ■    Laurence Hedlund, Ph.D., Duke
Sunday, June 24, and ending at         the integration of in vivo or live          University, Durham, NC
noon on Friday, June 29, 2007.         cell imaging into their research.      ■   *G. Allan Johnson, Ph.D., Duke
Participants must attend all           The Selection Committee seeks to            University, Durham, NC
sessions. Students who do not          assemble a group of students from      ■   *Kenneth Krohn, Ph.D., University of
complete the entire workshop or        diverse academic and research               Washington, Seattle, WA
who leave before noon on June 29       institutions who work in a             ■    Richard LaForest, Ph.D.,
could jeopardize their institution’s   variety of cancer research areas.           Washington University in St. Louis, MO
ability to send students the fol-      Women and persons from groups          ■   *Anne Menkens, Ph.D., National
lowing year. Participants will be      considered by the National Cancer           Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD
                                                                              ■   *Charles Meyer, Ph.D., University of
responsible for their travel to and    Institute to be underrepresented in
                                                                                   Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
from Durham and for a registration     cancer research are encouraged to
                                                                              ■   *Suresh Mohla, Ph.D., National
fee of $475.                           apply. Preference will be given to
                                                                                   Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD
                                       investigators working in the United
                                                                              ■    Sarah Nelson, Ph.D., University of
Participant Eligibility                States and Canada.                          California, San Francisco, CA
The Cancer Research Imaging                                                   ■   *Kathy Nightingale, Ph.D., Duke
Camp workshop is designed for          Accommodations                              University, Durham, NC
                                                                              ■   *David Piston, Ph.D., Vanderbilt
postdoctoral fellows and early         Workshop participants will be
                                                                                   University, Nashville, TN
career–level faculty in fields          housed at the R. David Thomas
                                                                              ■   *Thomas Quinn, Ph.D., University of
related to basic cancer biology.       Executive Conference Center
                                                                                   Missouri, Columbia, MO
                                       on the Duke University campus
                                                                              ■    Ehsan Samei, Ph.D., Duke
                                       (              University, Durham, NC
                                       min/rdtc/index.htm), and meals         ■    Dean Sherry, Ph.D., University of
                                       will be served in that facility.            Texas at Dallas, TX
                                       There is no additional charge for      ■   *Bonnie Sloane, Ph.D., Wayne State
                                       room or board.                              University, Detroit, MI
                                                                              ■   *Daniel Sullivan, M.D., National
                                       Participants will not have an               Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD
                                       abundance of free time, and we         ■   *Daniel Sussman, Ph.D., National
                                       therefore strongly discourage the           Cancer Institute, Rockville, MD
                                                                              ■    Simon Watkins, Ph.D., University
                                       attendance of spouses and other
                                                                                   of Pittsburgh, PA
                                       guests. Spouses and other guests
                                                                              ■    Michael Zalutsky, Ph.D., Duke
                                       will not have meal privileges at the
                                                                                   University, Durham, NC
                                       R. David Thomas Center.
                                                                              Additional faculty members to be
                                                                              *Member of Workshop Executive Committee
How to Apply
No paper submissions will be accepted; apply at                      On the cover: A 50-micron slice from a 5122 X                        2048 3D MR histology image of a whole mouse
                                                                     (a) shows a lesion in the liver (red arrow) and a
Only complete online applications will be considered.                metastasis (blue arrow). Yellow arrows in (a) and
                                                                     in a conventional histology image (b) show vas-
                                                                     cular landmarks. These images demonstrate that
The complete application must include:                               one can survey an entire mouse with sufficient
                                                                     sensitivity to detect preneoplastic loci of cellular
                                                                     alteration. The spatial resolution of (a) is 40,000
1. A one-page description of your current in vivo or live cell       times higher than clinical MRI. (GA Johnson, et
                                                                     al., MR histology for morphological phenotyp-
   imaging experience.                                               ing, JMRI 16(4): 423–429, 2002.)

                                                                      a                                        1 mm
2. A one-page description of your general area of cancer research
   and how you plan to integrate in vivo or live cell imaging into
   that research.

3. NIH biosketch—format can be found at http://grants1.nih.
4. Letter of Recommendation—You must submit a letter from
   your Program Supervisor, Department Head, or Cancer Center
   Director in support of your application for this workshop. This
   letter should describe the quality of your experimental work
   and the impact that advanced in vivo imaging techniques could
   have on its progress.

Submit the completed application form no later than January 19,
2007. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by March 15.

If you have questions about the application process,
please contact:

Anne E. Menkens, Ph.D.
Program Director
Molecular Imaging Branch
Cancer Imaging Program
Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
National Cancer Institute
Tel: 301-496-9531