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									    Skills for Life
    Questions and Answers

Q        Please could you confirm whether there is an intention to drop the
         Train to Gain ESOL employer contribution in line with other
A        This has recently been queried with DIUS and at present there is no
         intention to relax the requirement for an employer contribution. (10.12.08)

Q        Please could you confirm whether staff within WBL providers need to
         hold a Level 5 subject specialist qualification in order to deliver SfL?
A        Under the current regulations holding a Level 5 qualification to deliver Skills
         for Life only applies to Skills for Life certificates in FE based FE provision.

         Is not a regulation for practitioners to hold Level 5 Skills for Life practitioner
         qualifications if:
          delivering Key Skills or GCSE English or Maths in FE
          delivering any Skills for Life qualifications in workbased learning
          delivering any Skills for Life qualifications in Train to Gain

          where practitioners wish to obtain level 5 Skills for Life qualification in
            delivery of Skills for Life this is to be encouraged
          to ensure quality it is recommended that all providers have at least one
            member of staff qualified to Level 5 in delivery of at least one qual e.g.
            Literacy or Numeracy –and that this practitioner has sufficient time
            available to support and mentor other staff in the organisation delivering
            these qualifications.                                          (02.07.08)

Q        Please confirm what Skills for Life funding is available for learners
         through Train to Gain - can learners do more than one level?

A        Learners can only be funded for one level of learning through Train to Gain,
         but can access both literacy and numeracy funding. The levels funded
         under Train to Gain are currently Level 1 (approximately equivalent to an 11
         year old at school) and Level 2 (broadly equivalent to GCSE grades A-C).
         Both of these require the learner to sit a multiple choice test (usually online).

         When assessed initially, the learner should be registered for a qualification
         at one level higher than their assessment, i.e. if their assessment shows
         Entry Level 3, they should be studying for SfL Level 1, and if their
         assessment shows Level 1, they should study SfL Level 2. If a learner has
         lower level needs, these cannot be funded via Train to Gain, although the
         employer may choose to fund these initial levels.                (02.01.08)
Q   Can learners accessing funding via the L3 trial, also access funding
    for Skills for Life qualifications?
A   No. Learners accessing the L3 trial funding are ineligible for Skills for Life as
    they will already hold a Level 2 qualification. If, however, they are eligible
    as a L3 jumper i.e. they do not already possess a L2 qualification, they may
    of course access funding for Skills for Life qualifications.         (15.11.07)

Q   Skills for Life initial assessment tools, the ones recommended on the
    website are considered to be not appropriate/ inadequate. Can
    providers use their own assessment tools?
A   Additional/ alternative assessment tools will be made available      (01.09.06)

    NB: Minimum requirements for assessment tools are being checked with
    National Office. Alternative tools will be made available to providers via the
    Train to Gain Team.

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