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									ABOUT OLAC
Online Audiovisual Catalogers, Inc. is the only
organization for catalogers concerned with all
types of nonprint materials, including a wide
range of digital resources as well as more
“traditional” formats: video and sound
recordings, Internet websites, databases, maps,
multimedia, graphic materials, and realia.

Through OLAC’s conferences, workshops,
publications, and the OLAC website and                   FURTHER INFORMATION
electronic discussion list, catalogers exchange
information and enjoy expert and practical         OLAC membership applications, conference
advice on cataloging audiovisual resources.         information, newsletters, book reviews,
                                                      and publications can be found at the
An international organization representing a        OLAC Web site: http://www.olacinc.org
diverse library constituency, OLAC has been
                                                   For membership inquiries, applications
in the forefront of advocacy for the integration
of standard bibliographic records for all
                                                    and address changes, please contact:
nonprint material into library catalogs.              Bobby Bothmann, OLAC Treasurer
                                                           Memorial Library 3097
As library collections reflect increasing use                   PO Box 8419
of nonprint media, especially electronic media        Minnesota State University, Mankato
of all kinds, OLAC provides a channel of                    Mankato, MN 56002
communication with the Library of Congress               robert.bothmann@mnsu.edu
and with other library organizations about
developing international standards and prac-           Membership rates in U.S. dollars:
tices for cataloging new and existing formats.          Personal (North America) $20.00
                                                      Institutional (North America) $25.00
OLAC’s Cataloging Policy Committee                  Foreign (Outside North America) $25.00
(CAPC) publishes authoritative resources and
training materials for cataloging AV materials.     Questions about OLAC or AV cataloging
Recent publications include Authority Tools           can be posted to the OLAC listserv.
for Audiovisual and Music Catalogers (2005)                For more information see
and Introduction to Cataloging Electronic                   http://www.olacinc.org/
Integrating Resources: An Online Training
Presentation (2003). CAPC publications may
be viewed on OLAC’s website, along with                            rev. 6/2006
Book Reviews of Interest to AV Catalogers
and Useful Websites for AV Catalogers.

                       OLAC’s PURPOSES          MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS                               RECENT PUBLICATIONS
                       AND OBJECTIVES           OLAC members enjoy a reduced rate for             Available at the OLAC website
                         To establish and       OLAC conference attendance. A scholarship         http://www.olacinc.org/capc/
                         maintain a group       is awarded each conference year to a member
                         that can speak for     who has not previously attended an OLAC            • Authority Tools for Audiovisual and
                         catalogers of audio-   Conference. A research grant is awarded              Music Catalogers
                         visual materials,      annually.                                          • Guide to Cataloging DVDs Using
                         including digital                                                           AACR2r Chapters 7 and 9
                                                OLAC conferences, held biennially, feature
resources of all types, video recordings,                                                          • Source of Title Note for Internet
                                                a mix of practical workshops dealing with
sound and music, websites, databases, three-    a variety of non-print media, along with             Resources
dimensional artifacts and realia, kits, and     theoretical and visionary sessions on new          • Summary Notes for Catalog Records
graphic and cartographic materials.             and emerging cataloging standards presented        • Online Training: Implementing the
                                                by leaders in the field. Recent conferences          Revised AACR2 Chapter 9 for
 • To provide a means for exchange of           have taken place in Seattle, Washington;             Cataloging Electronic Resources
   information about the cataloging of          St. Paul, Minnesota; and Montreal, Canada.
   audiovisual materials.
                                                The quarterly OLAC Newsletter, available          KEY EVENTS
 • To provide a means of continuing             online at http://www.olacinc.org/newsletters      1980
   education for catalogers of audiovisual      keeps members up to date with OLAC’s               • 30 catalogers meet in New York City to
                                                activities. It includes reviews of professional      form On-Line Audiovisual Catalogers
                                                resources as well as the useful OLAC              1984
                                                Cataloger’s Judgment column with questions         • First OLAC conference, Dublin, Ohio
 • To provide a means of communication          and answers about challenging nonprint
   among catalogers of audiovisual materials.                                                      • Cataloging Policy Committee formed
                                                cataloging conundrums.
 • To work toward common understanding          OLAC membership meetings, held during              • First OLAC Award (later renamed the
   of international cataloging practices        the ALA midwinter meetings and annual                Nancy B. Olson Award) presented to
   and standards for audiovisual materials      conferences and at OLAC biennial conferences,        Verna Urbanski
   including but not limited to AACR3,          regularly include a question-and-answer           1991
   RDA, and evolving metadata schemas.          session where members and visitors may             • OLAC Archive established
                                                address questions to cataloging experts.
 • To provide a means of communication                                                             • OLAC becomes NACO member via
   and advocacy with the Library of             Members can recommend and have influence
                                                                                                     Funnel Project
                                                on developing cataloging standards for
   Congress, bibliographic utilities and                                                          2005
                                                emerging and existing formats through
   other organizations.                                                                            • OLAC is granted an official representative
                                                OLAC’s Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC.)
                                                                                                     to ALA’s Committee on Cataloging:
 • To encourage research and professional       All catalogers can find assistance with              Description and Access (CC:DA)
   development in the field of audiovisual      cataloging on the OLAC website:
   cataloging through research grants and       http://www.olacinc.org and through the            For current Key Events, see
   scholarships awarded to members.             OLAC electronic discussion list.                  http://www.olacinc.org/facts.html

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