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One of the greatest enigmas of life in my
opinion; is restlessness! The restlessness of
unknown origin! More often than not,
restlessness is not related to any particular want,
though; it may be compounded with hunger,
thirst, insecurity, sexual deprivation, and so on.

This is why I complain (and keep doing so)
round about everything such as price rise, water
shortage, load shedding of electricity and hike
in bus fare. At home also I keep on grumbling
or complaining about almost everything.

Sports, physical exercise, athletics, gymnastics,
acrobatics, swimming and other forms of
creative entertainments such as crafts, music,
trekking, painting, dancing etc do not; and for
that matter nothing whatsoever, provides
fulfillment to me.
What is the reason?

Restlessness is like enormous power that has no
direction. It agitates but does not lead! It
irritates but does not help deicide. It excites but
does not orchestrate.

My restlessness becomes worse when I am
engrossed in the conflict between ideas and
preachings of morality, ethics, religions,
ideologies on the one hand and the actual reality
that apparently disproves all sanity and upholds
only barbaric and devilish elements on the
other. It is therefore aggravated and converted
into anguish, agitation and rage and gets either
expressed into suicidal activities or gets
transformed into violent activities.

I have to understand this immense though
potentially beneficial restlessness and
channellize it and guide it, through the holistic
development in every field of personal and
social life!

But it is also mandatory on my part that even if
I am provided with the best of everything my
restlessness would not subside! It still needs
specific efforts on my part to culminate it in the
decisive and visionary activity, which is called
SWADHARMA. Hence apart from (or instead
of) giving vent to my grievances and blame
others, I have to work for its metamorphosis,
through NAMASMARAN, which is said to be
the sure solution.

Description: Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar’s holistic, healing, empowering and enlightening interpretation; of the greatest ever treatise; on the principles of rejuvenation, revitalization and victorious blossoming of an individual and the universe; in every possible stressful situation anywhere; viz. Bhagavad Gita!