Interconnect Solutions for Commercial Aircraft Amphenol Interconnect Product Solutions by henrypford

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									 Interconnect Solutions
for Commercial Aircraft

Interconnect Product Solutions for
Amphenol leads the marketplace in design expertise
and manufacture of connectors, backplane, and
accessory products for the
Commercial Aircraft
Amphenol Corporation is
known for its engineering
innovation and long history
of supplying reliable inter-
connect solutions for leading
airframe companies such as Airbus,
Boeing, Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault,
Embraer Gulfstream and Raytheon.
The array of products presented in this brochure are
manufactured and supported worldwide by Amphenol
Companies(ISO 9001, AS9100 certified). We work closely
with customers to meet next-generation aircraft
application needs.

   ARINC Connectors
   Chassis Assemblies
   Data Bus Interconnects & Couplers
   D-Sub Connectors
   Fiber Optic Assemblies (with ARINC 801)
   Filter Connectors
   Flex Circuitry
   High Density Rectangular Connectors
                                                    Engines, Nacelles and Controls
   High Frequency Contacts
   Micro-D Connectors                                    Backplanes
   NAFI/UHD Connectors                                   Connectors with High Speed Contacts
   Quadrax High Speed Contacts                           Clutch-Lok High Vibration 38999
   Relay Sockets to MIL-PRF-12883                        EN 2997
   RF Connectors                                         ESC 10, 11, 15, 16
   RJ Field (Rugged RJ45, USB & Firewire)                FADEC Shorting Plugs
   Rigid Flex PWB                                        Filter Connectors
   RNJ Blind Mates Low Profile                           Ground Plane 38999
   R39 Connectors                                        Hermetic Connectors
   SIM Modular Interconnect Solutions to EN4165          MIL-C-26500
   Terminal Junction Modules to MIL-T-81714              MIL-C-83723 Series III
   1900 Rectangular Connectors to EN3545                 MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III
Landing Gear                                      Galleys, Cabin Lighting, IFE
   Clutch-Lok High Vibration 38999                   Amphe-Power Connectors with RADSOK®
   Customized Support Systems                        Composite MIL-DTL-38999 Circulars
   Filter Connectors                                 Composite SIM Modular Interconnect Solutions
   Flex Circuitry                                    Data Bus & Couplers Interconnects
   MIL-C-26482                                       D-Sub Connectors
   MIL-C-83723 Series III                            Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (with ARINC 801)
   MIL-C-26500                                       RJ Field (Rugged RJ45, USB, Firewire)
   MIL-DTL-38999                                     High Speed Quadrax
                                                     In-Line Splices
                                                     Lighting Connectors
                                                     PCB Terminal Blocks
                                                     Push Pull Connectors
                                                     RNJ Blind Mates
                                                     Wiring Interface Modules
                                                     1900 Rectangular Connectors with Quadrax

                                                  Fuel Management Systems
                                                     Cable Supports and Composite P Clamps
                                                     Clutch-Lok High Vibration 38999
                                                     Feed-Thru Connectors
                                                     Filter Connectors
                                                     Flex Circuitry
                                                     Fuel Immersed Connectors
                                                     Fuel Resistant D38999
                                                     Ground Plane 38999
                                                     Hermetic Connectors
                                                     MIL-C-83723 Series III
                                                     MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III
                                                     Pipe Supports

