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Background Over the next couple of weeks staff years by Buick


									              Background                                    What in the survey?                                      Why bother?
                                                    The    Retirement     Intentions      survey    is   This is your chance to influence the work
Over the next couple of weeks staff 45
                                                    designed to canvass a range of issues                arrangements available in the future. By
years or older from this agency will be
                                                    important to mature employees including:             responding to the survey you will let,
asked to participate in an anonymous
voluntary Retirement Intentions survey.                  factors influencing retirement                     decision makers know what is important
The     consulting    group    “Data     Analysis        the planned timing of retirement                   to your future at work
                                                         financial planning for retirement                  your agency know what it can do to help
Australia” is undertaking this study on
                                                    To make sure that there is a cross section              with your transition to retirement
behalf of the Department of the Premier
                                                    of employees in the survey, a number of              The survey will also help simulate your
and Cabinet.
                                                    general questions about respondents are              thinking about - why you would retire,
Currently, almost half of the Western               included. These will NOT be used in any              when you want to retire and can you
Australian public sector workforce is aged          way to identify individual employees.                realistically afford to leave at a time of
45 years and older.         In practical terms,                                                          your choosing?
this means that over the next 10 years a             What’s the information for?
large    proportion    of     our   skilled   and   The    information     obtained       from     the        How long will it take?
experienced workforce will be looking               retirement intentions survey will be used            The survey is designed to take no longer

toward retirement.                                  by     government       to    manage           the   than 10 minutes of your time. You will

                                                    demographic change facing the public                 not need any do any preparation or
In order to plan for this transition, central                                                            collate any information.     As the title
                                                    sector workforce.
government and individual agencies need                                                                  suggests this is a survey about your
to      ensure   that       “baby       boomer”     Agencies participating in this project will          intentions, so there are no right or wrong
expectations and aspirations are balanced           also be able to use the information to               answers. Please do not spend too much
with the need to deliver uninterrupted              develop skill transition plans as well as            time considering your responses.
services    to   the    Western        Australian   recruitment, retention and retirement
community.                                          strategies specific to their needs.
         Survey distribution
                                                                                              Government of
In order to save time and resources the
                                                                                             Western Australia
Retirement Intention survey has been
developed as an e-survey.
                                                        For further information
                                                                                       RETIREMENT INTENTIONS
                                                             please contact
Over    the    next    couple       of    weeks   a                                        SURVEY 2006
representative from HR will email you a
link to the e-survey. Please follow the
instructions closely and if you have any                Data Analysis Australia        Staff Information
problems accessing the survey please
contact your agency’s IT branch. If you                     Hotline (08) 9386 9005
have other problems completing the                      Between 9am and 4.30 Mon-Fri
survey you can contact the Data Analysis
Australia Hotline:
                (08) 9386 9005
       Between 9am and 4.30 Mon-Fri

        Reporting of Findings
The analysis of the Retirement Intentions
survey should be completed by mid
2006.      The findings will be made
available progressively during the latter                     Or go to
half of 2006.
The Department of the Premier and
Cabinet       will    make      a        whole    of
Government report available.

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