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									                   Read Naturally
                      2009 T r a i n t h e T r a i n e r
                                        Read Naturally’s pioneering programs
Train the Trainer                       offer a proven strategy to help
                                        struggling readers improve their
                                                                                      by June 30 &
                                                                                       Save $50!
                                        fluency and comprehension. Our
  Oct. 8 – 10, 2009                     Train the Trainer workshop, taught by
                                        nationally recognized educators, provides intensive training in the
   Bloomington, Minn.                   Read Naturally strategy to help you teach other educators how to
                                        implement effective Read Naturally programs.

          Schedule                      Intended Audience
                                        Train the Trainer is aimed specifically at educators who are
Read Naturally                          designated by their schools or school districts to teach the Read
Full-Day Seminar                        Naturally strategy to others. It is not advanced Read Naturally
                                        training for teaching students in the classroom.
Wednesday, Oct. 7
Candyce Ihnot presents the full-day
seminar. (See the Prerequisites to      Before attending Train the Trainer, you must have attended one of
see if required.)                       our full-day Read Naturally seminars. Attendance at the full-day
                                        seminar on Wednesday, Oct. 7 is mandatory for people who have
                                        not yet attended a seminar. Attending the seminar would provide
Train the Trainer                       a refresher for those who have previously attended a seminar.
Thursday, Oct. 8 to Saturday, Oct. 10
Day 1, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
                                          Gain a thorough understanding of Read Naturally’s fluency
  Orientation & workshop overview         solutions, focusing on the Masters Edition (ME) and Software
  Fluency research                        Edition (SE).
  Initial placement                       Learn about other Read Naturally solutions for reading
  Software demonstration and              development and assessment, including the Group and
  practice                                Tutoring Edition (GATE) for beginning readers, Reading
  Concurrent sessions                     Fluency Benchmark Assessor (RFBA), our benchmark fluency
Day 2, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.             assessment product, and Word Warm-ups, which gives students
                                          phonics practice.
  Implementing steps
                                          Learn directly from Candyce Ihnot, founder of Read Naturally,
  Monitoring student progress
                                          and other top Read Naturally experts.
  Concurrent sessions
                                          Learn about the latest fluency research.
Day 3, 8:00 a.m. to noon                  Obtain hands-on presentation practice
  Assessing and evaluating fluency        with Read Naturally experts.
  Presenter tips                          Receive extensive materials for teaching the Read Naturally
  Coaching tools                          strategy, including PowerPoint slides, presenter’s guides,
                                          teacher’s guides, and more (see details on page 2).
What You Will Learn
The Train the Trainer seminar will be led by a team of Read
Naturally experts and nationally recognized educators (see next
page). Using a combination of large-group sessions, small-group
sessions, and individual practice sessions, this in-depth training
will prepare you to successfully teach the Read Naturally concepts
and techniques to educators at in-service workshops and school
You will learn how to teach teachers...
  The importance of attaining fluency and how fluency directly
  correlates with comprehension.
  To combine the research-based strategies of teacher modeling,         Candyce Ihnot, the pioneer in developing a
  repeated reading, and self-monitoring of progress to                  practical, motivating, and effective solution
  significantly improve fluency in developing readers.                  to fluency development.
  To use detailed procedures to implement Read Naturally.               Materials You Will Receive
  To assess and place students in the right Read Naturally levels.
                                                                        You will receive all the training materials
  To assess a student’s reading rate, accuracy, and expression.         you need to understand and teach the Read
  To adjust students’ reading levels and goal rates to accelerate       Naturally strategy (valued at over $400.00).
  their reading achievement and motivation.                             Materials include:
  To implement a computer-based fluency development program               PowerPoint slides and detailed Presenter’s
  with Read Naturally Software Edition.                                   Guides for six-hour and one-hour Read
                                                                          Naturally training classes.*
  To set up a Read Naturally learning center for maximum
                                                                          Electronic masters of handouts used in the
                                                                          six-hour Read Naturally seminar, six-hour
  To identify the purpose and benefits of reading assessments and         SE seminar, and one-hour conference
  the correct use of Read Naturally's assessment tools, including         presentation, including workbooks*,
  the Reading Fluency Benchmark Assessor and the Reading                  placement packet, teacher’s manuals, and
  Fluency Progress Monitor.                                               white papers.
                                                                          A Rationale and Research packet, which
                                                                          explains the rationale behind the Read
 Seminar Location                                                         Naturally strategy and research results that
                                                                          show its effectiveness.
 Hilton Minneapolis South/Bloomington                                     A Placement Packet, which includes
 3900 West American Boulevard                                             complete instructions for placing students,
                                                                          a placement worksheet, and stories for
 Bloomington, MN 55431                                                    conducting placement tests.
                              Conveniently located 15 minutes west of
 952.893.9500                  the Minneapolis-St. Paul International     An ME Teacher’s Guide, which describes
 Website:        Airport at I-494 and France Avenue.       the materials needed for an effective Read
   To receive a special                                                   Naturally program, explains each step in the
   room rate, call                                                        Read Naturally strategy, includes sample
   1.800.HILTONS                                                          lesson plans, and provides blackline masters
   or 952.893.9500 and                                                    for parent letters, graphs, and awards.
   mention Read Naturally.                                                An SE 2 self-study course, including an
   This special room rate                                                 illustrated workbook and training CD.
   is subject to room                                                     One Read Naturally level (your choice).
   availability, so reserve
                                                                          A Read Naturally steps poster.
                                                                          An electronic timer for timing students.
                                                                        *Not available to the general public
      Our Instructors
                    Candyce Ihnot is a dynamic, credible presenter                           Dr. Jan Hasbrouck, an educational consultant
                    who will motivate you with her practical approach,                       who has served as Executive Director of the
                    sense of humor, and real life stories. Since 1991,                       Washington State Reading Initiative, has had
                    thousands of teachers have been inspired by her                          extensive experience working with students from
                    Read Naturally presentations. Candyce received the                       kindergarten through college. Widely regarded as
                    National Urban Education Teacher Recognition                             an outstanding presenter, Jan has had widespread
                    Award for developing the Read Naturally strategy.                        experience using the Read Naturally strategy and
                                                                            helping teachers and administrators design and implement effective
                    Marie Bodden is a special education teacher             instructional programs for low-performing students.
                    from College Station, TX, who has extensive
                    experience and success with the Read Naturally                          Sarah Jane Schonour is a National Board
                    strategy in her resource classroom. She is an                           Certified Teacher, author, and consultant who
                    excellent presenter who will inspire you with her                       enjoys sharing strategies that work. She has worked
                    enthusiasm for teaching and her expertise in using                      in public education for over 15 years and has had
                    the Read Naturally strategy.                                            great success using the Read Naturally strategy.
                                                                                            Teachers have been very impressed with the
                     Karen Hunter, Read Naturally's Director of                             expertise and organization of her presentations.
                     Curriculum, has a rich background as a regular
                     classroom teacher, reading specialist, special                         Ben Weisner is the Software Product Manager
                     education teacher, and teacher trainer. Her passion                    at Read Naturally. Ben has been involved in
                     is designing and implementing interventions for                        software product development, support, and
                     "at risk" and learning disabled students and seeing                    training for over 15 years. He is a highly-rated
                     those students make dramatic growth, plus helping                      presenter at technology conferences in North
    other teachers see that kind of growth with their own students.                         America and Europe.