                                                  Amphenol Integrated Solutions
  Amphe-Power Connectors with RADSOK®               Amphenol’s broad offering of interconnect
  Bus Bar Assemblies                                and board-level products enables our
  Cable Supports and Accessories                    system-level engineering team to take on
  Composite MIL-DTL-38999 Circular                  custom turn-key solutions such as chassis
  Composite SIM Modular Interconnect Solutions      integration, power distribution systems,
  Customized Support Systems                        electric brake
  Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies (with ARINC 801)     systems, bus bar
  Filter Connectors                                 assemblies, seat
  High-Reliable Tie-Straps (Amphe-Tie™)             track intercon-
  Inline Splices                                    nects, window heat
  MIL-C-26500                                       connectors, and
  PCB Terminal Blocks                               much more.
  Pipe Supports
  Power Distribution Systems                      Cable and Pipe Management Accessories
  SIM Modular Interconnect Solutions to EN4165      High performance attachment accessories for
  Wiring Interface Modules to MIL-T-81714           pressurized and unpressurized aircraft
  1900 Rectangular Connectors to EN3545             systems range from standard products to
                                                    customized cable and pipe supports.
Avionics•Galleys•Cabin Lighting
        MIL-DTL-38999 Series I, II, III              Flex & Rigid Flex Assemblies
  Environmental subminiature cylindrical connec-     Save weight and geometrically fit wiring
  tors with bayonet or threaded self-locking cou-    into tight space requirements with Flex or
    pling systems. Contact protection via scoop-     Rigid Flex Circuits. Sculptured® Flexible
    proof designs. CLUTCH-LOK(R) available for       Circuits with built-in terminations eliminate
  high-vibration applications. Insert arrangements   the failures associated with crimped or
support high power (230A), high-speed copper,        soldered-on contacts. Flat, sculptured, or
fiber-optic, and thermocouple applications. PCB      rigid flex styles are strong, yet highly flexi-
  and press-fit terminations available. Standards:   ble for use with circular series connectors.
 MIL-DTL-38999, EN3372, JN1003, VG96912,
          PAN6433-1, PAN6433-2, JN1034, MS

                 MIL-C-83723 Series III              MIL-C-5015 Series
Environmental miniature cylindrical connector        Environmental standard cylindrical connec-
    series available with bayonet or threaded        tors with threaded or reverse bayonet
         self-locking coupling systems. Shell        coupling. The higher performance MS345X
   materials include AL and SS. Firewall and         series is available in aluminum or stainless
  hermetic versions can withstand operating          steel, with self-locking coupling and for
  temperatures to 260C. Contact sizes from           firewall applications. Contact sizes AWG16
      AWG20 to AWG12 and up to AWG08                 through 0 are standard. RADSOK® high
     shielded. Can support currents of up to         power versions are also available
       230A. Standards: EN2997, BACC63,              Standards: MIL-C-5015, VG95234,
                 GE M50TF3564, ESC10/11              MS310X, MS345X

               MIL-C-26482 Series I, II              RNJ Rack and Panel Connectors
                                                     Environmental rack and panel connectors
             Environmental miniature cylindrical     developed to assure secure blind-mate
             connectors available with bayonet       installation and operation up to 500A.
    coupling in a number of shell finishes and       Sealed plug shell mebrane adapts to a
    styles. Contacts sizes AWG20 to AWG12            broad tolerance range allowing signal,
         as solder, crimp or PCB. Can support        hi-power, twinax, triax, qaudrax, and fiber
          currents of up to 23A. Hermetic and        optic contacts. Mil-DTL-38999 Series 1
              stainless steel versions available.    and III insert arrangements available.
    Standards: MIL-C-26482, VG95328, MS              Crimp contacts per MIL-C-39029. Ideal
                                                     for avionics and galley applications.

                              Ground Plane           High Frequency / Speed Contacts
        MIL-DTL-38999 type connectors are            We offer shielded contacts for RF applications
     available with metal inserts to maintain a      like coaxial, triaxial, and concentric twinax
    common ground plane for all twinax, triax,       contacts as well as differential Twinax and
      quadrax, or coax contacts contained in         Quadrax contacts for Ethernet, Firewire,
           the connector. This photo shows a         Fibrechannel and USB2.0 applications.
      connector containing Quadrax contacts          Contacts frequently require shielding to
             tied to a common ground plane.          eliminate interference from outside electrical
                                                     sources for applications such as in-flight
                                                     entertainment. Standards: ABS0973,
                                                     ABS0974, ABS1111, ABS1112

