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    Welcome to the
    Marshalls Brochure
    Marshalls proven service                                                Marshalls	-	a	pioneer	of	sustainable	
    •	   Marshalls	was	founded	in	the	late	1880’s
    •	   Marshalls	is	now	the	UK’s	leading	supplier	of	superior             Marshalls	is	trailblazing	improvements	in	the	environmental,	
    		   natural	stone	and	attractive	concrete                              social	and	economic	sustainability	of	its	business	with	emphasis	on:
    	    landscaping	products	
                                                                            •	   measuring	and	reducing	the	carbon	footprint	of	all	its	products
    •	   Marshalls	products	adorn	gardens	and	driveways	
                                                                            •	   publishing	the	carbon	footprint	wherever	possible	for	the	
    	    throughout	Britain
                                                                            	    customer	to	make	informed	decisions
    •	   Marshalls	commercial	products	can	be	found	in	virtually		
                                                                            •	   reducing	waste	production	and	recycling	waste	products	to	
    	    any	city	and	town	in	Britain
                                                                            	    reduce	the	amount	sent	to	landfill
    •	   Marshalls	provides	extensive	design	support	and	
                                                                            •	   reducing	energy	use	and	increasing	the	use	of	green	energy
    	    technical	expertise	to	architects	and	landscapers	as	well	
                                                                            •	   greater	harvesting	and	recycling	of	water
    	    as	to	the	country’s	millions	of	homeowners
                                                                            •	   Membership	of	the	Ethical	Trading	Initiative

    Marshalls	and	you                                                       Marshalls	-	proud	
                                                                            sponsor	of		
    Transforming	your	garden	or	driveway	can	be	daunting
    as	well	as	exciting:                                                    The RHS
                                                                            Chelsea	Flower	Show
    •	   Marshalls	will	help	you	find	a	reliable	installer	and	stockist		
    	    if	you	want	to	manage	your	own	project                             Marshalls	second	year	as	main	sponsors	of
                                                                            the	RHS	Chelsea	Flower	Show	was	a	fantastic
    In	these	pages	you’ll	find	everything	to	help	transform	an	idea	        success	in	every	way.		See	pages	10	and	11
    into	a	beautiful	new	garden	or	driveway.                                for	details.                                                                                         3

