Approved by BMC Aug 2005 Approved by SOM3 Sep 2005 by icecube


									                                                                      Approved by BMC, Aug 2005
                                                                     Approved by SOM3, Sep 2005
                                                                      Endorsed by AMM, Nov 2005
                                                                      Approved by BMC, Mar 2007

                                                                                       Annex D
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                Guidelines of Maximum Funding for Items in Itemized Budget
 Applicable for Operational Account, TILF Special Account and APEC Support Fund Account

     Items           Max. Funding                                Remarks

Honorarium           US$1,500           Normal range between US$300 - US$1,000. Not
                                        permitted    for     government and international
                                        organization officials.

Experts              6 persons per      An exception may be allowable if sessions are being
                     day                held concurrently.

                     US$80 per
Consultant           hour               Depending on the prevailing rate.

Secretariat          US$20 per
Support              hour               Less, if the prevailing rate is less.

Travel Expenses      2 persons for      Travel-eligible member economies are Chile, China,
for Active           each travel-       Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea,
Participants         eligible           Philippines, Peru, Russia, Thailand and Viet Nam. The
                     member             number of APEC-sponsored participants should be
                     economy            kept down as far as possible. Request for waiver is
                                        required for government officials.

Communications       US$500

Photocopying         US$1,000           US$0.10 per page.

Publications         US$5,000           Electronic publishing preferred.

Hosting Costs        US$5,000 for a     Inclusive of Conference and Secretariat Room Rental,
                     2-day              Conference Support and Organizing and Stationery.
                     conference         Meals including coffee/tea breaks, Flowers, Souvenirs,
                                        Banners, Tours, Brief Cases and Other Promotional
                                        Materials are not allowable. Competitive bidding to be
                                        used where possible.

                                                                       Approved by BMC, Aug 2005
                                                                      Approved by SOM3, Sep 2005
                                                                       Endorsed by AMM, Nov 2005
                                                                       Approved by BMC, Mar 2007

                                                                                           Annex D
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Request for Waivers with Justifications

(1)   Tendering Requirements

(2)   Advance Payment for Non-salary Costs

      (a) However, no waiver is needed for advance payment of the following expenses:-
      (i) Travel expenses for WTO officers (approved at BMC II, 2000) ; and
      (ii) Travel expenses for APEC-funded travellers from APEC travel-eligible economies
           (approved at BMC II, 2004).
      (b) Even though no waiver is needed, advance payment will only be processed for the above
      expenses upon the request of APEC-funded traveller.

(3)   Expenses for Officials from Government and International Organization
      No waiver for honorarium. Travel expenses for participants are limited to a maximum of two
      persons for each travel-eligible member economies.

(4)   Business Class Travel for Flights under 12 Hours
      Project proponent/overseer has to provide strong justifications and the exceptions should
      apply to senior business sector personnel only. After the project had been held, the overseer
      has to report back to the BMC on who has been given the exceptional treatment so as to
      monitor whether the exception made is appropriate (approved at BMC I,1998)

(5)   Simultaneous Interpretation - Strong justifications have to be provided for an exception.

(6)   Translation Costs of Publications

(7)   Local Transport Costs - Including rental of buses or cars to take participants to and from
      airport or to go sightseeing.


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