THE Burris Steps to Empowerment with THE Burris Life

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					                                               THE Burris
7 Steps to Empowerment with
   THE Burris Life Coach
Step 1 - Emotional Checklist
                                               Life Coach
Everything you do as a human being is
emotionally driven and this is how you
Measure and Monitor your progress.             The Definitive Standard for ...
 Step 2 - Subconscious Perspective &              Personal - Corporate
 Empowering Questions
 Discover how to permanently take control
                                                 Emotional Intelligence
 of your life from the deepest level of your
                                                  & Spiritual Coaching
  Step 3 - Subconscious Self-Image                 Adults & Ages 7-17
  If you want to make a change the most
  important subconscious image you will
   ever change is the image you have of
   yourself right now. You will also create
    pictures that inspire you and use those
    new pictures to replace ones that may be
    holding you back.

    Step 4 - Stop & Replace System
     This step of the process uses all the
     elements of the program to simply help
     you unlearn what does not work and
      replace it with what does.

      Step 5 - The Heart of...
      THE Burris Life Coach
       Achieve all of your Love, Health,
       Wealth, and Self-Image goals                           Kelly Burris
       through the daily use of this
       empowering tool.

        Step 6 - Food & Fitness
                                               The Only Clinically
         Recognize and replace emotionally      Proven Process for
         driven foods with an emotional
         state that empowers you.                Depression
          Step 7 - Trance-Formation              Weight Control
          The most powerful guided
          meditation you will ever
                                                 Eating Disorders &
          experience.                            Full Control of Your Emotional State
1) What is THE Burris Life Coach?
THE Burris Life Coach is the only clinically      5) Are There any Clinical Studies on This
proven process to measure, monitor & control      Process?
the power of your subconscious.                   Yes, and no one else can make this claim. Following     8) How does THE Burris Life Coach
                                                  are some of the results.                                compare to Spiritual Life Coaching?
2) Why is it important to take control
                                                                                                          The question is: What is the first thing you need
of your subconscious?                                 Depression Symptoms
                                                                                                          to do to reach higher spiritual ground? The first
The subconscious runs approximately four                                        55.7% Improvement         thing you need to do is to fully integrate the
times faster than you can speak and at this           Motivation                                          conscious with the subconscious. The only way
point you do not even know what it is doing. If                               44.6% Improvement           to begin this process is to understand how the
you consciously make a decision to lose               Control Over Eating Habits                          subconscious works. In the second Step of THE
weight, make more money or improve your                                       77.8% Improvement           Burris Life Coach (Subconscious Perspective)
relationships, you are attempting to change                                                               you put your subconscious on paper. You then
                                                      Relationship Satisfaction
your current subconscious programming. If                                                                 begin the process of taking control. The
you do not know how the subconscious works,                                   25.3% Improvement
                                                                                                          subconscious will not only keep you from
you are guessing how to obtain your goals. It     For more detailed results on the clinical studies       attaining your goals it will also keep you from
simply does not make any sense to guess what      go to                              reaching your superconscious.
might work while your subconscious is
running amuck.                                    6) How does THE Burris Life Coach work                  9) What is the most important question
                                                  in the corporate environment?                           all Life Coach’s must answer?
3) What makes THE Burris Life                     Your success in any environment is dependent upon       The most important question all Life Coach’s
Coach the definitive standard for Life            on how quickly you are able to process information      must answer is…What determines human
Coaching?                                         and people. After completion of a THE Burris Life       behavior? If a Life Coach can not answer this
THE Burris Life Coach is the definitive           Coach you will have a powerful set of tools that will   question with supreme clarity how can they
standard for Life Coaching because no other       first empower you to take control of every aspect of    possibly expect to help you move toward your
program or institution has a clinically proven    your life.                                              goals? I have yet to come across a Life Coach a
process for Depression, Motivation, Weight                                                                psychologist or psychiatrist for that matter who
Control, Eating Disorders, Relationships and      7) How does Burris Life Coaching compare                can answer this question. This question is of
Full Control of Your Emotional State &            to Emotional Intelligence Coaching?                     course answered with supreme clarity by every
Behavior.                                                                                                 Certified Burris Life Coach.
                                                  The basis for THE Burris Life Coach is all behavior
                                                  is emotionally driven. If you understand how an         10) Does THE Burris Life Coach have
4) How well does THE Burris Life                  emotional state comes about you can intervene and       anything to do with psychotherapy?
Coach work for children and teens?                change your behavior. In terms of all other
                                                                                                          No. THE Burris Life Coach is a Program
THE Burris Life Coach has been used in fifth      Emotional Intelligence Coaching there is a question
                                                                                                          Process. No one in the field of Life Coaching
grade classes and up since 1992 and is            you need to ask: “Can I fix something if I do not
                                                                                                          or psychology is capable of proving what they
currently being integrated more widely into       know how it works?” You must know how an
                                                                                                          say they can produce. THE Burris Life Coach
middle schools and high schools. THE Burris       emotional state comes about if you are going to help
                                                                                                          has however been endorsed by psychologist
Life Coach is now available for ages 7-17.        someone improve their Emotional Intelligence. If
                                                                                                          because this community realizes the importance
                                                  you do not know how an emotional state comes
                                                                                                          of understanding how to fix a problem, not just
                                                  about you are once again simply guessing.
                                                                                                          talk about it or give advice about it.

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