                                                                         Marshalls and Sustainability               4-5
                                                                         Committed to Carbon Reduction              6-7
                                                                         Sustainable Hard Landscaping               8-9
                                                                         RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008             10-11
                                                                         A Garden to Suit your Lifestyle          12-13
                                                                         Transformations                          14-19
                                                                         Professional Installation                20-21
                                                                         Garden Paving Introduction               22-23
                                                                         The Haworth Moor Range                   24-31
                                                                            Antique Natural Stone                 24-25
                                                                            Sawn Sandstone                        26-27
                                                                            Riven Sandstone                       28-29
                                                                            Riven Sandstone Circle                30-31
                                   gardens & driveways                   Natural Slate                            32-33
                                                                         Eclipse Granite                          34-35
                                                                         Coach House Paving                       36-37
                                                                         Active Shield Protection                 38-39
                    Want	to	see	how	good	                                The National Trust, Polesden Lacey
                                                                         Polesden Lacey Circle
                    your	driveway	or	garden	                             Chancery
                                                                         Chancery Circle
                    could	look?                                          Heritage
                                                                         Heritage Octant
                    Use	these	clever	web-based	design	aids	to	realise	   Heritage Circle                          52-53
                                                                         Firedstone                               54-55
                    your	ideas.	Just	visit	the	preferred	website.        Woodstone Sleepers & Posts               56-57
                                                                         Argent                                   58-61
                                                                         Saxon                                    62-65
                                                                         Saxon Octant & Circle                    66-67
                                         Perfecta                                 68-69
                                                                         Regent                                   70-71
                                                                         Utility Paving, M-Joint                  72-73
                                                                         Finding an Installer                     74-75
                                                                         Paths & Edgings Introduction             76-77
                                                                         Tegula Deco                                 78
                                                                         Clay Cobbles                                79
                                                                         Cobblestone Setts                           80
                                                                         Cobblestone Border Paving                   81
                                                                         Edgings                                  82-83
                                                                         Garden Accessories Introduction          84-85
                                                                         Argent Aqua, Millstones                     86
                                         Livinglites                                 87
                                                                         Decorative Aggregates                    88-89
                                                                         Rockery, Pebbles & Cobbles               90-91
                                                                         Garden Walling Introduction              92-93
                                                                         Natural Stone                            94-95
                                                                         National Trust                           96-97
                                                                         Old Mill Brick                           98-99
                                                                         Drivesett Tegula                       100-101
                                                                         Argent                                 102-103
                    Design	your	ideal	garden	or	driveway	in	             Heritage                               104-105
                    stunning	3D	quality	with	these	step-by-step	         Marshalite                             106-107
                    software	programmes.                                 Croft Stone                            108-109
                                                                         Copings & Caps                         110-111
                                                                         Driveways Introduction                 112-113
                                                                         Sustainable Solutions                  114-115
                                                                         Natural Stone Setts                    116-117
                                                                         Drivesett Duo                          118-119
                                                                         Drivesett Duo Circle                   120-121
                                                                         Drivesett Tegula                       122-123
                                                                         Drivesett Tegula Priora                124-125
                                                                         Drivesett Tegula Circle                126-127
                                                                         Drivesett Tegula Octant                128-129
                                                                         Tegula Deco                            130-131
                                                                         Drivesett Argent                       132-133
                                                                         Drivesett Argent Priora                134-135
                                                                         Drivesett Argent Circle                136-137
                                                                         Driveline Elite                        138-139
                                                                         Driveline Excel                        140-141
                                                                         Driveline 50 Vintage                   142-143
                                                                         Driveline 50                           144-145
                                                                         Driveline Priora                       146-147
                                                                         Driveline Octant & Circles             148-149
                                                                         Clay Paving                            150-151
                                                                         Grassguard                             152-153
                                                                         Channels and Drainage                      154
                                                                         Driveway Enhancements                      155
                                                                         Kerbs & Edgings                        156-159
                                                                         Choose an Installer                    160-161
                                                                         Marshalls Group Companies              162-167
                                                                         Classical Flagstones                   162-163
                                                                         Greenhouses                            164-165
                                                                         Compton Garages                        166-167
                                                                         Hard Landscaping Guarantee                 168
                                                                         Priora Conditions and Guidelines           169
                                                                         Order Select & Technical Information       170
                                                                         Acknowledgements                           171

                                                                                                                      GARDEN PAVING
            Marshalls and sustainability

             When you choose Marshalls, you are safe in the hands
             of the industry leader, committed to developing
             its products in a sustainable manner. At Marshalls,
             sustainability is about producing environmentally
             and ethically responsible landscaping materials.
             For further information about how Marshalls puts its commitment to sustainability into action,
             see the dedicated website at

             Here are just some of the many things Marshalls is doing from an environmental perspective:
             •   Marshalls innovative manufacturing has reduced the carbon imprint of all its block paving
                 products by a massive 39%
             •   Marshalls uses waste products from other industries in the manufacturing process.
                 For example, china clay waste, steel slag waste, recycled concrete waste and slate waste
             •   Marshalls changed the plastic used to shrink-wrap products to one which works at a lower
                 temperature – so it requires less energy
             •   Marshalls uses special software to reduce the times its lorries drive anywhere empty
             •   Marshalls restores its quarry sites (so well that at one site Sand Martins have returned to breed)

             Biodiversity Benchmark Award
             Since The Wildlife Trust gave their first ever Biodiversity Benchmark Award
             to an active manufacturing site, Marshalls Maltby Works has been visited
             several times by the BBC, including Springwatch in 2008.

