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					                                       Wine Tasting
                                       Friday, April 11, 2003

Letter         Description            Wine                  Varietal:     Rating   Page#     Price
   A       Soave from Italy   2000 Tamellini Soave      Garganega and       90       7        $8.74
                              Superiore                 Trebbiano blend
   B       Sauvignon de       1997 Sancerre Remy-       Sauvignon Blanc     85       6       $12.01
           Touraine           Pannier
   C       Gewurztraminer     1998 Zind-Humbrecht       Gewurztraminer    88-90      2       $15.83
                              Turckheim (Alsace)
   D       Red Burgundy       1997 Nuits-St-Georges     Pinot Noir          ?        4       $21.82
                              Henri de Villamont
   E       Cabernet           2001 Wynns                Shiraz              ?        9        $9.58
           Sauvignon          Coonawarra Estates
   F       Crozes-Hermitage   1999 Crozes Hermitage     Syrah               93       8       $32.69
                              "Cuvée Christophe",
                              Dom. des Remizieres
                                                                                   TOTAL:   $100.67



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Appellation: Alsace

Location: Alsace [Turckheim], France

Varietal: Gewürztraminer - The problem is that great
gewürztraminer does not come from just any place. In
fact, you’ll find it almost nowhere outside of Alsace. The
aromas and flavors are extroverted. Litchi nuts,
gingerbread, vanilla, fruit cocktail syrup, grapefruit, smoke,
spice, stones, minerals and honeysuckle do not simply rest
in the glass - they rage about in it. Such massive
fruitiness is sometimes mistaken for sweetness, but most
Alsace gewürztraminers are dry or nearly so.

Year: 1998: (90/100 ready to drink) Another fine vintage
in Alsace, producing wines of concentration and richness,
though perhaps falling just short of quality. Alsace 1998:
89/100 very good, peak maturity, ready to drink.4

Price: $29.00 (list)
Producer: Domaine Zind Humbrecht
Humbrechts have been producing wines in Alsace since 1620, although the present domaine was only
created in 1959 when Leonard Humbrecht married Geneviève Zind, thereby uniting the two families`
vineyards. Today it is unquestionably one of the star estates, producing rich and expressive wines that
reflect their individual sites and terroirs.
The domaine is large by Alsace standards and has nearly 33 hectares of vineyards. It has vines in 4
Grands Crus - Rangen, Goldert, Hengst and Brand. Vines are planted in high density and yields are
severely restricted. The wines are vinified in oak foudres in their new state-of-the-art cellars outside
Turckheim. Olivier Humbrecht produces some of the region`s most aromatic, powerful and well-
structured wines. They all benefit from cellar ageing.

"1998 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Turckheim (Alsace): Clove and smoke on the reticent nose.
Supple and quite ripe, with spice and smoked meat flavors. Bigger and richer than the last two wines, but
less aromatic today. Kept fresh by firm acidity." 88-90 Points - Stephen Tanzer's, International Wine
Cellar, Issue 85

"1998 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Turckheim (Alsace): Violets are found in the 1998
Gewurztraminer Turckheim's aromatics. This rich, medium-bodied wine is lace-like in its make-up.
Refined spicy floral notes and minerals can be discerned in its detailed character." 88 Points - Robert M.
Parker, Jr.'s, The Wine Advocate, Issue 129

"1998 Zind-Humbrecht Gewurztraminer Turckheim (Alsace): The younger vineyards from the Herrenweg
produced this wine (average age is 25 years old). The grapes were perfectly ripe and were harvested
early thanks to the precocity of this vineyard. It is a very powerful wine and it tastes totally dry even
though there is technically some sweetness. Less open than the Wintzenheim, this wine shows more

    pg. 277, Wine Bible
    pg. 283, Wine Bible
    Wine Enthusiast wine guide for Palm OS
 pg. 292, Wine Bible
Wine Tasting                                          Page 2 of 9                                  5/30/2010
spiciness." - Domaine Zind-Humbrecht

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www.turckheim-alsace.com/anglais.htm - Turckheim city web page

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Appellation: Cote d’Or/Cote d’Nuits

Country: France

Region: Burgundy (Bourgognes,

Sub-region: Cote d’Or or Cote de Nuits:
In the heart of Burgundy is the Côte
d'Or, which stretches for thirty-five miles
in a narrow band and is divided into two
main areas—the northerly Côte de Nuits,
and the southerly Côte de Beaune.

Village: Nuits-St-Georges [map on pg.
189 of Wine Bible]

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Year: 1997 [1997 was a 6/10; ―Ripe,
round Pinots; low in natural acidity, short
on lively fruit flavors and finish. Many
ready to drink on release.‖ 83/100; 16/20]

Price: $40.00 (list)

Producer: Henri de Villamont
Originally it was just a name: Henri de Villamont, a knight of the order of Malta, to which most of the
Savigny-les-Beaune vineyards belonged between 1256 and 1655. Three centuries later, the Schenk family
brought back the memory of this knight by naming after him the house which the established at Savigny-
les-Beaune for the ageing and sale of wine.
To emphasise the authenticity and traditional character of its production, Henri de Villamont presents its
great Burgundy wines in a superb antique bottle, made of thick, tinted glass, which protects its contents
better against ultra-violet rays.

