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					Arts, Recreation & Worship                                        The Schedule

                                                                                                    Parkville, MO 64152
                                                                                                    16965 NW 45 Highway
                                                                                                    Heartland Presbyterian Center
     Tired of the same old ideas? Need to        Sunday
re-fill your cup of energy and creativity?       4-6 PM 	 Register & Move In
Want to step out and become the ministry         6 PM 	 Dinner
leader you always wanted to be? Then join        7 PM 	 Gathering and Activities
                                                 8 PM 	 Worship
us for four days of fellowship, learning and
sharing. You are sure to go home with            Monday
more ideas than you can use in a year, and       8 AM 	 Breakfast
                                                 9 AM
 Movin’ & Groovin’- group building
a long list of friends you can call on to help
          and bonding activities you will enjoy
        and will be able to “bring home.”
                                                     10 AM	 Session A
Who is HARW for?                                     12 Noon Lunch
                                                     1 PM 	 Free Time/Interest Group Time - space
    Anyone involved in ministry will find
                                                     	      for folks to talk more about shared
welcome and refreshing resources to enrich           	      interests.
their ministry. At HARW you will find                2 PM	 Session B
pastors, Directors of Children’s Education,          5:30 PM Dinner
Youth Directors, Music Leaders, Camp Staff           7 PM	 Interactive Group Learning Experience
and lay people interested in creativity in           8 PM	 Worship

worship.                                         Tuesday
                                                 8 AM 	 Breakfast
                                                 9 AM
 Movin’ & Groovin’
Why should I come?                               10 AM	 Session C

     You will get creative new ideas to bring    12 Noon Lunch
back to your ministry. Whether you are an        1 PM 	 Free Time/Interest Group Time
artist who wants to know more about              2 PM	 Session D
recreation, or a youth director who needs        5:30 PM Dinner                                                                                  Arts, Recreation, & Worship
                                                 7 PM	 Interactive Group Learning Experience
to know how to include technology in             8 PM	 Worship                                                                                       October 14-17, 2007
ministry - there is something at HARW for
you! Come with an open mind ready to
learn and go home with more ideas than
                                                 8 AM 	 Breakfast
                                                 9 AM 	 Session E (PLACE meeting)
you can use in a year.                           11 AM	 Closing Worship                                                                          Rejoice in the Lord always.
                                                 12 Noon Lunch
                                                 1 PM	 Departure                                                                                 And again I say: REJOICE!
You are not alone!
     One of the wonderful by-products of                                                                                                                   Phil 4:4
                                                 Also Available every day:
bringing people passionate about ministry
                                                 Spirituality Center                                                                              Heartland Presbyterian Center
is the friendship that develop. Come and

                                                                                                         KANSAS CITY, MO
                                                 Cokesbury Bookstore

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                                                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                        16965 NW 45 Hwy

meet friends who are doing what you do           Labyrinth
                                                                                                                                                           Parkville, MO