             Inspired by this and other conservation projects, Marshalls went on to
             receive a National Gold Award for Environmental Best Practice at the
             prestigious International Green Apple Awards.

Maltby Lagoon, Conservation area                                                                                                                    5

Working to ensure the three elements
of sustainability are in balance.
Social, environmental and economic
                                                                                                     gardens & driveways

The Ethical Trading Initiative
Among UK hard landscaping companies, Marshalls pioneered membership of the Ethical Trading
Initiative (ETI). Adoption of the ETI Base Code is gradually establishing new standards of working
practice that will benefit previously exploited workers in the natural stone industry of India.

   ETI Base Code
   •   No-one should be forced to work
   •   Workers should be able to join and form trade unions
   •   Working conditions should be safe and healthy
   •   Child labour should not be used
   •   Wages should be enough to live on and provide some
       discretionary income
   •   Workers should be treated equally regardless of their sex, ethnic group,
       religion or political opinion
   •   Where possible, workers should be provided with regular employment
   •   Workers should not be verbally, physically or sexually abused or disciplined
                                                                                                               Workers in India are provided with
                                                                                                                   the correct safety equipment

Marshalls is also pledged to fund the work of Hadoti Hast Shilp Sansthan (HHSS), a voluntary
organisation helping to transform the lives of migrant workers in the quarries of Rajasthan.
Marshalls funding has also provided health insurance to more than 200 workers and made a
substantial impact with a health camp offering check-ups, free medicines and vaccinations.

                                                                                                                                    GARDEN PAVING
          Committed to
          carbon reduction
                                Measuring our carbon output and using this
                                knowledge to take action to reduce it, should
                                eventually slow the progress of climate change.
                                It must be the objective of all responsible companies
                                and individuals to pursue this goal.
                                Marshalls have been involved for several years      in sourcing materials responsibly
                                in researching, developing and implementing         and in reviewing manufacturing, transport
                                new, environmentally friendlier, innovative mix     and handling processes.
                                designs used in the manufacture of our              One of the developments to emerge from
                                leading product range – plus concerted action       this research has been the Carbon Calculator.

                                Carbon Calculator                                  Cr
                                Marshalls was the first company in the hard         the CO2 impact and lets you see how many
                                landscaping industry to devise and launch a         trees are required to offset the carbon
                                Carbon Calculator for its customers. It works       produced in the creation of your driveway
                                by asking for the quantity of each product          or patio.
                                you wish to use and instantly gives a figure for

                                                              Marshalls has reduced
                                                              the carbon emissions
                                                                of its entire block
                                                              paving range by 39%
For further information see
and follow the links.                                                                                                       7

Marshalls is leading all companies

in being the first to measure carbon
emissions of all the products it
manufactures and publish each
carbon footprint                                                                                         gardens & driveways

Working with the Carbon Trust
A standard method has been developed by the Carbon Trust to calculate embodied carbon
emissions of products and services across all industries. As the communication of standard
carbon footprints becomes widespread, consumers will be able to make an informed choice
about the environmental impact of almost any product they buy.

Marshalls enthusiastically supports the Carbon Trust’s Carbon Reduction Label scheme
and indeed is the very first company to publish a carbon footprint for all of the domestic
products it manufactures.

The carbon footprint is the sum of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses created by a
single unit of product during its life from production, through the supply chain, to use and disposal.

Independently certified carbon emission values will appear on each product page shown
as a clear carbon footprint label, and a column in each product table.*
Unit values will be based on the typical units of use, for example:
Per m2 = 1 square metre
Per m = 1 linear metre
Each = per unit
*Certified by The Carbon Trust

     working with                      The carbon footprint
                                       of this product is the
   the Carbon Trust                          total carbon
                                        dioxide (CO2) and
                                        other greenhouse
                                       gases emitted during
               17kg                       its life, including
                                         use and disposal.
                                       We have committed to
                                            reduce this
              Per m
              per        2
                                         carbon footprint.

