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					                        The Compassionate Friends, Inc.

                       BROCHURE SPONSORSHIP FORM

Yes, I would like to help The Compassionate Friends by sponsoring the printing of a TCF
brochure. I understand that my $500 donation will cover the printing of 5000 copies of the
brochure chosen.

Donor Name_____________________________________________________

Donor Address___________________________________________________

City_________________________State____________Zip Code____________

Phone______________________ E-mail ______________________________

Donation amount $___________

Paid by check______ or credit card ______ Visa        MasterCard     Discover (circle one)

_________-__________-__________-_________ expiration date _____/_____

I would like the acknowledgment on the back of the brochure to read as follows:

“This brochure sponsored by _______________________________________

______________________________” OR ” _____________________________
      in loving memory of

______________________________           _______________________________”

___ I would like to sponsor one of the following brochures: (list three choices)

        1. ______________________________________________

        2. ______________________________________________

        3. ______________________________________________


___ Please use this donation to sponsor the printing of any brochure including

        ___Spanish language brochures.

I understand that every effort will be made to honor my brochure request.

(TCF may contact you if a different brochure becomes available before those you listed)

Send form with sponsorship donation to: The Compassionate Friends, PO Box 3696,
Oak Brook, IL 60522-3696. All sponsorships are tax deductible.

           Thousands of people will receive support from this brochure because
            of your support of the brochure sponsorship program. Thank you!