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									EPOD Manager Product Specifications

Elevator Pitch

EPOD Manager provides an integrated system for timely delivery of critical medical
supplies and resources to patients and evacuees. This secure web based solution
accelerates patient registration and meets or exceeds the CDC benchmarks for
Countermeasure Allocation and Tracking. EPOD Manager is designed to integrate into
your National Incident Management System (NIMS). Resources, personnel, teams,
facilities, supplies, and SNS inventory available for assignment or use during incidents
follow the NIMS typing system.
Emergency Responders can customize evacuee and patient triage procedures to fit the
specific incident needs.

POD (point of dispensing) coordinators can request supplies directly from the RSS
facilities and designated warehouse facilities; mange workload across dispensing points
and proactively direct the flow of citizens based upon symptoms, and risk criteria.

State and Local Coordinators can co-ordinate the distribution transfer and routing of
supplies across multiple POD’s and treatment centers. Supply chain integration to
Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) assets (medicines, medical supplies, equipment, and
vaccines) and commercial pharmaceutical supplies enables resources managers to tap
into and maximize the use of all available regional resources.
Secure, redundant servers allow authorized users to access and review information from
multiple locations across the Internet 24/7.

                                        Designed to be deployed and field ready for use
                                        in under 20 minutes EPOD Manager is an
                                        essential aid during your emergency response.

         Supported HIPAA transactions
         Health Care Claim 837 Professional
         Health Care Claim 837 Physician

         Health Care Claim Request for Additional information 277

         HIPAA Compliant EDI X.12N Transactions

Streamline Patient and Evacuee Tracking

EPOD manager streamlines patient and
evacuee information, captures the citizen’s
demographic information and enables 1st
responders to keep track of patients and
evacuees as they receive services.
Fast and accurate capture of information is
essential during an emergency. EPOD manager
supports 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes from
driving licenses to social services and national
ID cards. The combination of multiple capture
devices including Web Kiosk self registration
and OCR patient entry enable unprecedented
access to verifiable demographic information.

    •     Supports multiple entry mechanisms:
              o Kiosk Self Registration             Figure 1 Photo ID Scanner
              o Form based OCR Patient Entry
              o Electronic Identification
                           Reads passive and active RFID
    •     Issue Patient Identifier (RFID)
    •     Capture and assign photos

Capture key evacuee and patient demographic information quickly and efficiently. Reduce the admissions tasks to
less than sixty seconds.

Pre-populated State and Local Master Index

EPOD manger not only reduces the time to capture vital patient information it improves accuracy at every step.
Using a pre-populated state and local and master index with support for automated Interfaces to the Drivers
License, and Clinical Information Management Systems:

    •     Consolidated Master Index
    •     Multiple Retrieval Mechanism
              o Fuzzy Search by Name
              o Geographic Lookup
              o Match on alias’s
              o Address, Telephone, Social Security and Drivers License
    •     Integration points to Hospital HIS Electronic Medical Records
    •     Support for CDA 2.0 Clinical Document Architecture

        HL7 RIM 3.0 Messaging
        CDA 2.0 Electronic Medical Record Exchange

        RFID ISO 15693, ISO 18000-6 and Philips U Code
        1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes
 Self Customizable Triage                                      Patient Encounter
 Unique events require specialized response                    EPOD manager tracks and supports your team
 management. Not all evacuees will require treatment;          throughout the patient encounter.
 how an agency communicates with their citizens is
 very different when it responds to a pandemic or a            EPOD manager provides real-time access to where a
 Bio-terrorism event. EPOD managers customizable               patient or evacuee is in your process, tracking
 triage feature enables POD mangers and Health                 patients and evacuee information, where the patients
 professionals to customize self registration and triage.      is located, what is their condition, and which
 Templates and pre-loaded questions can be                     medicines and treatments have been provided to the
 developed as part of your planning process to survey          patient.
 and route patients based on the conditions:
                                                               EPOD manager takes your process one step further
        •    On demand triage scenarios                        tracking patient wait and activity times at each step of
        •    Store triage templates                            the visit supporting throughput analysis, workflow and
        •    Integrated queue management                       potential bottlenecks identification:

                                                                   •   Capture Symptoms
                                                                   •   Vital Statistics
        Portable Field Rugged
        Single and multi-site support                              •   Track Intervention
        NIMS Type Support                                          •   Medical History
                                                                   •   Record Counter Indications
                                                                   •   Track 1st Responder Exposure
                                                                   •   Barcode / RFID match patient to the

Ware house and Logistical Support
Just as essential in ensuring the rapid identification of
evacuee and patients is the ability to ensure fast efficient
dispensing of vaccines, prophylaxis and additional
medical supplies.

At the core of EPOD manager’s ability to deliver these
services is a tried and tested industrial strength
warehouse and logistics package.

    •       Supply Tracking
    •       Material Receipt and Verification
    •       Local medical inventory monitoring
    •       Emergency Resource Management
    •       Requisition
    •       Stock Transfer
    •       Dispatching                                        Figure 2 GIS Logistic Display
    •       RFID and Barcode labeling

SNS Supply Integration Manager

During an emergency time is at a premium tracking and inventory management is not typically the first item on
your response checklist. Our SNS integration manager ensures a smooth transition from local stock to SNS-
supported items. As you create your local inventory, you can include items that are stocked in the SNS inventory.
Our SNS integration manager is configured to upload SNS items, the shipment, their quantities, packaging, and
other characteristics from either the 12-Hour Push Package 3.5-in. diskette or directly from the SNS inventory

Your Inventory Control Team can enter orders into our inventory-management system and create documents that
allow RSS personnel to pick assets from storage and stage them by delivery location.
As your Inventory Control Team issues assets, it will monitor the stocks it has on hand
and work with SNS to order more before stocks run out.