and know what you are talking about              Prayer Trail
BEFORE you explain it!                                                                                                                                    (816)891-1078
Workshop Descriptions                                                       Preserving the Experience – Scrapbooking                                     Driving your ministry on the Information Superhighway
                                                                            OK, so you had a great time, took some great pictures and want to            Do you want to Supercharge your ministry with an Internet Website?
Creative Arts – Journey Inward
Open new windows to your soul by using art as a spiritual resource.
                                                                            share the experience with as many people as possible….but how?
                                                                            Scrapbooking binders make a great way to share your experience
                                                                                                                                                         Do you want to move your ministry onto the Information Superhighway?
                                                                                                                                                         Does the thought of creating your own website fill you with fear and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         HARW Registration
Explore your contemplative side as we create personal expressions of        with folks back home. Come to learn. Bring pictures and supplies if          trepidation? Don’t let it get the best of you! You don’t need to be a       Name ! !                    !              !                              !
our spirituality – artistic ability not required. We will explore how to    you have them or just come to learn! Debbie Raines is registrar at           computer wiz to create an effective web presence for your ministry.         !           First !        !               !               Last
share artistic exploration with your congregation. Sarah Butler,            Heartland Presbyterian Center, Parkville, MO.                                We’ll show you the tools you need, the basics of web creation, and the      Address !      !                           !             !
Pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church in Pleasanton, KS, is a writer and                                                                                     shortcuts and pitfalls of taking your ministry into the cyber-world.
painter.                                                                    Making Faith Fun                                                             Patrick Yancey is former Director of Senior High Youth Ministries at        City ! !        State !                             Zip !!
Creative Arts – Journey Outward                                             Faith experiences are not just for Sunday mornings. Each day, every          Westminster Presbyterian Church in Topeka, KS.                              Telephone (  )                                      !             !
It’s more than banners. Liturgical art can build community and open         activity, and even familiar routines bring new opportunities to praise                                                                                   Email ! !      !                           !             !
new windows to the soul – and it can be experienced by everyone!            and worship God. Learn how to make worship a part of the everyday            Music for the Non-Musical
                                                                            lives of your congregation. Amy Viets is the Director of Children’s          Children love to bang a drum, shake a tambourine, and blow a flute.         Church !       !                           !             !
Learn how to share art as a spiritual resource with your congregation –
                                                                            Ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Overland Park,                     Music also reinforces learning and adds to the experience of your           Roommate Request !                         !             !
artistic ability not required. Sarah Butler, Pastor of 1st Presbyterian
Church in Pleasanton, KS, is a writer and painter.                          Kansas, and author of Making Faith Fun.                                      ministry. Don’t let the fact that you are tone-deaf or are born with two
                                                                                                                                                         left feet stop you! We’ll teach you simple ways to incorporate music into   Program Fee
Be a Clown                                                                  Telling Your Spiritual Stories                                               your ministry. Dale Bolyard is Director of Music at Pine Ridge
Have a thing for make-up? Always wanted a big, red nose? Hair that          The heart of faith is filled with stories. From the Bible to personal        Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO.                                        Full Program!!                           $225!           $!
stands out in a crowd? Want a way to help children, youth and adults        accounts, stories have the power to heal in a way no other form of                                                                                       (Based on triple occupancy - includes meals and program)
serve in a fun and challenging way? Why not try Clowning? Bobo              communication can match. This class will provide practical and fun           Getting right to the point with PowerPoint                                        Commuter! !                         $110!           $!
(Alex) will offer information, guidelines and areas to help your ministry   ways to tell your spiritual stories. Whether it is an enlightening           Multi-media adds depth to our messages and creativity to our learning.      (Includes program and lunches & dinners)
soar to the Big Top in worship, visitation, evangelism and more. Bring      moment, a personal struggle, or a simple experience that deepened            In this session we will teach you the when and how to create useful and           Evening Program!                    $50!            $!
clothes to clown in, a sense of humor and your inner child. Alex            your relationship with God. Michael Humphrey is a Feature Writer at          meaningful PowerPoint presentations to augment your ministry                (Includes program ONLY from 7-9 PM)
Wales is the Pastor of 1st Presbyterian Church, Warrensburg, MO.            the Kansas City Star Magazine, Kansas City, MO.                              experiences. Patrick Yancey is former Director of Senior High Youth          APCE Discount!       -$50! $!
                                                                                                                                                         Ministries at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Topeka, KS.                Total! !      !        !        $!
Outdoor Backpacking                                                         Spiritual Photography
Love to camp and ready to take the next step? This workshop                 God's wonders abound around us. Whether it is the beauty of a                                                                                                       *Scholarships Available
