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									     Academic Honesty, Plagiarism and Cheating:
          Quiz – The line between plagiarism and
   Level:Advanced   appropriate writing

Are you really clear where the fine line is between plagiarism and
appropriate writing?
Where do you draw the line? Where is the “fine line” between behaviour that is all right and that which is
not all right? The exercise is modified from Carroll (2004) who cites Swales and Freak (1994). Several of
the scenarios are not all right, but those below them are all right – where is the line? The answer is given
at the end of the unit.

     I.Copying a paragraph. No acknowledgement given
    II.Making small changes in a copied paragraph. No acknowledgement given
   III.Making small changes in a copied paragraph. Source is listed in reference list but not in the text.
   IV. Composing a paragraph without quotation marks that mixes phrases from the original document
       with student’s added words or paraphrasing. Acknowledgement in text and in the reference list.
   V. Referring to a piece of work that is discussed in another text. There is in-text acknowledgement
       and the text is listed in the references, but not the original piece of work.
  VI. Writing a paragraph that is based broadly on material in a text. You cite the in-text reference and
       list the work in the reference list.
  VII. Quoting word for word, a paragraph in block format with quotation marks. It is cited within the
       text and in the reference list

    Choose where you would like to draw the “fine line” between plagiarism and appropriate writing, is it:

  Between I & II    Between II & III   Between III & IV   Between IV & V   Between V & VI    Between VI & VII

                                                                                                   Between V and VI

                                                                                                                      The Answer

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