           Sustainable hard landscaping

                                                                                                                     GARDEN PAVING
           It doesn’t have to be complicated

                                                      Climate change is affecting the UK like everywhere else
                                                      and periodic heavy rainfall with the risk of flooding is
                                                      an increasing phenomenon. In urban locations a prime
                                                      contributor to the problem is the need for more and more
                                                      parking on domestic properties.

                                                      The catastrophic consequence and costs of recent and regular
                                                      floods that suddenly overload domestic drainage systems has
                                                      prompted the Government to take action.

                                                      From 1st October 2008 the permitted development rights for
                                                      domestic front gardens have been changed.

                                                      “Planning permission is now
                                                        required to lay traditional
                                                      impermeable driveways that
                                                        allow uncontrolled runoff
                                                       of rainwater onto the roads
                                          M EAB        because this can contribute
                          IMP                           to flooding and pollution
                                                             of watercourses.”
                                                       Department of Communities and Local
                                                      Government, guidance on the permeable
                                                            surfacing of front gardens.

                                         E            Marshalls has paving solutions
                              M    E ABL             that will cope with the problem
                      PER                              and avoid planning delays.

Drivesett Tegula Priora p.125,
with Grassguard hardstanding area p.152                                                                   Pa                 9

                                                                                               yo  vin
                                                                                                  ur g fr
                                                                                                    co on
                                                                                                       mp t g
                                                                                                    gu reh ard
New planning legislation aims to reduce                                                                ide en ens
the volume of water running from driveways                                                                       e
directly into urban drains

Here is Marshalls guidance for the homeowner or contractor who wishes to
install hard landscaping in front gardens after 1st October 2008.

         Planning permission                                             Planning permission
            NOT required                                                     IS required
 1. The new legislation only affects front garden
    areas, visit
    hhg/houseguide for planning definition.                      1. If rainwater from the impermeable hard surface
                                                                    at ground level has nowhere to run other than
 2. If the area of hard surface is constructed using                into the household drainage system or on to the
    a permeable product such as from Marshalls                      public highway.
    Priora range or Marshalls Grassguard. There is
    no limit to size in this case.                               2. If the property intended for work is a listed building.

 3. Standard impermeable paving can be used                      3. Conservation areas, World Heritage sites
    if provision is made for rainwater from                         National Parks and areas of outstanding natural
    traditional impermeable hard landscaping                        beauty may have some restricted permitted
    to drain into a soft landscape such as grass or
                                                                    development rights for householders.
    border planting with sufficient permeability,
                                                                    Better to enquire in advance in such circumstances.
    or into a specially constructed soakaway.

 4. If the area of hard surface intended is less than                 It is the homeowners’ responsibility
    5 square metres.
                                                                        to apply for planning permission
 5. Elsewhere around the house there are no restrictions
    on hard surfaces at, or near ground level.
                                                                  Up to 6 weeks’ delay
                   No delay                                        and around £150*
                    For detailed guidance visit
                                                                                *Advice on Government website

Marshalls has a range of driveway products
both permeable and impermeable which,
with expert advice, can be installed without
the need for planning permission.
See the Driveways section, pages 112-159
Call Marshalls Customer Helpline on
0845 820 5000 or visit our website
                                                                                                                Drivesett Tegula Priora p.124

     Reporting from the

                                                                                GARDEN PAVING
     RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008
     Marshalls, proud sponsor and exhibitor
     Marshalls was delighted again to be the principal sponsor of the
     RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2008. The premier showcase of great
     garden design and construction.

     Once again the drama and excitement of world-class garden exhibits
     brought out the great, the good and the glamorous, to see and be seen
     at Chelsea in 2008. Over 150,000 visitors thronged the nine acre site of
     Chelsea Hospital Gardens for the most exciting week in the world’s
     gardening calendar.