explores the basics of overnight backpacking, maps, tents, and meals.       sunset or the joy reflected in a child's face, we can see the mark of                     Workshop Schedules                                             Method of Payment
Topics include family and group camping. We’ll bring all the supplies if    God throughout the day. Capturing those images and using them as                                                                                             CHECK !                    VISA/MASTERCARD
you bring the enthusiasm! We’ll meet outside and take a short hike          physical worship pieces is an art in itself! Bring a camera and learn
together, so please dress accordingly. Matt Vaughan is the Director         the basics of digital photography, and how to use your shots in                     Session A                                 Session D                  !           -!              -!             -!                         /
of Youth Ministries at Village Presbyterian Church, Prairie Village, KS.    worship. Landon Whitsitt is an avid photographer and Pastor of 1st             Monday 10 AM-Noon                         Tuesday 2-4 PM
                                                                            Presbyterian Church in Liberty, MO.                                                                                                                      !           Credit Card Number!                 !                 Expires
Challenge Course Experience                                                                                                                            1 - Making Faith Fun                   16 - Workshop Rotation on a
Challenge yourself by tackling the challenge course at Heartland! See                                                                                  2 - Inward – Creative Art                         Budget                      !           !               !              !               !
how meeting challenges accomplished through teamwork and                    Workshop Rotation on a Budget                                              3 - Website 101                        17 - Power Point 101                                                      Signature
camaraderie can enhance your ministry. Alexis Bechtold is the               Eager to start using the rotational model of children’s ministry but not   4 - Telling Your Spiritual             18 - Telling your Spiritual
Activities Director at Heartland Presbyterian Center, Parkville, MO.        sure if you have the resources to pull it off? Do you currently have a                Story                                  Story                       Workshop Choices
                                                                            rotational ministry and want to augment it without breaking your           5 - GPS                                19 - Backpacking
GPS – Finding Your Way!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  A!     B!                         C!             D!               E
                                                                            budget? Join us as we learn to creatively transform classrooms into                                               20 - Popcorn Theology
Come experience the fun and team building this new technology               wondrous worship and educational spaces. Kris Adler is Director of                  Session B
offers! We’ll learn the basics of using a GPS device and enjoy time in      Christian Education at Central Presbyterian Church in Omaha, NE.                  Monday 2-4 PM                               Session E
teams finding the “way-points” on the Heartland GPS Course! Alexis                                                                                     6 - Making Faith Fun                    Wednesday 10 AM - Noon
Bechtold is the Activities Director at Heartland Presbyterian Center,       Bringing Worship along on Your Mission Trip                                7 - Mission Trips                      21 - Popcorn Theology
Parkville, MO.                                                              So you’ve planned the perfect mission trip for your ministry. You’ve       8 - Photography                        22 - Music for the
                                                                                                                                                       9 - Clowning                                    Non-Musical                       Send Registration and Minimum of $50
Team Course Skills                                                          booked the site, bought the supplies, found the chaperones – heck
                                                                            you even remembered to put air in the tires and fill the gas tank! Did     10 - Challenge Course                  23 - PLACE Meeting                          deposit to: Programs; 16965 NW 45
We all work hard to bring people together, to get them to welcome                                                                                                                             24 - Workshop Rotation on a
each other, and encourage them to form a community. We can also all         you remember to include spaces for worship and faith development                                                                                                 Highway; Parkville, MO 64152
                                                                            as well as outreach on your trip? We’ll discuss the “why’s” behind                  Session C                              Budget
use fresh new ideas and skills in forming a team. We’ll play laugh and                                                                                                                        25 -Challenge Course                                         Toll Free: 888-422-6752
learn! Brian Frick is the Program Director at Heartland Presbyterian        your trip and help you find meaningful ways to incorporate worship            Tuesday 10 AM - Noon
                                                                            and faith development on your trip and ways to share the experience        11 - Music for the                                                                                     SAVE TIME -
Center, Parkville, MO.
                                                                            when you return home. Carla Hilton is Director of Children’s Ministry               Non-Musical                                                                                 REGISTER ONLINE
Popcorn Theology                                                            at Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, MO and Paula               12 - Outward
Movies speak to us emotionally and they can also speak to us                Isgrig is Director of Children’s Ministry at 2nd Presbyterian Church,             – Creative Art                                                             WWW.HEARTLANDCENTER.ORG
theologically. Learn basics of integrating film clips into video            Kansas City, MO.                                                           13 - Scrapbooking
presentations for youth and adult teachings and sermon.                                                                                                14 - Creative Photography                                                         Shuttles Available at no cost from
presentations that speak volumes in pictures. Mich Phillips is                                                                                         15 - Team Building Skills                                                         Kansas City International Airport
Director of Youth Ministries at Parkville Presbyterian Church, Parkville,