                RF Connector Solutions               Hermetic Connectors
        A wide range of bulkhead, coaxial and        These connectors are available in the
    printed circuit board solutions, supporting      miniature or sub-miniature product range as
     frequencies from DC to 40 GHz, can be           well as D-Sub connector. Available shell
      completely customized to meet specific         types are square flange, solder mount and
      design requirements. Package sizes are         jam nut receptacles. They are not designed
    available from less than 10 mm2 of board         as pressure resistant connectors even
         space to over 1000 mm2 of bulkhead          though the insert is capable of withstanding
    space, depending on required frequency           high pressure differentials but for an atmos-
                                 and data rate.      phere pressure differential up to 2 bar.
IFE•Landing Gear•Fuel Systems
                     Backplane Solutions              NAFI / UHD Interconnects
             Backplane assemblies are custom          Medium to high density interconnects with
         designed using high-density, board to        fork and blade contacts – module card
       backplane interconnections. Backplane          connectors with flex termination and sol-
     capabilities include press-fit, through-hole     derless press-fit backplane connectors for
        solder, surface mount, rack and panel,        attachment to printed circuit boards. EMI
         rigid-flex circuits, fiber optics and high   shielding, coax, fiber optic, board to
                                 power technology.    board, staggered grid pattern, and power
                         Standard: MIL-C-28754        contacts available. Standards: MIL-C-
                                                      28754, EIA 15-763, and DESC 89065.

PCB Connectors – B3, LRM, 127 & HE8                   SIM Modular Connectors
Non-environmental rectangular PCB-connector           Rectangular, modular connectors accept
  as monobloc or modular design (metal shell)         two or four ground, shunt or standard
  using Bristle Brush contacts which allow low        modules within the same connector.
   mating forces, extended service life (20,000       Removable contacts. Environmentally
      cycles) and stable electrical performance.      sealed. Compact custom designs avail-
 Different contact arrangements available up to       able. Meet or exceed all MIL-DTL-38999
  472 contacts as PCB, crimp or WW, power,            Series III and EN4165 mechanical, electri-
            coaxial and fiber optic terminations.     cal, environmental, sealing and EMI
                        Standard: MIL-C-55302         shielding performances.

    SIM Rack and Panel Connectors                     Flex Termination Assemblies
         High density, rectangular interconnect       Flex circuits are available for MIL-DTL-
          system serves as alternate to circular      38999, MIL-C-5015 and MIL-C-26482,
      connectors where space and modularity           as well as EMI/EMP filter connectors like
       are critical. For PCB/surface mount and        ARINC, SIM and any other connectors.
          rack and panel applications. Meet or        Sculptured flexible circuits with built-in ter-
       exceed all MIL-DTL-38999 mechanical,           minations plug into a printed circuit board
     electrical, environmental, sealing and EMI       and create a self-locking termination pad
         shielding performances. Takes MIL-C-         which eliminates the need for an addition-
     39029 contacts, sizes AWG22 to AWG8.             al interconnect to the PCB.

                         ARINC 600 & 404              Filtered Connectors
           Environmental and non-environmental        Filtered connectors as circular or rectan-
          application rack and panel connectors       gular connector using planar or tubular
        with crimp contacts. Design per ARINC         technology provide EMI and EMP protec-
      600 or ARINC 400 specifications. Single,        tion. Filter adapters available for existing
         double, triple, or quad bay insert styles    devices for filtering without redesign. For
      available. Customize insert arrangements        PCB versions, we also provide header
     to include signal, power, coaxial, quadrax,      assemblies to protect the connector
            and fiber optic contacts. Standards:      before soldering to th PC Board.
                 MIL-C-81659, MIL-DTL-83527