                                      Marshalls is proud
                                      to sponsor the RHS
                                      Chelsea Flower Show
          Sponsored by                                                                                              11

                                                                               gardens & driveways

                         Marshalls wins a silver medal for “The garden that kids
                         really want”
                         How do we get youngsters interested in their garden? This was the idea behind Marshalls
                         Chelsea Show Garden exhibit in 2008. We thought it should be inspired by kids, so we got
                         them involved.
                         We engaged TV gardeners Sven Wombwell and Chris Collins to visit schools and enthuse them
                         and in turn the kids’ ideas inspired our designer Ian Dexter to create a wonderful interactive
                         garden, hence its name “The garden that kids really want”.
                         Marshalls is working with the Royal Horticultural Society to fulfil their aim to have 10,000
                         primary schools signed up to the Campaign
                         for School Gardening by 2010.

                                                                                                                  GARDEN PAVING
      A garden to suit your lifestyle

      If you’re thinking of transforming the garden, a good question to ask is:
      “What do I want the garden for?” Is it for lazing in? Entertaining in?
      Pottering in with a cup of coffee in one hand and a trowel in the other?
      Growing food and flowers?

      With Marshalls, anything is possible. Here are just some of the many
      garden styles which, our surveys show, reflect the aspirations of people
      just like you.

      Is your ideal garden among them?                                            Gardener
                                                                                  Where plants are king

 Exotic                                                                           Wildlife
 Inspired by far-flung places                                                     In harmony with Mother Nature

 Rustic                                                                           Socialising
 Your own rural idyll - wherever you live                                         Full of friends and family                                                          13

                                                         gardens & driveways

                                         Continuing Britain’s rich garden heritage

                Designer                                                Easy
             Cool and contemporary                Easy to look after, easy to enjoy

                                              is possible
               Sanctuary                       Marshalls
A tranquil refuge from your busy world

                                                                                                                    GARDEN PAVING
              “I’m in the jungle...again,
              get me out of here”


Biggins’ courtyard garden, installed by
Marshalls Register Installer, Prestige Driveways (Southern)

                                                              Haworth Moor Sandstone Walling ,
                                                              Autumn Bronze Multi (ABM). Argent Aqua Ball
Haworth Moor Antique Stone Paving, Golden Sand Multi (GSM)    water feature with Atlantic Pebble surround                                                                                                            15

How Marshalls helped

TV celebrity Christopher Biggins
escape his own private jungle                                                             gardens & driveways

                                                                   TV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ winner and jungle expert
                                                                   Christopher Biggins chose Marshalls to help him with his own
                                                                   domestic jungle problem.

                                                                   Christopher loved his garden but over time vigorous plants
                                                                   and collected bric-a-brac had taken over and he decided that
                                                                   order needed to be restored.

                                                                   Biggins called in professionals from The Marshalls Register
                                                                   and let them get to work.


Haworth Moor Antique, Premium Stone Paving and                                                   “A garden has always been
Haworth Moor Walling provided a neat and elegant solution.                                       important to me in central London,
                                                                                                 it’s like having an extra room.
•   Paving in new Haworth Moor Antique is ethically sourced                                      So I’m thrilled to bits to have a new
    Indian Stone, Golden Sand Multi (see page 24)                                                Marshalls room”
•   Walling is Haworth Moor, ethically sourced Indian Sandstone,
    Autumn Bronze (page 94)                                                                      Biggins
•   Water features are Argent Aqua Balls (page 86) bedded on
    Atlantic Cobbles (page 90)

     Anything is possible

                                                                                    GARDEN PAVING
     with Marshalls


                      Facelift for a tired family garden
                      This multi-level garden, bounded by mature planted borders
                      just needed rejuvenating to bring it back to life:

                      •   The different levels were harmonised using attractive
                          Drivesett Walling
                      •   An eyecatching and useful patio area was created with
                          Heritage Paving Circle feature and paving
                      •   A prominent step feature linked each tier of the garden                                                                        17

Just look at these

garden transformations
                                                     gardens & driveways

