Finding Someone Detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE by xln10969


									                                 Finding Someone Detained by
                                 Immigration and Customs
                                 Enforcement (ICE) in Pennsylvania
Before you call, you should have the following information:
       The person’s full name (including all aliases and second names)
       Their date of birth
       Their Alien Registration Number (aka “A number”). It looks like: A 99 999 999
        The A number is on most immigration papers, including a work permit, green card, or
        most other immigration documents. If the person has never been in contact with the U.S.
        immigration system (which usually happens if the person came into the country without
        clearing immigration), the person would not have an A number.

DO NOT say anything about your own immigration status or the status of the person you think
may have been detained. Anything you say can be used against you or the person you are calling
about in court to prove unlawful presence in this country.

DO NOT tell immigration authorities the person’s nation of citizenship or where they were born.
Such statements about a person’s native country can later be used against the person in
immigration court.

If English is not your primary language, please find someone to translate for you.

If the ICE person you speak to refuses to give you information: Ask to speak to with the
“supervisory deportation officer” or the “field office director.” Explain your relationship to the
person you are calling about (advocate, translator, family member). If you are asked for a G-28 or
are told that you cannot be given information because of the Privacy Act, you may need the help
of an attorney. Please see the ACLU of PA’s Prepare Yourself and Your Community in the Case
of Immigration Detention document and the Lawyer Referral Sheet for more information.

1. First, call ICE’s Regional Head Office and their statewide field offices:

                       Philadelphia Field Office (Regional Head Office)
                              Area of Responsibility: PA, WV, DE
                                 1600 Callowhill St., 6th Floor
                                    Philadelphia, PA 19130
                                        (215) 656-7164

ICE/DHS Pittsburgh                                   Pike County Prison
3000 Sidney Street, Suite 100                        175 Pike County Boulevard
Pittsburgh PA 15203                                  Lords Valley, PA 18428
(412) 432-2100 x1                                    (570) 775-1545

Federal Correction Institute Allenwood               York County Prison
P.O. Box 1000                                        3400 Concord Road
White Deer, PA 17887                                 York PA 17402-9007
(570) 547-1990 x0                                    (717) 840-7253 any extension 1-7
(570) 547-6903                                       (717) 840-7752

        You can also call ICE National Headquarters: (202) 305-2734
2. Next, call the local correctional facilities:

If none of the ICE offices listed above has a record of the person you are looking for, the person’s
information may not yet have been entered into the computer system. To find out if the person is
being temporarily held at a county jail that has a contract with ICE, call the numbers below,
starting with the facility that is closest to where the person may have been picked up. The ICE
officials in charge of holding these people may be in another location, but the local jail officials will
probably be able to let you know if the person you are looking for is being held in one of these

      Allegheny County Jail - (412) 350-2137
      Berks County Family Shelter (families only) - (610) 374-0743 x7143
      Berks County Prison - (610) 208-4800 x7
      Berks County Secure Juvenile Facility (juveniles only) - (610) 478-3200
      Cambria County Prison - (814) 472-7330
      Clinton County Correctional Facility - (570) 769-7680 x136 or x100
      Columbia County Prison - (570) 784-4815 x2
      Erie County Prison - (814) 403-9021 x1
      Lackawanna County Prison - (570) 963-6639 x1
      Pike County Prison - (570) 775-5500
      York County Prison - (717) 840-7580 x1

3. Other possibilities:

     If you still cannot find the person you are looking for but the person was near Erie, the
      person may have been stopped by Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Because Erie is
      near the national border, CBP has more authority to conduct searches. People who are
      detained by the CBP Field office in Erie are usually detained at the county jail until a
      deportation officer takes them to an ICE facility.

      CBP Field Office                                   Erie County Jail
      3004 State Street                                  140 West Sixth Street
      Erie, PA 16508                                     Erie, PA 16501
      (814) 459-3085                                     (419) 627-756

     If you think that the person you are looking for may have been arrested by local police, call
      the local county jail. A person can be held for up to 48 hours at any local police station or
      county jail before they are given a court hearing.

     Contact the person’s embassy or consulate. These organizations sometimes have a
      relationship with ICE and visit the detention centers to advocate for their nationals. If your
      consulate is not listed below, go to:
      Mexico      (215) 922-4262                       Guatemala (212) 686-3837
      Dominican Republic (212) 768-2480                Honduras (212) 714-9451
      El Salvador (212) 889-3608                       Nicaragua (212) 986-6562

     If a person has been ordered to appear before an immigration court, contact the
      Immigration Court Information System at 1-800-898-7180 to find out where.

      This is an automated system, and you must type in the person’s Alien Registration Number
      (“A number”) to learn when and where a person will appear in court. If a person is to
      appear in the York Immigration Court, she is detained. If she is to appear in Philadelphia,
      she is not detained. If a person’s A number doesn’t appear in the system, the person could
      still be detained in PA, but is subject to “expedited removal” (meaning the person could be
      deported without going to court) or her information may not yet be in the computer system.
      4. Organizations that Provide Services to Immigrants in Detention

      The following organizations may be able to help a person who has been detained in

      American Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania (ACLU-PA)
      Works to protect and enforce the civil liberties of all people in Pennsylvania, including noncitizens,
      through community action and litigation. Focuses on issues such as language access, improper
      enforcement of immigration law by local government officials, and ethnic profiling.
      P.O. Box 40008, Philadelphia, PA 19106

      Pennsylvania Prison Society
      Has special access to PA state and county prisons and can arrange for a volunteer to visit the
      person in detention and advocate for their rights. Also provide affordable busing from Philadelphia
      to 25 correctional institutions. This organization does not provide legal assistance.
      245 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107
      (215) 564-6005 x100

      Pennsylvanian Immigration Resource Center (PIRC)
      Provides services to individuals and families held in ICE detention in Pennsylvania, primarily to
      those detained at the York County Prison and the Berks County Family Shelter. In limited cases,
      PIRC attempts to find pro bono representation for detainees.
      50 Mt Zion Road, York, PA 17402
      (717) 600-8099

      Nationalities Service Center (NSC)
      Provides legal information, advice and representation to low-income clients, including defense in
      deportation proceedings.
      1216 Arch Street, 4th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107
      (215) 893-8400

      Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)
      Focuses on the Berks Family Shelter and Youth Detention Center and takes some cases of prior
      clients from the York County Prison. HIAS also sends an advocate to visit detainees at the Berks
      Family Shelter.
      2100 Arch Street, 3rd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103
      (215) 832-0900

 Thanks to CUNY’s Citizenship Now!, CASA de Maryland, Detention Watch Network, National Immigration Project of
the National Lawyers’ Guild, CAIR Coalition and all those who are working on these issues in their own communities.

     Produced by the ACLU of Pennsylvania, P.O. Box 40008, Philadelphia, PA 19106  

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