                    Carol Ann Kane is an outstanding presenter
                    and reading resource teacher from Cedar Rapids,
                    IA, who has accelerated the reading achievement of        “It is hard for me to imagine my program before
                    her students by using the Read Naturally strategy.        Read Naturally. There are a lot of children in this
                    As a presenter, Carol shares her experience using         world who have become readers because of your
                    Read Naturally and motivates teachers to use the
                    Read Naturally principles to significantly improve
                                                                              program. My success with it increases every year!”
    the fluency and comprehension of Title I, special education, ELL,                       – Barbara Shulman, Issaquah, Washington
    and mainstream students.

                                                                   You can register online, by phone, by fax,           Read Naturally, Inc.
     Train the Trainer Registration Form                                                                                750 S. Plaza Drive #100
                                                                   or by mailing your registration to...                St. Paul, MN 55120

Name ________________________________ Home Address _________________________________________
City _______________________________________ State ____________ Zip __________________________
Home Phone __________________________ E-mail Address _________________________________________
Seminar Option:                       With Seminar (Oct. 7–10)                               Without Seminar (Oct. 8–10)
                                                            $449.00                                                         $399.00
                                                        After 6/30/09, and SAVE $50.00!
                                By 6/30/09, $449.00 by June 30, 2009, $499.00
                                             *Register                            By 6/30/09, $399.00                  After 6/30/09, $449.00

Method of Payment:                 Check Enclosed                            Purchase Order Number ______________________

                                   Credit Card              Circle:        VISA            MasterCard

                               Card Number__________________________________ Exp. Date _________________

                               Security Code _____________ Signature ______________________________________
                                 phone: 800.788.4085 or 651.452.4085           fax: 651.452.9204       website:
   Read Naturally combines three     Read Naturally’s                           Det
    research-proven strategies...                                                   a
                                     Train the Trainer                         Insi ils
                                     Workshop                                      de!
        Teacher        Repeated      Intensive training for educators who
        Modeling        Reading
                                     train others to implement effective Read
                                     Naturally programs at their schools!
                Monitoring           October 8 to 10, 2009
                                     Bloomington, Minnesota accelerate the reading
     achievement of Title I, ELL,
         special education, and
         mainstream students.    

 ST. PAUL, MN                                website:
      PAID                                   fax: 651.452.9204
 US POSTAGE                                  phone: 651.452.4085 or 800.788.4085
  PRSRT STD                                  Saint Paul, Minnesota 55120
                                             750 S. Plaza Drive #100

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