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									Teacher notes

Present simple board game
Language point                                                   What do I do?
Present simple tense                                             1 Divide students into groups of 3 or 4.

                                                                 2 Give each player a counter and each
Aim                                                                group a dice.

To practise the present simple tense and                         3 Students place their counters on
develop fluency.                                                   START and throw the dice to decide
                                                                   who starts.

                                                                 4 Student A throws the dice and moves
                                                                   forward that number of squares.
Students ask and answer questions using
                                                                 5 Student B asks Student A the question
the present simple in order to move along
                                                                   on that square. If Student A answers
the board and reach the end.
                                                                   with the correct form, and
                                                                   the rest of the group agree that the
                                                                   answer is correct, Student A's counter
Organization                                                       remains where it is. If the answer is
                                                                   incorrect, the counter returns to its
Group work.                                                        original square.

                                                                      To develop fluency, encourage the group to
Preparation                                                           develop a short conversation after each
                                                                      answer with follow up questions.
Make a copy of the board game for
each group of three or four students.                            6 Students take it in turns, repeating
                                                                   step 5 and moving around the board
Each player needs a counter and each                               until one student reaches FINISH.
group needs a dice.                                                This student is the winner!

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                      1                             2                             3                    4

                                       What do
 Start          How     What do you
              often do usually do in
                                      you usually                                                  Miss a
              you swim? the mornings? do in the                                                    turn!

     9                8                             7                             6                    5

  How                                                                 What do
                                           Wh at do                      you
often do      Go back 2 yo u us ually                                                               How
  you                                                                                             often do
 watch         spaces     eat for                                     do at the
                                                                                                 you cook?
                                          breakfast?                  weekends
  TV?                                                                     ?
    10                11                           12                            13                   14

 Where do     When d o y ou               How often
                                                                         What do                   Move
                                                                         you do in
you usually   usu all y go on            do you go to
                                                                         your free
                                                                                                 forward 2
 eat lunch?     holi day?                the cinema?
                                                                           time?                   spaces

    19               18                            17                            16                   15

What time
                 Miss a                   How     What is                                         How many
  do you
                                        often do your daily                                      languages do
 usually         turn!                  you read? routine?                                        you speak?
go to bed?

    20                21                           22                            23                   24
How many        What 's the              Where do                      How many
times a day   first thing you               you                        g?lasses of                  Move
  do you         usually do              usually                        water do                  forward 3
brush your       when you                   eat                        you drink
                                          dinner?                                                  spaces!
   teeth?      arrive home?                                            every day?

                     28                            27                            26                   25
                                          How often                     What do                    What do
Finish        Go back 2                     do you                     you usually                you usually
               spaces!                    play games                     eat for                    do on
                                           like this?                    lunch?                    Sundays?

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