Large wine houses do not exist in Burgundy without wine growing estates. That of Henri de Villamont is
spread over 10 hectares in Cote de Beaune and Cote de Nuits. The qualifications of their oenologist and
the high quality equipment ensure they obtain the best of harvest bought as grapes or as must from the
other Burgundy wine growers. Today, the various Cote d’Or appellations produced by Henri de Villamont
in this way, represent about 1500 casks, including many "premiers" and "Grand crus".
After careful selection, Henri de Villamont purchases young wines which are then aged, matured for 12 to
24 months, in oak barrels made of the best French wood.

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www.grape-varieties.com/html/search.php3/searchstring=Pinot_Noir - Info on Pinot Noir

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Appellation: Sancerre

Location: Eastern Loire

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Year: 1997 – Loire Dry white wines – 85. Good: peak maturity, ready to drink

Price: $22.00 (list)

Producer: Remy-Pannier
In 1885, Francois REMY created REMY-PANNIER to produce and commercialize wines from the Saumur
area. It’s in St-Hilaire – St-Florent, situated on the south bank of the Loire, two kilometers from Sauimur
that Mr. REMY started up. To found his company he chose to base himself in beautiful caves, old tufa
quarries from which the stone was extracted hundreds of years ago to build the pittoresque houses,
chateaux and churches of the Loire Valley.
Since it’s creation, REMY-PANNIER has become the leading winemaker-negotiator of the ―Val de Loire‖.
The everlasting quality and selection of the best vintages have helped to establish a solid reputation
across the world (the group currently exports 60% of it’s wines).

Medium light body white, bone dry

Web References:
www.eurovintage.com/Loire.html - Map of the Loire valley
www.sancerre.net/otsi/summary.htm - web page for Sancerre
www.winematch.com/TypeTemp/RTempb.html - one of the best sweetnes charts I’ve seen!

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Appellation: Tre Venezie, Veneto
       Soave Superiore DOC

Location: Soave, Italy

Varietal: Garganega and Trebbiano blend.

Year: 2000 [65,000 bottles]

Price: $16.00 (list)

Producer: Tamellini Soave Superiore
When Soave is born on a good, hillside vineyard that isn’t ridiculously overcropped; when the passions of
the wine grower are noble and well-aimed; when the wine is produced from the noble Garganega grape
alone, or with perhaps just a touch of the delicate and etheral ―Trebbiano di Soave‖ that many identify as
Verdicchio – then ―Soave is truly excellent, and irresistible, too. Welcome to the world of Gaetano
Tamellini and his bevy of exciting and delicious Soave. From his simple DOC Soave to his outstanding
single vineyard offerings, ―Anguane‖ and ―Le Bine‖, Tamellini’s wines provide pure drinking pleasure and
proof that Soave is more than just a pleasant quaff.

For years Gaetano Tamellini was content to grow grapes, which like nearly all of the countless Soave
growers, good and bad, sold his production to the Soave Co-op. This massive cooperative monopolizes all
but a handful of the DOC production, vinifying millions of bottles of juice, which it sells to negociants
throughout the production zone. Is there any surprise then that so much of the Soave in the export
market tastes alike – pleasant by quite innocuous? Convinced that his hillside vineyards deserved better
and encouraged by the consistently fine offerings he had always bottled for home use, Tamellini took the
great leap of faith. He joins the elite rank of only 15 growers in all of Soave who bottle their own
individual estate bottled wines. This is especially mind-boggling when you consider that Soave is the
largest white wine-producing DOC in Italy.

Tamellini Soave Superiore '00 (750 ML): A top performing wine, the Tamellini Soave Superiore is a cut
above most others in the marketplace; ripe and and fully fruited, this is a wine that can stand up fairly
spicy foods.8

Most popular Italian white. Produced from Garganegra and Trebbiano grapes. Light fragrance, light body,
and a touch of bitter almond. Best are labeled "Classico."

Tamellini Soave Superiore 2000                                90       $12
A pretty, creamy white, with hints of pineapple and honey. Medium-bodied,
with a solid fruit concentration and a long, honeylike aftertaste. A vibrant
wine. Drink now. 5,830 cases made. -- J.S.