      D-Subs & Micro D Connectors                     1900 Rectangular Connectors
        Rectangular rack and panel and micro          Series 1900 rectangular interconnection
         miniature interconnects offer package        system developed to EN3545.
           densities of up to .050 inch contact       Environmentally sealed, meets critical vibra-
      spacing for space and weight conscious          tion requirements. PCB-mount also avail-
      applications. Options available for length,     able. Includes MIL-C-39029 contacts in
          terminations, mounting features, wire       sizes AWG22 to AWG10, and mixed con-
                 gages, colors, and shell sizes.      tact sizes. Overmolded back grommet and
                Standards: MIL-DTL-83513 and          interfacial seal. Contact us to review fiber
                                MIL-DTL-24308         optic, quadrax, and shielded designs.
Engines•Nacelles and Controls
   MIL-T-81714 Series I Modules                  MIL-T-81714 Series II Modules
 Track-mounted terminal junction modules         High density, low weight, environmentally
     in five standard sizes AWG12 through        sealed junction module and light weight
AWG26 with a broad selection of bussing          composite mounting track system. Four
     variations. Environmentally sealed and      basic module sizes AWG12 to AWG22 in
      designed to operate in harsh environ-      a variety of bussing configurations.
       ments. Mounting system offers great       Supplied with M39029/22 socket con-
flexibility. Used for signal and power distri-   tacts. Engineered to be the most cost-
             bution. Supplied with M39029/1      effective Series II junction module available.
                                 pin contacts.

       Quick Connection Modules                  Ground Modules
  Environmentally sealed 1100 and 1750
                                                 Multi-contact grounding/bus connection
Series quick-connection modules provide
                                                 modules to both MIL-T-81714 Series I
    broad range of configurations, accept
                                                 and Series II, and 1174, are available in
 contacts AWG22 to AWG10, up to 33A.
                                                 sizes AWG22 to AWG12, with ground
 Modules snap into any rail position with-
                                                 stud or flange mount. Mounting to a bus
     out special tools. Metal or composite
                                                 bar provides power distribution, sensing
   mounting rails. Meet European military
                                                 or metering. Environmentally sealed.
            and commercial specifications
             NSA937901 and ASNE0599.
     "Qualified to JN 1020 (1750 series)."

                         In-Line Splices         Electronic Junction Modules
Single and multi-contact in-line splices to      MIL-T-81714 Series I and II, and 1765
   MIL-T-81714 Series I and II, and 1119         modules are available as a broad range of
 splices to NSA936830, facilitate system         standard and custom electronic compo-
 expansion and repair. Diode and resistor        nent packages. Diodes, resistors and
             package versions available.         other components are securely packaged
Environmentally sealed. Contacts in sizes        within the sealed housing to provide
   AWG22 to AWG16 conform to MIL-C-              improved system efficiency and density.
               39029. Custom electronic          Contact Amphenol Pcd for standard
                 packages also available.        requirements or your custom designs.

                          Relay Sockets          Quick-Mount Relay Sockets
   The industry’s broadest range of plug-        JRS/JRE sockets snap into the mounting
gable bases for electro-mechanical relays        panel, reducing installation time by 80%
  supplied to MIL-PRF-12883, European,           and weight by 40%. Captured hardware
                 and custom configurations.      adds to efficiency and prevents loss.
 Environmentally sealed for harsh environ-       Environmentally sealed, conform to MIL-
 ment applications. Accept crimp cotacts         PRF-12883 performance. Packaged with
      to MIL-C-39029. High temperature,          applicable MIL-C-39029 crimp contacts.
       (aircraft) fluid resistant. Track-mount
                             and panel-mount.