Recording the receipt, storage location, orders, and issues regarding all re-sources,
including the maintenance of a record of the assets that you ship to each customer (e.g.,
PODs, treatment centers, and other sites); is equally important when the emergency has
passed and it is time to recover SNS equipment.

SNS Supply Integration main functions:

    •   Track dispatch and receipt of SNS Supply
    •   On route repackaging
    •   Upload dispatched Inventory to EPOD warehouse and Logistics module
    •   Recognize SNS Barcode and RFID identifiers
    •   Integrated requisition requests
    •   Reorder additional SNS supplies
    •   GIS Logistics Display

Wholesale Supply Integration
                          Integration with your local pharmacy and medical supply wholesalers supply chain
                          management systems enables your Inventory Control Team to extend the supply of
                          emergency resources out into the local community.

                               Available as an optional module wholesale supply integration extends the EPOD
                               Logistics Managers adding the capabilities to:

                                    •   Track local partner prophylactic availability
                                    •   Generate and track commercial pharmaceutical requisitions
                                    •   Track and record shipment dispatch and arrival using EPOD Logistics

POD Management
If the need arises to handle a disaster with massive casualties EPOD Manager provides functions that help support your team:
Interactive Analysis and Reporting, Integrated GIS functionality, Load management system alerts, wait times thresholds, and
pre-defined values for core phases of care.

POD management modules core functions include the following additional capabilities:
    •   Assign volunteers
    •   Integrate with existing volunteer registrations systems (ESAR_VHP)
    •   Track volunteer availability
    •   Queue workload management
    •   Personnel Management / Volunteer Management
    •   Crowd Control / Flow Management

                                                           LDAP 3.0 Integration
                                                           3G and EVDO Wireless and WiFi support.
                                                           .Net 2.0 Framework
System Requirements

   •   Windows 2000                  Microsoft® Windows 2000® Server      Intel Pentium processor (or
   •   Windows 2003                  with Service Pack 4, Windows         equivalent) at 500MHz or faster,
   •   Windows XP                    2000® Advanced Server with           Intel EM64T, or AMD 64-bit,
                                     Service Pack 4, Windows Server       Opteron (32-bit Operating System
                                     2003, Data Center, Windows Server    support only), minimum 990MB free
                                     2003, Enterprise or Windows          disk space for installation (includes
                                     Server 2003, Standard, Windows       SDK), minimum 512MB physical
                                     XP Professional with Service Pack    memory; 1GB recommended, CD-
                                     1a.                                  ROM drive

                                     (Note: Windows XP supported for
                                     application design, development,
                                     and testing only; no support for
                                     production use.)

ID Scanner System Requirements

   •   Windows 2000                  Microsoft® Windows 2000®             Intel Pentium processor (or
   •   Windows XP                    Professional Service Pack 4,         equivalent) at 200MHz or faster,
                                     Windows ,                            Intel EM64T, or AMD 64-bit,
                                     Windows XP Professional with         Opteron (32-bit Operating System
                                     Service Pack 1a.                     support only), minimum 60MB free
                                                                          disk space for installation, minimum
                                                                          126MB physical memory; 512MB
                                                                          recommended, CD-ROM drive,
                                                                          USB 1.0 port
                                                                          VGA Monitor with true color
                                                                          800x600 or greater

RFID Frequency Support

IClass RFID printer currently supports two different modules, one HF and one UHF. The HF module operates at
13.56 MHz and supports the ISO 15693 High Frequency standard. The UHF module operates between 860 and
960 MHz depending on geographic region and supports the EPCglobal Class 0, 0+, 1, and Class 1 Gen 2
standards, along with ISO 18000-6 and Philips U Code.
EPOD Manager Pricing Specifications
1   Modules:
                                                                                SNS Logistics
    Modules                                   POD Manager                       Manager
     Sub Module 1                             Intake                            Logistics
                                                Registration                      Distribution
                                                Screening                         GIS
                                                Dispensing                        Pre Allocations
      Sub Module 2                            Resource Management               Inventory Manager
      Sub Module 3                            Queue Management                  Management

      Sub Module 4                                                              Transportation
2   EPOD In a BOX
    Software                                  Hardware
    POD Manager                               1 Server
    Intake (Registration, Screening/Triage,   16 laptops (8 Registration, 4
    Dispensing)                               Screening, 4 Dispensing)
    Resource Management/Queue
    Management                                3 Screens 40''
                                              Barcode readers
                                              4 Kiosks
                                              Other Required Hardware (Not
                                              RFID readers
3   General and GSA Pricing
    EPOD In A BOX                             $                     29,000.00
      Software                                $                      4,000.00
      Hardware                                $                     25,000.00

    EPOD Manager Per POD                      $                      4,000.00
    SNS Logistics Manager                     $                     30,000.00
    Hardware                                  $                     25,000.00

4   EPOD Manager Pricing Discounts
    Number of PODs                            Price Per POD                     Max Total
    1-5                                       $                      4,000.00   $              20,000.00
    5-10                                      $                      3,500.00   $              35,000.00
    10-20                                     $                      3,000.00   $              60,000.00
    20-50                                     $                      2,500.00   $            125,000.00
    >50                                       Call for Pricing                  Call for Pricing

    SNS Logistics Manager
    Number of RSS                             Price                             Max Total
    1-5                                       $                     30,000.00   $              30,000.00
    5-10                                      $                     25,000.00   $              25,000.00
    10-20                                     $                     20,000.00   $              20,000.00
    20-50                                     $                     18,000.00   $              18,000.00
    >50                                       Call for Pricing                  Call for Pricing

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