                                A sunny spot crying out for a patio
                                Tackling a sloping garden had always discouraged this family
                                from developing an ideal sunny spot:
                                •   We rebuilt the planted beds at both ends of the patio
                                    with Marshalite Rustic Walling. A sympathetic contoured patio
                                    area was created with Firedstone Dusk Paving
                                •   Step features were created with the same walling and paving



     Anything is possible

                                                                                            GARDEN PAVING
     with Marshalls


                     The envy of the neighbours
                     This combination of Driveline 50 Bracken and Burnt Ochre colours
                     provided the ‘wow’ factor that really got the neighbours talking:
                     •   Contrasting charcoal Driveline 50 edge and Driveline 4-in-1 Kerb
                         emphasises the strong colour combination
                     •   The refreshing colour really brings to life the house frontage
                         compared with the old drab paved driveway which had begun
                         to break up                                                                               19

Just look at these

driveway transformations
                                                         gardens & driveways

                                    Front garden with sustainable style
                                    New Drivesett Argent Priora Permeable Paving perfectly complements
                                    the style of home and is compliant with new regulations:

                                    •   Drivesett Argent Priora Light Paving brightens the space which is
                                        part shaded by some mature trees
                                    •   Keykerb in charcoal and contrasting Drivesett Argent Priora Dark
                                        Paving provides a smart looking edge all the way round
                                    •   The Drivesett Argent Priora Paving continues as a pathway to the
                                        base of the steps at the front and to the side of the house



     Your guide to ensure
     a professional installation
                     Finding a good installer is essential
                     as you will rely on their advice,
                     product knowledge and workmanship
                     to achieve the first class garden
                     or driveway you desire.
                     Here are 10 simple rules to follow to ensure your
                     project will be trouble free.

                     1    Plan early - reputable installers are in demand
                     and will need plenty of notice. Be wary of installers
                     who can start tomorrow.

                     2      Always get more than one quotation - never
                     accept a verbal estimate and obtain at least three
                     written quotes. Make sure all quotes are on a like for
                     like basis for a correct comparison.

                     3      For peace of mind choose a Marshalls Register
                     Installer. They are independent contractors not
                     employed or paid any commissions, but they are
                     regularly assessed and agree to follow Marshalls own
                     code of practice and installation specification.                                                                                                    21

                                                                                                                              REGISTER INSTALLERS
10 simple rules you should follow
to ensure your project is managed
successfully and to budget from
start to finish
                                                                                     gardens & driveways

4     Don’t decide purely on price, choose the           Cost of installation
contractor that you feel best suits your needs, it       The question most frequently asked is “how much will it cost?”
                                                         The majority of installation costs are usually ground preparation
may be the difference between a good job and
                                                         and labour. Opting for the best quality paving won’t significantly
an outstanding one.                                      increase the overall cost, so choose the best you can afford.

5     When you accept a quote always request              Cost of Driveway
written confirmation detailing what the contractor                                                                            20%
has agreed to carry out for the price. It avoids

6     Select the best product for the job. Always use
block paving on driveways, though the best garden
schemes will use a wide range of complementary
products; a Marshalls Register Installer will
always advise.
                                                          Cost of Paving
7      Never overlook drainage - Marshalls Register                                                                           20%

Installers are able to assess the natural condition of
the landscape and will propose appropriate drainage
that will be compliant with current regulations.

8     Protect your investment - whilst your written
contract protects your interest during construction,
on completion you should consider Marshalls own
Hard Landscaping Guarantee for 10 years, see p.168.

9       Marshalls Register Installers want you to be
fully satisfied with their work, and will not expect
final payment until satisfactory completion. If you
have agreed to take out a Marshalls Hard Landscape
Guarantee you will be asked to sign a Guarantee
Request Form which is then submitted to Marshalls.

10    Relax and enjoy - on receipt of the form,
Marshalls Hard Landscape Guarantee Certificate will
be with you within five days and you will receive a
                                                               To find your nearest Marshalls Register Installer,
Marshalls Patio and Driveway Maintenance Guide.
                                                                     Alternatively call: 0845 820 5000