―A delicious Soave from a garage winery in a area know for it’s industrial quantities of vapid whites. This
dry, flinty, 2000 reveals good fruit, freshness, purity and texture.‖ – Parker 8/01

Web References:
www.winemonthclub.com/newsletters/vol5no1.htm - wine of the month club - map of northern Italy wine region

Wine Tasting                                    Page 7 of 9                                         5/30/2010
Appellation: Crozes-Hermitage - CROZES HERMITAGE, (AC
1937) satellite to Hermitage producing 94% red from Syrah
and 6% white totalling 6.6 million bottles p.a.from 1200
hectares (having grown from 450 hectares in the last 25
years). 60% of all N.Rhone output comes from Croze
Hermitage. The number of Domains has increased from 10 in
1980 to 38 in 1994. Increased competition and European
Union and local funding of 25million francs since 1978 has
contributed to a steady improvement in the quality of wine.
The better reds are from Dom de Thalabert and Jaboulet; the
better white is Mule Blanc.

Varietal: Syrah

Year: 1999 - 1999 has been hyped as vintage of the decade
in the Northern and Southern Rhône, hot on the heels of a
very successful 1998. 1999 Rhone North is an excellent year at
a 93/100. Hold for aging.

Producer: 1999 Crozes Hermitage "Cuvée Christophe", Dom. des Remizieres

This has been a consistently good source of Hermitage and Crozes-Hermitage since the mid-'90s, and
today's wines are more clearly detailed than ever before.

4 Flavors: blackberry licorice, mushroom, plum

Domaine des Remizieres Crozes-Hermitage Cuvee Particuliere 1999 (£75 per 12)
Firm and tannic, this wine has good density and a nice core of fruit, but needs some time to come round.
At the moment it's a bit angular. Good+
(NA: Chunky, tannic, farmyardy Crozes. OK)

Web References:
http://www.cellarnotes.net/rhone.htm - Rhone River Region info

Wine Tasting                                 Page 8 of 9                                        5/30/2010
Location: Coonawarra, South Austraila

Varietal: Shiraz - Syrah is a rich, full-bodied, complex, spicy, long-lived wine that
thrives in the Rhone region of France and produces such famous wines as Hermitage
and Cote-Rotie. It is the most popular red wine of Australia (where it is called Shiraz
and is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon) and is becoming increasingly popular
in California (where it is replacing another Rhone grape called Petite Sirah in
America). Syrah can be successfully blended with many other wine grapes (often to
give them more backbone and structure); it also can be made in a variety of styles
ranging from soft and medium-bodied with some berry characteristics to deeply
colored, powerful monsters tasting of roasted peppers, black cherry and smoke. Like
California Zinfandels, American Syrahs can be full-bodied wines but often show more
spice elements and less berry-like fruit than Zins.

Year: 2001

Producer: Wynns
Launched in 1952 as Coonawarra Estate Claret, this wine has long upheld Wynns Coonawarra Estates'
reputation as a producer of premium Coonawarra Shiraz. Wynns Coonawarra Estate is the oldest
established winery in Australia's most celebrated fine wine region - Coonawarra. Its wines are recognized
the world over as some of Australia's finest. Wynns Coonawarra Estate's success attracted the attention
of Australia's other major wine producers, most of whom had purchased land in Coonawarra by the end
of the 1960's. Today they are the region's pre-eminent wine producer and largest single vineyard holder
at 850 hectares, about one-third of the Coonawarra strip containing the famous terra rossa soil, including
the best and longest established vineyard sites.

Colour:             Deep purple/red with vibrant hues that are characteristic of all 2001 Coonawarra Shiraz.
Nose:               Intensely fragrant, rose petals, violets, black pepper and black plums..
Palate:             Medium bodied with silky tannins and intense shiraz varietal flavours. Black pepper, ripe
                    cherries and plums. A layered flavour profile, which captures the richness of good Shiraz
                    with the spice and pepper of a cool climate wine. Ripe but soft tannins and acidity frame
                    the palate.
Maturation:        The wine was barrel aged for 14 months in a combination of new and old American and
                   French oak.

Attractive creamy black cherry colour. Smells good with ripe, creamy aromas, a floral note and a hint of
spice. Quite lifted in the palate at first with juicy ripe raspberry and plum combining well with the creamy
cedary vanillin oak. There's a nice hit of black pepper spice on the creamy finish. This is a clean, well-
balanced wine with soft ripe tannins, fabulously integrated oak and a warm, fulfilling finish. 12
Typically it has aromas reminiscent of ground black pepper, mulberry and raspberry, through to
blackberry at the riper end of the spectrum. Oak is used to mature and increase the wines complexity,
without dominating its distinctive cool-climate Coonawarra Shiraz characters. A medium bodied Shiraz
with a clean crisp finish that will age gracefully in the tradition of the original Wynns Hermitage wines.
Web References:
http://www.wynns.com.au/wines/bottles/shiraz.html - producer’s web page
http://www.aromadictionary.com/winearomas.html - a very good page on terms for reds and white
http://www.asvo.com.au/ajgwr/archives/?action=view&id=140 - mouth-feel wheel for ordering
http://www.cellarnotes.net/syrah.html - notes on Syrah/Shiraz as a varietal

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