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This contract forms a binding agreement between the two by gtd16694


									This contract forms a binding agreement between the two parties named below in respect to their Cuckold World .Com Marriage:

                                                                      Bride                                                  Groom

                  Without abstention both parties have, by means of performing the Cuckold World.Com Marriage ceremony, agree solemnly to comply with the follow
                  set of vows.

(For the sake of clarity the term Bride refers to                    . The term Groom refers to                    . The term Partner refers to the third party within an ex
marital affair.)

                                                                                                       Section 1


(1.1)*   The bride will reserve the right to pursue and undertake extra marital affairs.

(1.2)*   These extra marital affairs can be of a heterosexual or homosexual nature.

(1.3)* The number of partners is not
limited in anyway.

(1.4)* The selection of a partner is the sole responsibility of the bride.

(1.5)*   The groom must be informed at the beginning of the extra marital affair.

(1.6)* All details of the extra marital affair must be conveyed to the groom.

(1.7)* The bride reserves the right to terminate the extra marital affair at a time of her choosing.

(1.8)* The Bride when in the company of extra marital partners at all times must pay attention to the use of contraception.

(1.9)* All extra marital affairs must be covert at all times. Except from the Groom.

(1.10)* A safe system must be arranged for the emergency contact between the Bride and the Groom at all times during an extra marital affair experience.

(1.11)   The Groom must carry out tasks as detailed by the Bride during any extra marital affair experience.

(1.12)* The Groom must never undertake any activity that could be construed as attempting to facilitate an extra marital affair between himself and another.

(1.13)   The Groom may be allowed heterosexual or homosexual experiences as deemed appropriate by the Bride.

(1.14)* The Groom shall never join the Bride and her partner, unless expressly approved to do so by the Bride.

(1.15)   On occasion the Groom may appeal to postpone an encounter between the Bride and her partner under special circumstances.

(1.16)* Although the postponement of an encounter may be accepted by the Bride, she has no duty to cancel any arrangement between her and her partner on beh
the Groom.
(1.17)   During any extra marital affair experience taking place within the presence of the Groom, the role of the partner will be decided by the Bride as she deems f

(1.18) The cleaning of the Bride and her underwear following an extra marital affair experience is the duty of the Groom. And is to be done in a manner decided on
the Bride.

(1.19)* The Groom will give the Bride cunnilingus prior to the commencement of an extra marital affair experience. This will signify the official beginning of the

(1.20)* The Groom will offer the Bride cunnilingus following an extra marital affair experience. This will signify the official end of the extra marital aspect of the

                                                                                                     Section 2


(2.1)* The Bride will have full control
of all household finance.

(2.2)*   The Groom will only have access to finance as the Bride sees fit.

(2.3)*   The Groom will be allowed a nominal weekly allowance as agreed by the Bride on a weekly basis.

                                                                                                     Section 3


(3.1)    Intercourse between the Bride and Groom will take place in a manner decided on by the Bride.

(3.2)    The Groom must submit to any sexual advances by the Bride.

(3.3)    The use of a harnessed dildo will facilitate the penetration of the Groom by the Bride in order to maintain a gynosupremacist relationship.

(3.4)* Both the Bride and the Groom must maintain a high standard of hygiene at all times.

(3.5)    The Groom is responsible for the cleaning of any apparatus used during intercourse.

(3.6)    The Bride will allow the Groom to orgasm once for every five orgasms she has experienced.

(3.7)    The Groom must at each session offer cunniligus to the Bride.

(3.8)    The Groom is responsible to the supply of all absorbent materials to be placed within the vicinity of the bed.

(3.9)    The Groom may only ejaculate on approval from the Bride.

(3.10)   The method of disposal of any spilt semen is at the discretion of the Bride.
(3.11)   The Groom may not be permitted to request sexual intercourse.

(3.12)   The Groom may not be permitted to have an unauthorised erection.

                                                                                                     Section 4

                                                                                         Chastity Enforcement

(4.1)* The Groom will wear, at all times, his chastity device as supplied and fitted by the Bride.

(4.2)* The key to the chastity device will be held only by the Bride at all times.

(4.3)* An emergency key must be available within a sealed envelope crossed with the Brides signature. It can only be used in dire emergencies.

(4.4)    Removal of the chastity device is at the discretion of the Bride.

(4.5)    Extended removal time will be issued as reward for good behavior

(4.6) Extended attachment time will
be issued as punishment.

(4.7)    Whilst in chaste the Groom must remain prepared to submit to any intercourse.

(4.8)    Whilst not in chaste the Groom may not masturbate unless expressly ordered to by the Bride.

(4.9)* An initial maximum chaste period of three days is to be observed. With extended periods thereafter, at the discretion of the Bride.

                                                                                                     Section 5

                                                                                            Ownership Rights

(5.1)    The Bride may commission a tattoo upon the Grooms body stating her claim to her possession.

(5.2)* The Groom will not
argue with the Bride.

(5.3)    The Groom will not raise his
voice to the Bride.

(5.3)     The Groom will
not criticize the Bride.

(5.4) The Groom will not break
promises to the Bride.

(5.5)    The Bride has possession of all the Grooms innermost fantasies.

(5.6)    All material items within the household, which were budgeted for by the Bride, are the possession of the Bride.

(5.7)    The Bride may order the Groom to wear anything at her own discretion.
                                                                                                    Section 6

                                                                                                Domestic Duties

(6.1)   The Groom will carry out with immediate affect any domestic duty as requested for by the Bride.

(6.2)   The searching for all Cuckold World .Com Marriage apparatus to be purchased is the duty o f the Groom. His findings must then be recommended to the Brid

(6.3)   The Groom is responsible for the cleanliness of all Cuckold World .Com Marital apparatus.

                                                                                                    Section 7


(7.1)   All punishment will be administered by the Bride, or a partner acting on behalf of the Bride.

(7.2) Punishments are at the
discretion of the Bride.

(7.3)   Punishments can take the form of any of the following (in reverse order of severity):

Extra domestic duties ? Extra jobs or a higher standard of workmanship will be expected.

Whipping - To be administered using the riding crop across the buttocks whilst the Groom bends forward against a wall or over a piece of furniture. Given in groups
six, the number of groups depending on the severity of the crime.

        Extended periods of chaste ? Up to two week extensions can be placed on the chaste period.

Denial of witness to extra marital affair activities ? A punishment to be carried out during an extra marital affair experience.

Humiliation - The sexual ridicule of the Groom in front of the partner. The enforcement of feminisation or homosexuality, photographically recorded for future use.
Candles ? The insertion of a candle in the Grooms anus, whilst he is inverted against a wall for support. The candle is then lit and left to burn until no less than three
centimeters remain visible.

(7.4)   All punishments must be real and not role-play. Suitable restraint must be issued.

                                                                                                   Section 8

                                                                                               General Rules

(8.1)   All vows not annotated by * are punishable offences. The remaining are contract compromises and will, therefore, result in the termination of the agreement

(8.2)   The Bride is responsible for the composition of a crime and punishment charter, detailing the consequences of breaking each vow.

(8.3)   The Bride is responsible for the imposition of a safe word system during punishments.

(8.4)* The agreement is binding whilst resident in the family home or during vacations within a hotel or similar rented accommodatio n.

The aforementioned vows will take effect from the date of the Cuckold World .Com Marriage ceremony. The date for this being                                 200 .

                                                                                           Signed in agreement


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