; 2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir
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2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir


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									2006 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

 Harvest Notes:
 Record rainfall in the late winter and early spring set the stage for what
 would be a particularly challenging growing season along the Sonoma Coast.
 After heavy and sporadic rains in April and May the sky cleared just long
 enough for bloom and set to advance quite evenly. The summer brought
 high humidity and cooler than average temperatures, giving rise to increased
 mildew and rot pressure. Our vineyards grew rapidly, with larger than
 average canopies as a response to the water saturated soils. Our viticultural
 response was increased attentiveness to canopy management, clipping
 shoots, removing laterals and more aggressive thinning of crop. Come
 harvest time, the already late season was intensified by a September that
 was one of the coldest on record.

 Winegrower Notes:
 Selected blocks from our estate vineyards and a handful of small growers are
 united to create this blend. In farming each site our intent is to maximize
 the character and individuality of place and we do so utilizing the most
 progressive viticultural techniques. The blend is also a collection of heirloom
 clones of Pinot Noir like Calera, Swan, Pommard, and Martini as well as
 newer French selections Dijon 114,115,459, 667,777 and 828. Harvested a
 night or early morning the fruit was rigorously hand sorted prior to
 destemming and then berry selected before open top fermentation.

 Tasting Notes:
 Rich and seductive aromas of sour cherry and vine ripened raspberry
 introduce this powerful and intense Pinot Noir. On the palate the wines juicy
 mouthfeel is supported by centered acidity building with fruit through the
 mid-palate to the fine grain tannins on the finish. An intriguing blend of
 power and restraint this Pinot Noir is both savory and delicately sweet.

 Vineyard Sources:    Peterson, Cohn, Martinelli, Martaella, Dutton Manzana,
 Harvest data:        September 5th through October 21st.
                      Alcohol 14.2%, pH 3.72, TA 0.61
 Fermentation:        Cold soaked for 9 days, indigenous yeast fermentation lasted
                      for almost two weeks
 Cooperage:           57% new French Oak
 Bottling:            December 11th 2007
 Cases produced:      1054 cases
 Release Date:        March 2008

 Benovia Winery – 3339 Hartman Road Santa Rosa CA 95401 (707) 526-4441
 www.benoviawinery.com -

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