              Push-Pull Connectors               Lighting Connector
Environmentally sealed push-pull connec-         Series 3554 is a sealed overmolded
   tors provide three-point rapid mounting       power supply connector using 2 socket
   capability in free mount or board-mount       contacts AWG22, designed to fit directly
applications. Available in 5, 9, 10 and 26       in the rear of the passenger LED
        contact configurations, AWG22 to         reading light.
 AWG18. Ideal for quick lighting and PSU
 applications within the aircraft. Conforms
  to ABS0364, ABS1019 and ABS 1152.
Airframes•Integrated Solutions
           Power Supply Connectors                  Radsok® High Amp Connectors
    Environmentally sealed cylindrical power        High amperage contact technology replaces
   connectors derived from MIL-DTL-38999            the traditional threaded post and ring
   are available in numerous configurations,        terminal. Twisted hyperbolic grid ensures
     with contact sizes Awg8 to Awg00 and           greatest possible contact areas on mating
           rated up to 500 Amp. Reinforced          pin. Benefits include high number of mating
      insulators prevent arcing. Wire guides        cycles, reduced assembly effort, contact
               guarantee contact alignment.         coverage up to 65%, and a self cleaning
                        High EMI protection.        effect during mating. Wide range of wire
                                                    crimp barrels or PCB/Busbar swage mount
                                                    features available.

      Bus Bars - Power Distribution                 Data Bus Interconnects
   Unique design provides significant advan-        Meet MIL-STD-1553B for data transmis-
      tages in terms of weight reduction and        sion. Incorporate vibration-proof lock mech-
      size. Nickel plated Aluminum bars with        anism and shielded triax contacts. Available
     epoxy coat provides increased strength         with threaded or bayonet coupling, and in
         and meet all applicable specification      standard or custom configurations. Qualified
       requirements for fluid resistance, toxic     to DEF STAN 00-18 (part 2) and internation-
                  fumes and heat generation.        al specifications. Crimp termination accom-
                                                    modates size 8 or 10 triax contacts. CAN
                                                    coupler for weight savings available.

                   RJ Field Connectors              Fiber Optic Connectors
     Rugged circular interconnect with RJ45         Fiber optic transmission interconnects ideal
 Ethernet, USB, Firewire (IEEE 1394), MTRJ,         for optical and hybrid aviation systems. FO
   LC Fiber Optic interface (MIL-DTL-38999          insert arrangements containing MT ferrules,
Series III, or MIL-C-26482 Series I) for use in     MIL-C-29504, and ARINC 801 butt joint
       harsh environments, cockpit, and IFE.        terminus (ceramic diameter 1.25 mm) can
  Provides IP67 protection, protects against        be provided in circular (38999) and
   dust, vibration and shock. Eliminates haz-       rectangular (ARINC 600, EN3545 and
           ardous and costly in-field assembly.     EN4165) connector styles. Low insertion
                   Requires no special tooling.     losses. Rated from IP67 to IP68 for
                                                    environmental sealing.

                          Cable Supports            Pipe Supports
           Reduced weight, high temperature         Pipe supports and customized support
        thermoplastic cable support systems         systems retain aircraft pipes, reduce
                 retain wire bundles in aircraft,   weight and installed cost and simplify
            reduce installed cost, and provide      installation, and are available in a broad
        increased reliability. Custom designs,      range of standard and custom configura-
       configurations and materials available.      tions for both metric and inch-based pipe.
   Aircraft hydraulic fluid and flame resistant.    Material choices include range of poly-
     Highly reliable overmolded tie-straps for      mers. High temperature, aircraft hydraulic
                      demanding applications.       fluid and flame resistant.
           Conform to ABS 1339, ABS 1149

      Customized Support Systems                    Amphenol Integrated Solutions
                                                    Amphenol`s broad offering of interconnect
     Custom accessories for airframe cabling
                                                    and board-level products enables our
        and pipe support form a total aircraft-
                                                    system-level engineering team to take on
  specific pipe and cable management sys-
                                                    custom turn-key solutions such as
 tem developed to reduce weight, cost and
                                                    chassis integration, power distribution
   installation time. Simplified installation and
                                                    systems, electric brake systems, bus bar
 maintenance enhance reliability. Engineered
                                                    assemblies, seat track interconnect,
           high-temp plastics, no metal parts,
                                                    window heat connectors, and much
   engineered to user’s needs. Applications:
 Fuselage, Wings, Fuel Tank, Wheel Well …
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